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CNN: Hundreds of journalists are being laid off, right when the public needs them the most.

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  1. nb

    Hundreds of journalist who have lied, lied, lied, laid off when the truth is just as important as always. Meanwhile, ABC blames coronavirus on global warming.

  2. Cynic of Ayr

    Well… IF the information that the Public “needs” was accurate information, it might be different.
    But it’s not.
    The ABC, from Buttrose down to the the lowest copy boy (if there is such a thing) is a liar. An outright liar.
    “Thirty-Four year old man dies from Covid-19” screams the ABC!
    Not said was, “The man – a six pack a day smoker – has been in hospital for fourteen months, after being shot in the chest. He was in an ambulance vehicle road accident whilst being transported to hospital, contacted Golden Staph there, was given a faulty blood transfer, and accidentally was given 1000 mG of Aspirin instead of one mG. The man dies, and while being transferred to the morgue, came into contact with a confirmed virus carrier. Horrifyingly, the man is the first death from Covid-9 since the last death.”
    Yep! We sure do need the journalists.
    I have found that I no longer watch any of the news channels. What’s the point? It’s the same damn interview, chart, or sign language waver, telling me the same damn thing. If the death toll rises, or it does not, it makes no difference to me personally. I will get it, or I won’t, and no amount of bullshit from any TV channel will change that single fact.
    If they would tell me the promise (or lack of) of treatments by Hydroxychloroquine, I might be interested. But no, that’s something Trump said might be helpful, and therefore must be eliminated as quickly as possible, because TDS ya know!
    If my neighbor gets it, what can I do? Move? I’m already 20 metres from her, should I extend that to 21 metres?
    Sure, practice “social distance” whatever the hell that is.
    I’m told that, apparently, the bug cannot travel 1.5 Metres. It can make a 1.4 metre trip, but not 1.5. Apparently, a cloud of spit travels 1.4999 metres, then falls to the ground. Any breeze or wind has no effect! But, conversely, it can travel Ten Kilometres, from shore to boat, or from ammunition factory to gun shop, or from one end of a beach to the other, without bother.
    I really don’t need to be told twice. Once is enough. I don’t need emails from the State Government, from the Fed Government, from my local State Member, from my Fed Member, from Woolworths (FFS), from every damn tin pot organisation telling me the same fucking thing!
    It doesn’t matter a rat’s arse if the whole town gets it. It doesn’t matter if I watch TV and be “informed” that there are no hospital beds are available. It makes no difference if I know or do not know, the result is the same. “Too old! Fuck off and die!”
    I either will get it and die, or I will get it and live, or I will not get it. No amount of information will change that simple fact, and no amount of information will be of much assistance after I’ve got the first lot of information.
    By “I” I mean me, my wife, and family, and close friends. Sameo sameo.)
    It’s not much consolation if I am either in the coffin, or standing beside it, to say, “Well, at least the ABC told me.”
    I think these people really believe that they can talk this bug to death, and if I was the bug, they’d be roaringly successful!

  3. H B Bear


    Not enough at the ALPBC though.

  4. Scott Osmond

    Cynic, spot on. I don’t watch the news or listen to the radio. I live with family who are in their 70s and they watch religiously. Then yell at the telly or radio for asking stupid questions and repeating what was just said. Repeatedly. I didn’t think my hatred for the media/political class could burn any hotter.
    I’d say to those in the media to learn to code, as they told those in the rustbelts of the western world but instead of wasting breath I’ll just enjoy the squeals instead.

  5. Gyro Cadiz

    There’s a nice silver lining.

  6. lily

    I have give up watching the news and so have friends, turned off facebook as well, I have stopped watching Paul Murray unless he has someone decent on and as for Peta Credlin I have given up on her, last week she sounded hysterical.
    All this drama and trashing of the country just in case a few oldies may die, it wasn’t that long ago they were blaming us for having the pension, for costing the health system so much and that we should sell our homes and live off the proceeds. Now we are the most protected species on earth. Why?

  7. I thought journalists have been morally unemployed for decades.

  8. nfw

    Here’s the thing (Dr Becker). They are “journalists”, not reporters. They think we all want to hear/read their opinions. Gone are the days of them being honest reporters; now they all have to have a by-line. Nope. Learn to (mine) coal.

  9. Professor Fred Lenin

    Be interesting to know the fact about those dying of the Wuhan Chinese Bat Scourge who had potentially fatal pre existing medical complaints ? Get a bit of truthful perspective on the real figures ,the virus being the last straw . Physically .

  10. Lee

    CNN: Hundreds of journalists are being laid off, right when the public needs them the most.

    This an April Fool’s joke, right?
    If there is any group of more self-important wankers than the MSM, I can’t think of them.
    Possibly politicians.

