Fake law inspired by fake cabinet threatens fake prison terms

Democracy Dies in Darkness – motto of the Washington Post                                                               

GLADYS Berejiklian – let’s call her “Premier Zero” because she’s the leader whose stark ineptitude with the Ruby Princess has infected her several counterparts in the Commonwealth – has now decreed that anyone in NSW who leaves his house without a “reasonable excuse” could spend “up to six months in prison and face an $11,000 fine.” This lunacy was gazetted as an “emergency ministerial directive” in the dead of night, reports say, and “enacts” (says Fairfax) decisions made by the “national cabinet.” This means the entire population of New South Wales is being detained by the police. Neither the state parliament nor the Federal parliament have enacted real laws to accomplish any of this – and if they did they would almost certainly be struck down in the High Court. That is, if the High Court retains even the slightest intellectual attachment to the rule of law as it has been understood in the Anglophone world for several centuries. Nobody will be sent to prison for feeding the ducks at the pond down the road or skateboarding alone in a carpark. If they were, it would be an assault on reason and justice so egregious that the citizenry would be forced to fight back – in the open and not passively. I hope it won’t come to that but if it does, the government asked for it. Miss Berejiklian is stoking the coals of fear and crisis to shift blame for her own incompetence to the public at large.

This is what a police state is like, it is a state in which a government can issue orders or express preferences with no legal authority and the police will enforce ministers’ wishes.”

Lord Sumption on coronavirus “laws”

Mindless police in Derbyshire – believing themselves to be empowered by equally mindless politicians – dyed a ‘blue lagoon’ black in the Peak District at the weekend to deter visitors. This is not a tall story. This is real. Here they are posing proudly for a picture before despoiling the water. “We have attended the location this morning and used water dye to make the water look less appealing,” a spokes-vandal said on the Buxton Police Facebook page. These, and a rapidly accumulating collection of other case-studies, prove the Western world is in thrall to mass hysteria – if not a mass psychosis – born of selfishness and cowardice. The selfishness is the egomaniacal way taxpayer-funded bureaucrats and politicians – on full pay – terminated the employment of an entire nation and ruined the futures of millions of people; and not merely that they did it but why. They did it because they, personally, didn’t want to risk being blamed by a gotcha-crazed media for a small minority of coronavirus cases ending in the worst possible way. The cowardice is a nation’s fear of catching a cold (the preponderant physical reaction to COVID-19). We were encouraged to think this way by politicians who needed fear to get away with totalitarian perversity. Now we’re all honorary burgers of Buxton: our freedoms have been blackened to make them less appealing. Only intelligent rebellion can redeem this shameful tragedy.

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  1. max

    Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn:
    ‘Who is secure in all his basic needs? Who has work, spiritual care, medical care, housing, food, occasional entertainment, free clothing, free burial, free everything?
    The answer might be nuns and monks, but the standard reply is ‘prisoners’.’,

  2. max

    Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn:
    “For the average person, all problems date to World War II; for the more informed, to World War I; for the genuine historian, to the French Revolution.”

  3. Nob

    Good to see Lord Sumption* got plenty of airplay on BBC News today.

    I doubt he’d ever be heard of on Their ABC.

    *although I must say his brother Conspicuous Con is sadly missing these days.

  4. the sting

    Good article ! In Victoria , Totalitarian Dan has banned the sale of guns and ammunition to recreational shooters .Very concerning .

  5. Roger

    Neither the state parliament nor the Federal Parliament have enacted real laws to accomplish any of this – and if they did they would almost certainly be struck down in the High Court.

    If the High Court were sitting; they fear being struck down themlselves – by covid-19.

  6. woolfe

    Thanks CL. You can be in charge of the trials when the citizens take their country back.

