Stop in the name of love, says one of The Supremes

Sitting pretty on $186,000 a year:

ABC employees (“we”) do indeed live in a “community.” Those paying their salaries also live in an economy.

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  1. Nob

    This level of ignorance as displayed by Alberici is what is killing us.

  2. Bruce in WA

    Without an economy, there will be no “community”.

  3. This of course only applies to members of her tribe, the others can curl up and die for all she cares. Virtue signalling at its lamest.

  4. EvilElvis

    Go spread your corona and knock on your neighbours doors. Show the love!

    Christ, a lot of taxpayer money gets a lot of thick.

  5. Bela Bartok

    so speaking about the economy is “hate” whereas leeching off the public teat is “love”. Got it.

  6. H B Bear

    If you work at the ALPBC you do not live in an economy.

  7. H B Bear

    Learn a lesson from Italy. Hug a Ch1naman and die.

  8. H B Bear

    It must be nice to be this far removed from real life.

  9. Archivist

    “We live in a community not an economy”

    But do we, really? What exactly are the characteristics of a ‘community,’ Emma? Shared values? Common history and heritage? Common language?

    At any rate, community and economy are not opposites. Economic interdependence is a characteristic of a community. People trade and work with each other, and develop familiarity and commonality of interest as a result. A community has a network of workplaces, shops, services, and organisations that its members pass back and forth through. Thus ‘economy’ is an integral part of a community.

  10. Nob

    Thus ‘economy’ is an integral part of a community.

    And most of the “community” understands that.

    The economy has created so much surplus that we can afford to carry destructive wretches like Alberici and provide them with the means of a comfortable life.

  11. mem

    Some public servants don’t appreciate that in order to pay for government services someone has to work and add value, cover their costs, pay staff, make sufficient to finance future production and send off a proportion of takings to government as tax to fund government services such as hospitals, schools, infrastructure and even dead holes such as the ABC.

  12. Spot on Archivist and Nob. Emma needs to sacrifice at least 20% of her pay, as should all other public servants including the pollies

  13. Bruce of Newcastle

    Emma Alberscreechy can’t help herself.

    As far as I know NO public sector wukkas have suffered anything much worse than cancellation of their yoga classes.

    Certainly haven’t had their livelihoods totally destroyed in 15 minutes this morning like a couple of small business people who I talked with earlier.

  14. Roger

    I think Emma’s just broken the record for how many contradictions you can manage in one Tweet.

  15. JC

    What a freaking moron. You can’t or shouldn’t knock on your neighbor’s door. That’s what isolation/quarnatine is supposed to be about.

    Lord, she’s stupid.

  16. Bronson

    Why are we paying (out taxes) for this level of fu&*kwittery. There’s a billion dollars that could be redirected tomorrow to the greater good. Shut it down save the money!

  17. John A

    First, it’s “Go knock on your neighbour’s door.” then it’s “Stay inside. Only go out if you must.”

    Has this twitterer listened to the internal contradiction?

  18. JC

    Has this twitterer listened to the internal contradiction?

    You could forgive a lot of the stupid shit she used to utter when she was younger, because she was a bit of a looker. Not anymore though. 🙂

  19. Up The Workers!

    I suggest she go lick the nearest mosque door and stick her head in a big jar of magic sphincter oil.

    That’d work…surely!

    Labor(sic) – it’s like Mensa for Morons!

  20. Des Deskperson

    ‘Sitting pretty on $186,000 a year:’

    My understanding from the Tony Thomas article is that was her base salary in 2011-12

    If we assume she has received the equivalent of the 2% annual pay rise given to most Commonwealth public sector employees since then, her base salary is now probably at least $215,000 pa.

    She would also almost certainly have a private plated vehicle, a parking spot, a top of the range laptop and smartphone and an employer super contribution of 15.4%.

    These bring her total taxpayer-funded annual remuneration package up to around $300,000.

    And I love the ‘bella Italia’ schtick. It was, I think, vlad, who pointed out the basis errors of grammar in a piece of Italian prose she had written to show off.