  11. Rob

    Many splendid and spot on responses above.
    Well done people.

  12. egg_

    All this drama and trashing of the country just in case a few oldies may die, it wasn’t that long ago they were blaming us for having the pension, for costing the health system so much and that we should sell our homes and live off the proceeds. Now we are the most protected species on earth. Why?

    Snowflakes are worried it could be them!

  13. Bruce of Newcastle

    Ratings for CNN must be terrible now that there’s no one in the airports.
    Why would anyone advertise with them now?
    No more captive eyes.

  14. notafan

    No one doubts the sick and the frail are most likely to succumb.

    Not exactly a light bulb moment.

    The problem is always will too many people get very sick at the same time and overwhelm the medical system.

    That is what is happening overseas.

    I’m not sure it will happen here if we keep the vunerable isolated and let everyone else who wants to get back to work and school.

    After Easter.

    That won’t get everyone back to work, travel industry will still be stuffed and cafes and restaurants will miss most of their boomers etc.

    If our numbers stay low we should try it.

  15. Nob

    Journalists in the UK got politicians to declare them “essential industry” workers.

  16. Nob

    Given that only two categories of people in the UK are being mass tested at the moment:
    NHS workers and those showing severe symptoms, the death rates of those tested will be much higher proportionally than if the whole population was tested which will probably never happen.

  17. JohnJJJ

    Years ago these would have been tough women looking after their family, children and grandchildren. Now they are worried about protecting journos. Astounding.

  18. Squirrel

    Speaking of excess capacity, it seems that we have not one, but two ABCs here in Straya.

    Until last week, an outfit which calls itself the ABC was relentlessly demanding school closures as part of the “lockdown” which it longingly lusted after.

    This week, a(nother, presumably) outfit, also calling itself the ABC, is busily explaining the problems of home schooling – and (horror of horrors) not just for the proles, but also for the precious progeny of the special folk who live in ABC Land.

    They will not be lectured to by THAT MAN about being careful what you wish for!!

  19. it seems that we have not one, but two ABCs here in Straya

    There’s no cognitive dissonance when it comes to the Left. Black is white, white is black.

  20. Pickles

    They certainly are needed. In burgers.

  21. Rob MW

    CNN: Hundreds of journalists are being laid off, right when the public needs them the most.

    I’m not going to say anything……………………..but fuck I’m gonna to laugh.

    In the theory of a dungeon full of pricks, equality does have an upside !

  22. billie

    nfw, yep, just want the facts not filth’s opinion

    they hand awards to each other then claim that makes them a quality item, like our Emma “won 2 walkies, jus sayin”, as if that means her ridiculous waffle is lifted to believable levels

    their opinions are no more valid, or interesting, than the newsagent lady, or the bloke at the gas station or anywhere for that matter

    don’t they get prissy though, when they are being ignored, like that Kelly bloke at the Australian scolding people who vote the wrong way and elect Trumpy, or do a Brexit .. ha ha

    sack them all, burn the buildings, salt the earth

  23. OldOzzie

    Chinese propaganda is now citing US journalists’ and Democrats’ coronavirus rhetoric

    If the Chinese Communist Party cites you favorably in one of its propaganda videos, it might be time to take a step back.

    Democrats and members of the U.S. news media should be reconsidering their remarks defending and praising China amid the COVID-19 pandemic, especially now that those remarks are being highlighted by China’s aggressive and sophisticated propaganda machine.

    The Global Times, a state-run Chinese tabloid, released a video recently highlighting various U.S. media personalities and Democratic leaders, who have pushed the Beijing-approved talking point that it is racist to refer to the virus by its country or city of origin.

    The video features CNN’s Chris Cuomo and NBC News’s Richard Engel. The Chinese-produced propaganda also cites failed two-time presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

    As a reminder: The push to get people to stop referring to COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus” or the “Wuhan virus” is part of a broader propaganda campaign by the Chinese Communist Party to absolve itself of responsibility for the spread of the pandemic that spread solely because of its lies and its cover-up.

    To those American journalists and politicians who took their talking points straight from Beijing — I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

  24. Mother Lode

    J’ismists think their job description is what the rest of us would call ‘diarist’, noting their own take on the world and events even those vastly outside their own knowledge where they may be compelled to consult a friend (such as Dr Swan) who they esteem to be more knowledgeable.

    Every diarist is unshakably convinced of what they write.

    This would not be a problem, except they insist that their crippled reverie be published, and that people who think differently are not only wrong, but poisoning their world – like a person who broke into someone’s desk and began altering their diary’s entries.

    Our j’ismists, too lazy and incurious to think outside the box instead insist that the inside of the box be extended to the whole outside world.

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