Even more dangerous than sand and seagulls

Speaking of “really crap,” Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton – the man who rounded on Victorians for not pretending to be in danger from coronavirus on beaches – started the year with urgent plans:

Together, these plans will form an integrated climate change strategy, recognising that action in both these domains is urgently needed to protect the health and wellbeing of Victorians from the climate crisis

Climate change represents an existential threat to human health. The health sector, as a key support to human health and wellbeing, as well as a significant contributor to Australia’s emissions, has a key role to play in addressing this threat.

Sutton, B. et alia (2020): Acting on climate change and health in Victoria, Medical Journal of Australia.

Now, we all know claims of an urgent “existential threat” to humanity posed by the climate are totally untrue. If they were true, why didn’t Professor Sutton call for the economy to be “shut down” sooner? But hey, there they are – “peer-reviewed.” This may indicate that public health officials – important people, to be sure, and capable of praiseworthy work – needn’t always be taken seriously. (HT: areff).

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11 Responses to Even more dangerous than sand and seagulls

  1. Bronson

    I would have thought that this is an excellent trial run for what a zero carbon society might look like. In the words of the good doctor sutton it would be real crap.

  2. Terry

    Something about ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’.

    Turns out “Climate Change Alarmism™” really is a danger to people, especially when they gauge your credibility on other matters based on your performance around clearly false alarms.

    You have no one but yourself to blame if your complaint is that no one takes you seriously.

  3. Tom

    I’d bet there isn’t an unelected health Nazi in the Australian state or federal public service who isn’t a religious lunatic about the junk science of climate change and sees it as an opportunity to force compliance among the heathens creating wealth in the real economy.

    Needless to say, health Nazis in the bureaucracy all vote Green and think we’re too stupid to notice the insane social policies they stand for.

    The coup d’etat against the people in the past month is a public service parasite’s wet dream and, until they’re culled, it makes the government- engineered recession in the Australian economy permanent.

  4. notafan

    What is higher than ex istential I the we’re all gonna die scale?

    Extraex istential?

  5. Stanley

    Unintended consequences of the Chinese virus.
    1. Andrew Cuomo has a higher profile in the Democrat Party / USA than Joe Biden
    2. Western Australia has commenced seceding from Eastern Australia
    3. Green climatocracy’s mantra that tourism and hospitality jobs will replace coal mining jobs is not heard
    4. Port Adelaide Power likely to be AFL ladder leaders for (a) weeks, (b) months, (c) all year (your choice)

  6. Robber Baron

    I staying inside my home all day. I’m saving lives.

  7. Megan

    Why was he spending time on a non existent problem and had not done anything about preparing to fight a pandemic? It’s not like SARS, MERS and Swine Flu were insufficient warning.

    Sack the incompetent moron.

  8. Pro Eng

    Megan, I like your last sentence

  9. billie

    I heard what’s his name the greens leader forgot it was earth day/hour yesterday

    any truth to that?

    (busy workshopping home made dunny paper?)

  10. Andre Lewis

    There must be cohorts of public service federal and state drones with very little to do at the moment. Public safety and health workers fully employed of course and federal treasury busy shovelling money out the door to keep up with poor buggers in Centrelink signing up people as fast as possible. But other than that not much to do. Lay them off on half pay after their annual leave is used up and we might recoup some of billions going up against the wall.

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