With Paul Kelly in The Oz might as well read The Age

It’s Paul Kelly and he is right up to form: Coronavirus: It’s masks on, gloves off for Trump and Xi. Does he not know that China covered up for more than a month? Does he not know that the US is an open society where the President is surrounded by a media made up of people such as himself who are always on the lookout for something, anything, to criticise? This is how the article begins:

A vicious competition, propaganda war and nationalistic blame game has been unleashed between China and the US as their relations nosedive and the struggle against COVID-19 — affecting virtually every nation — becomes decisive in 21st-century global leadership.

National leaders, China’s Xi Jinping and America’s Donald Trump, have both launched domestic campaigns with megaphones to the world seeking to discredit each other’s countries in a test of their rival ideological systems, ability to save their own people and offer an example to the world.

Current trends suggest more Americans than Chinese will die from COVID-19, a virus that originated in China. It is hard to imagine a more incendiary political package for Trump who brands the pandemic a “China virus” to deflect responsibility as the US health system falters amid a rising death toll.

My disgust level is at near peak level. The final para:

But the ultimate play is China. Every sign is that Trump, from the start, sought an economic confrontation with Beijing but wanted to avoid any military confrontation. Now he has got more than he bargained for — not the military showdown — but a comprehensive contest of political systems. By our standards, America should win. America needs to win. But is Trump the man for the job?

He actually takes Chinese propaganda at face value! It really does disgust me to read such stuff.

SINCLAIR ASKS: “Weren’t you promising to subscribe to the Age? How’s that working for you?”

It’s actually working out quite well. I didn’t cut my sub to The Oz, just added in The Age. I therefore now have three sudokus to do each day instead of just two.

FROM LOUISE AT THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THE OZ: Virtually all of the comments are similar to mine and hers, but this does stand out.

This morning I watched Donald Trump’s press conference on Sky New Live. He gave an informative, measured and statesman like speech. He spoke about the need for global cooperation against a common enemy.

He detailed his conversation with President Xi and stressed that it was in no way combative and they had a good working relationship. They will be exchanging all data for analysis and research in both countries.

He also spoke about the capacity of the US to produce ventilators in large quantities and how they can be used domestically and to assist their friends across the globe.

He had to put up with snide, nitpicking questions from many of the journalists present, and he did this calmly and without losing his temper.

He came across as a man who recognised the gravity of the situation, was concerned for his countrymen, indeed all people, and was doing his very best to keep his country afloat.

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30 Responses to With Paul Kelly in The Oz might as well read The Age

  1. The Fifth Bike Rider of the Apocalypse

    But is Trump the man for the job?
    Kelly is not suggesting that Biden is the man for the job, is he?
    The same Biden who was described in the following terms by an American journalist on the conservative blog Red State:
    ‘This is Biden’s problem. He’s a lightweight and a moron.’

  2. billie

    it’s just someone’s opinion .. so what?

  3. Yon Toad

    PK is editor at large – the only thing at large about PK are the roos running wild in the top paddock.

  4. Howard Hill

    I’v never know a better time in Australian history to start planting, HOPS!

  5. max

    5 Sep 2019 PORTLAND, Ore. – Public health officials in Oregon said Wednesday that a person who recently died of a severe respiratory illness had used an electronic cigarette containing marijuana oil from a …

    the mysterious spate of vaping-related illnesses and deaths
    SEP 8, 2019

    The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration are investigating a spate of lung illnesses tied to vaping, or using e-cigarettes. The illnesses have so far claimed 39 lives. There have been 2.051 reported cases of lung diseases in the US since June.

    Sun 15 Sep 2019
    At least a further 450 people have been hospitalised for lung diseases related to vaping, with many complaining of shortness of breath, coughing, chest pain, fatigue, vomiting and fevers.

  6. Chris M

    Steve Steve, just ignore the klutz brain and don’t waste a cent on any form of media that deliberately lies to you (all of them IMO). Maybe now is the time to try a new hobby?

  7. a happy little debunker

    Current trends suggest more Americans than Chinese will die from COVID-19

    ‘ … as if millions of cell phones cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened’
    Obi-wan Kenobi 1977

  8. The ongoing irrational & blind hatred of Trump & his administration exhibited/reported by Paul Kelly & their US correspondent C Stewart is the main reason I chose to close my subscription to the OZ after 40+ years of readership. Both were in complete lockstep with the biased news produced by the left US MSM since Trump’s election, the OZ could have saved US employment costs by just replacing Stewart with CNN fake reporting – no one would have noticed any difference!

  9. Perfidious Albino

    I find it very interesting that PK has become so active again in recent weeks, quite aggressively pushing this line of BS, makes one wonder if he has taken the CCP’s shilling?

  10. Sean

    The US was a sleep at the wheel claiming they had minimal cases early on but failing to test people. But they aren’t the only country to do so.

    Most of the senate were busy selling their stocks by Feb

  11. Sinclair Davidson

    Weren’t you promising to subscribe to the Age? How’s that working for you?

  12. candy

    China’s Xi Jinping and America’s Donald Trump,

    From what I can gather, they have come to a place of reconciliation and working out trade issues etc. and getting on with it. I think Trump made the point – the virus came from Wuhan – but has moved on.

    The confrontation was about a couple of months ago, and Paul Kelly is always a couple of months behind.

