Topher volunteers


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  1. Ellie

    Good find, Sinclair. Thank you.

  2. Mindfree

    Topher has the talent of cutting through with his arguments whilst providing the clip as entertainment. Another job well done. Maybe send this through to DudMO for some insight away from the dangerous idiots in his bubble

  3. John A


    Score +1000 to Topher.

  4. Chris M

    What a tool, needs to bin the beer and water fast for a few weeks for starters.

    R ‘zero’ = pronounced R naught (medical terminology quirk). Death rate is high, those dying today typically started showing symptoms 2+ weeks ago so there is significant lag. A significant number of middle age and even younger are being hit hard by this (I personally know of one early forties professional in ICU a very bad way); many serious cases that don’t die are left with permanent lung damage.

    Stick to the climate change hoax toaster.

  5. 132andBush

    I posted this yesterday on the OT.

    Jeez, keep up people. 🙂

  6. Bad Samaritan

    Chris M (3.08pm) This fella in ICU is in Oz? And no pre-existing serious health issues?

    I’d like to ask more but would appreciate an answer to these questions first. Thanks.

  7. Weeny

    I wish somebody gave him a job on TV. He could present something like this say once a week. Would gave to be Fox. ABC wouldn’t touch him. Far to sensible. Well done Topher.

  8. Colonel Crispin Berka

    Interesting. Topher advocates a total lockdown, but you think he’s on your side?
    Getting deliberately infected while you’re already in lockdown anyway is an innovative approach.
    My only concern is that he’s arguing for the maximum number of people to be infected with a virus that he also says we don’t know enough about. The vaccine has to be tested for 6 months before it can be distributed, but SARS-CoV-2 can be handed out deliberately right away? That part is a bit icky. Otherwise not too bad.

    Selectively quoting Ionnidis doesn’t help you either. I can do that too:

    At this juncture we need to act swiftly. At the same time, we need to act equally swiftly to collect unbiased data

    Right there Ionnidis advocated taking “swift” action even before all the relevant unbiased data had been collected. Which is what happened and yet Topher/Conservatives are complaining about having done that.

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