  21. Hay Stockard

    Let her anoint her anus with oil

  22. mem

    Perhaps there should be a vote of over 70 year olds as to whether we should continue the close down or go back to work and get the economy moving. Talking with friends and family in this age bracket the majority say get the economy working again as soon as possible. Some restrictions and our hospitals ready for a minor surge but most are willing to risk it. As my 95 yr old neighbour says, I’m going to have to die of something sooner or later.

  23. nfw

    “And learn a lesson from Italy…” Don’t start a sentence with a conjunction. Anyway, that would be what? Have hundreds of thousands of Chinese travel to and from Wuhan Virus Flu Central so they could spread it after Chinese New Year in late January despite warnings in December? Do as one idiot Italian mayor said and “hug a Chinese”? No mention of either of those Emma. Not to mention the complete and utter non-responses from the (typical) Italian government. That sort of thing Emma? How about you stop taking any taxpayer funds during this time and set an example? Pigs might fly.

  24. Up The Workers!

    Come on Scomo show some humanity and follow Emma Alwaysleazy’s elite advice and release A.L.P.B.C. staff from living in a community of virulent Leftard blood-sucking parasites, and release them into the same ‘economy’ that the rest of us are trying to survive in – sack the whole bloody lot of them.

    Only when they are deservedly on the arse-end of the dole queue, will they find out what it is like to have to live in an ‘economy’ like the rest of us peasants.

  25. Up The Workers!

    Methinks that Emma has been partaking of the cat/rat/bat soup and is advocating the spreading of the Beijing Bubonic Bronchitis (aka the ‘Peking Pox’).

  26. tombell

    if Morrison actually wants to be credible he’d make an emergency funding cut to the ABC budget – then move on to that greatest of oxymorons “The Public Service”. He won’t of course. Like most of the political class he’s obsessed with being seen to do something; rather than actually doing something. Libs don’t want to upset the ABC you know..Anyone care to hazard a guess about how much taxes go up after this fiasco and who “out of fairness” will cop it in the neck?

  27. Chris M

    Climate science denying Christians brought this upon us!

  28. Some History

    Here’s the [deranged] thing: Check her twitter page. Enema is the ABC Chief Economics Correspondent

    Emma Alberici

    ABC Chief Economics Correspondent

  29. jupes

    “And learn a lesson from Italy…” Don’t start a sentence with a conjunction. Anyway, that would be what? Have hundreds of thousands of Chinese travel to and from Wuhan Virus Flu Central so they could spread it after Chinese New Year in late January despite warnings in December? Do as one idiot Italian mayor said and “hug a Chinese”?

    Exactly nfw. What a prize twit.

  30. Lee

    What an effing moron.
    This is the level of intelligence I’d expect from an ABC apparatchik.
    Economic chaos could end up killing far more people, or destroying lives, than the Coronavirus ever does.
    Defund the ABC.

  31. Some History

    C.L., compliments on your consistently clever titles. 🙂

  32. MACK

    Put this on the list of good things to come out of this debacle – proof that many people at the ABC are really quite stupid, including whoever appointed Emma to the economics job.

  33. Some History

    Enema believes that the gubmnt pays her salary. The gubmnt acquires money to pay her salary from its many money plantations (somewhere in Argentina).

  34. Howard Hill

    This reminds of the joke about turning a cat into an anti gravity machine by strapping a piece of buttered toast to its back. The theory being that toast always falls to the ground buttered side down and cats always land on their feet, hence instant anti gravity machine. I bet this bint would fall for that one and question why planes still run on fossil fuels?

    I have a mental picture of ALPBC Nongs reeling in a similar fashion after reading her stupid crap.

  35. BM

    Yes, stop talking about all these hundreds of thousands out of work, thousands losing businesses they’ve spent their lives building, people not sure where their next meal comes from.

    It’s terribly inconvenient and really not a big deal. We’re a community after after all, what’s a few hundred billion in GDP between friends?

    But if the ABC budget was cut by 0.01%, oh the horror! Think of the devastation such deep cuts would cause.

    Seems like money’s only important when it’s going to the ABC, right Emma? But not for the little people on the street, they should be happy to starve and freeze in their “community”. Hypocritical, tax thieving airhead.