  13. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, there isn’t one media outlet in Australia today that holds any conservative values; nor is worth subscribing. May they all rot in Hell.

  14. Infidel Tiger

    Kelly gets every big question wrong and then readjusts after the reality has set in. This is a good sign.

    He’s Montyesque.

  15. Iampeter

    Supporting Trump, supporting trillion dollar spending bills, regulating immigration, trade, etc, means you should be reading the Age anyway.

    Actually, if something like this needs pointing out then you probably shouldn’t be reading any of this stuff as it is a complete waste of your time LOL.

  16. Youngster

    What am I missing? Kelly is just describing exactly what is happening. His analysis of the situation is correct – this has become a propaganda war in a global power struggle. No matter how much I want Trump to succeed, I’m still not convinced he’s the man for the job.

  17. Lee

    Supporting Trump, supporting trillion dollar spending bills, regulating immigration, trade, etc, means you should be reading the Age anyway.

    Always telling others what they should do, or what they think.

    Narcissist on steroids.

  18. H B Bear

    Snoozer Kelly has never knowingly adopted the correct position on anything.

    Why would now be any different?

  19. miltonf

    I wouldn’t even pick up a copy of the Aged let alone take out a subscription. I’d rather tread in something my dog did.

  20. miltonf

    I reckon the media think this Corolla virus episode is a ‘get Trump’ opportunity. I wonder, if 2020 wasn’t an election year with a pro American prez in the WH, if the level of hysteria would be the same.

  21. I was talking to somebody yesterday who would be anti Trump and pro Labor. He was praising the Chinese for containing the virus within just one province. My response was that it would be impossible it was contained to one area when people from Wuhan had spread the virus to multiple other countries (I think it was 17 where China was counted as original source).

  22. Chris M

    No matter how much I want Trump to succeed, I’m still not convinced he’s the man for the job.

    Like you I also await the return of Jesus Christ! In the meanwhile I’ve read the scripture “…In order that the living may know That the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, Gives it to whomever He will, And sets over it the basest of men.” Which is kind of to say only God can make a silk purse out of a sows ear. I do wish the Repubs and Trump had a serious opposition rather than a collective of mental kooks (Democrat + media).

  23. Tom

    Greg Sheridan, the Paywallian’s foreign editor who doesn’t piss until he figures out which way the wind’s blowing, is even worse than Kelly today with this revolting suck-up:

    Coronavirus: Morrison is first among leaders as world order changes

    Scott Morrison could become Australia’s most important war-time leader. His Friday talk with the nation was the best iteration so far of his critical ongoing dialogue with Australia, and Australians.

    Trump’s early response to the virus was mixed. He got one thing right. In late January, against the advice of the World Health ­Organisation, he banned direct travel from China to the US. Beijing was outraged. And yet, as the wheel of this virus, Beijing itself banned most international travellers. On the other hand, Trump made foolish statements, suggesting the virus could disappear in the northern spring, that his administration was on top of it.

    So Sheridan is all in with Morrison’s idiotic position that the Australian economy can be shut down for six months without catastrophic consequences. Sheridan is behaving like he’s never had a real job in his life — like Morrison.

    Trump’s plant to restart the US economy in the less-affected regions is going to make a fool of Morrison and many others.

  24. Bad Samaritan

    miltonf (2.22pm0 i take half a dozen dogs walking and running throughout the week…and have hundreds of doggy jokes+ riddles…so here’s two brainteasers for you.

    A)What’s a dog do that a man steps into?
    B) Which is your best mate; your dog or your most beloved other?

    Answers soon…

    PS. Are you milton or miltiades?

  25. Peter John Sandery

    I returned to Australia in 2008 after spending the period 1964 to then in Papua New Guinea and I thought highly of Kelly then. Now I am afraid he has made several comments which indicate to me that he is not the expert he is touted to be. What set the alarm bells ringing for me was his description that the MMPO system of voting as used in New Zealand was undemocratic – this despite the fact that it was established according to the guiding principles of that country. It may be that Kelly doesn’t go for it but that does not make it in any way undemocratic and to use his platform to pontificate in such a way puts him in the same boat as ABC reporters

  26. Bronson

    The Globe and Mail reported growing skepticism of the CCP’s claims to have controlled the epidemic, citing health officials who admitted thousands of asymptomatic patients were systematically excluded from the official counts to produce the “zero local infections” figure uncritically repeated by the World Health Organization and many American media outlets. Furthermore, the number of cremated remains returned to grieving families by the authorities this week is noticeably larger than the 3,200 deaths officially admitted by the CCP. anybody that trust any figures/statements coming out of China is a fool and deserves to be laughed at and disregarded as a serious comnetator.

  27. win

    A Leopard cant change his spots. The Australian is Marxist from cover to cover .

  28. Clam Chowdah

    Only a blockhead would subscribe to The Age.

  29. Why on Earth would you give your hard earned to the Age?
    If you want to know what the left is saying and doing, you can find out free of subs from the ABC.
    Why help them survive longer than is absolutely necessary? They are the enemy of the people.

  30. Squirrel

    Haven’t read the full thing, but the excerpts suggest that this is Paul working himself up to apocalyptic, Old Testament prophet mode – rather than taking (unexpected) sides.

    The normal humdrum of Strayan politics and of our Heath Robinson/Ettamogah Pub economy provide limited opportunties for rhetorical flights, so this epic crisis is an opportunity which won’t be wasted.

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