  36. Cynic of Ayr

    At the ABC, the more stupid you are, the more you get paid.
    Hasn’t Ita Buttrose been of enormousness benefit to the Public Purse?
    I never understand why right wing politicians like Morrison insist on giving public paid jobs to left wing activists.
    Everyone and his dog knew Buttrose would do nothing to bring the sheltered workshop under control.

  37. Frank

    Don’t be too hard on her, she had a fetching bottom once.

  38. tombell

    Don’t be too hard on her, she had a fetching bottom once.

    maybe. but a woman who made her “mark” editing women’s magazines obsessed with the royal family and vaginal itch was never really going to do much about the kultcha at Our ABC.

  39. Mother Lode

    she had a fetching bottom once

    Must have taken ages to train it.

  40. Gluteus Maximus Octavius

    Will I be arrested if I knock on my neighbour’s door?

  41. Amadeus

    I’m pleased Albersceechy brought up her perspective on community and the economy in these insane times.
    Evidently, her ABC community is doing it’s bit to keep the wheels of the economy turning with their super-fat salaries and benefits which haven’t been frozen.
    Emma’s grasp on demand vs supply is soooo refreshing. The rising tide of mandated unemployment and destruction of private enterprise at grass roots level needs to be shoved aside it would seem to Alberscreechy to allow community touchy feely’s and group think to flourish.
    The only things Alberscreechy overlooked today is piling in on the LNP, Morrison and Trump – all of whom the [email protected]#$-checkers have irrefutable data as to their complicity in upsetting the Chinese communists for whom the ABC has become another batch of useful idiots. After all, Snow Cone and Sarah are sending through daily riveting reports about how the Chinese regime is suffering under the slings and arrows of our decadent (albeit wealth producing) western democracies…

  42. Mother Lode

    You would think she would be a little more careful stepping into arguments about economics – given the calibre of that Tax article of hers. She clearly has no idea even now that an economy is not just about the money – anymore than the music on your phones is about the electrons.

  43. Some History

    Somebody send her a blender.

    Not mentioned is that Emma was trying to change a light bulb with the blender.

  44. Tim Neilson

    “We live in a community…”.

    Not everyone here is part of the “community”.

    Latest mail from a friend in western CFMEUistan:

    “Bus loads of Chinese people from St Kilda have been coming up to Camperdown and buying out everything from the local woollies […] busier than Christmas.”

  45. Delphi

    Presumably, Australia goes broke just before her salary disappears. What then Emma? You really need to think about the unintended consequences dear!

  46. Squirrel

    “We live in a community not an economy”

    I have yet to hear that cliche uttered by someone who gives more to the government than they take from it.

  47. Catfeesh?

    It does seem to me, Emma, that the brunt of the economic disaster foist upon Australians has been borne by the private sector – the private employers and their poor wukkers.

    Is there any chance that those in the public sector – whose salary is paid by said private employers and wukkers might voluntarily take, say, a 70% pay cut in solidarity with said private employers and wukkers?

    You know, especially since you’ll be expecting said private employers and wukkers to continue to be paying for your salary after this is all over? Pity said employers and wukkers won’t have any businesses or jobs.

    Any chance you might share the pain? Any at all?

  48. Enyaw

    Emma , “good looker when she was younger “… bullshit ! Ita.. ” Nice bottom once “… bullshit !..

  49. David Brewer

    Emma , “good looker when she was younger “… bullshit ! Ita.. ” Nice bottom once “… bullshit !..

    Well, I don’t know. But I have never forgotten Professor Bunyip’s suggestion for a replacement Aussie XI when our cricketing fortunes were a low ebb:

    What follows is a replacement First XI. None has any recognised ability with bat or ball, but neither do those presently disgracing the Baggy Green.

    Captain and opening bat: Emma Alberici
    Bent at a fetching angle over her bat and crease, with bottom pointing pertly toward the boundary, she would be a monumental distraction to sound fielding – allowing, of course, that the English team includes at least a token couple of heterosexuals.

  50. Sam Duncan

    “Learn a lesson from Italy”? The main lesson I’ve learned from Italy over the last few weeks is, “Don’t be like Italy”.

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