  7. Andre Lewis

    Articles from the UK indicate a slow burn in the population against the political policing of citizens. Trust in the police has generally been high in the old country but unravelling over the past few years due to lack of attention to grooming and rape gangs, ‘hate crime’ surveillance and similar heavy handed action by the plod. The over the top enforcement of social distancing etc now will erode respect for the police in a very short time. Once a few hot heads start to push back the situation in some cities could get very ugly. Why the government there and here cannot see the danger of civil unrest getting out of control is hard to understand.

  8. candy

    stark ineptitude

    I don’t believe ineptitude can explain letting the passengers disembark into the city, hundreds of recorded ill passengers on board and half a dozen or so diagnosed with the virus.
    It has contributed to the spreading of the virus which has caused much suffering and fear. Gladys B seems secretive about it all.

  9. Mother Lode

    Could these clowns get more ridiculous if they tried?

    And has Gladys unleashed her wrath upon whomsoever it was that allowed the carriers from the Ruby Princess to disembark?

    Or is that different because they are a professional who could not be expected to know better, while we plebs must anticipate every nuance of laws and rules that were never discussed in public nor even in parliament.

  10. brennan

    Is a mechanic considered essential? My rego is due and I’m waiting on a part (should arrive today) and then need to get to a mechanic for a pink slip.
    What about auto parts shops too?

    I work in an essential service and am still on normal work duties and I need the car to get to work.

  11. Tel

    They won’t be able to walk this one back like they did with the greyhounds.

    Looks like the ALP will see a landslide in their favour come next elections … see how simply doing nothing at the right time can result in success.

  12. Chris M

    Yep, many cops appear to have slipped across the ‘thin blue line’ to the other side and are actively and forcefully suppressing and stealing from the citizens whom in former years they served to protect. No law – or even a political command with no law at all – appears too bad that they won’t happily oblige, and feel smug about it.

  13. Hay Stockard

    If they get pushy to me personally I have a stout stick and a strong right arm for them.
    Unfortunately at this stage there is nothing I can do for the rest of you.

  14. nfw

    Gladys does have an Armenian background. She’s probably just trying to re-enact the glory days of the Soviet Union using the state security service, er, police. I love the way they have to turn up in their “combat gear” to tell people they can’t use a park. Still as they said they wouldn’t do breathalysers or other police functions the next best thing to justify their continued payment is to keep the citizenry inside their own prisons.

    Still waiting for the politicians, their minions and public servants to have pay cuts and/or be laid off. I wonder if Glads and her “advisers” realise how many ex-voters they have turned off? Too stupid to notice while they “do something, anything”.

  15. stackja

    Let the virus spread?

  16. Just got back from shopping. Desperate Dan could have made a killing with fines. The bizarre thing were the number of very elderly lined up to be the first ones in and then doddering around the specials aisle pondering how many bags of garden mulch and seedlings to buy. This couldn’t wait with winter on its way?

  17. Mother Lode

    It is also funny that the people who demand we obey laws don’t really understand how laws work, flinging them about like confetti, and glibly ignore the constraints the system puts on them in their eagerness to lay more constraints on us.

    I sincerely hope that all the people who have had their businesses ruined band together to recoup what they can from the government and all the stupidity, venality, paranoia, stupidity, opportunism, and stupidity comes tumbling out for the world to see and every one of these clowns’ careers is ruined as well as them being mocked long and loud for the rest of their scabby vermin-infested little lives.

    Let the snivelling opportunistic politicians who take their place (there is always more where they come from) sniff the air and sense that there are a lot of votes to be had in punishing these people for their culpability with the same abandon they punished us for our innocence, deny them pensions, gold cards, and most importantly security details.

    Let them sink into penury on the streets, selling the right to kick them in the head so as to make enough money to pay for their fame addiction by bribing people with cameras to ask them random questions and then letting them answer.

    Let their kids disown them, adopting names like ‘Milat’, ‘Manson’ and ‘The Ripper’ to escape the infamy.

    And Gladys is waaaay overcompensating for her signal incompetence – it looks desperate, and stinks like merde. She needs to be strung up like a pinata on Macquarie Street outside Parliament House, with teams of top surgeons to reassemble her smashed and broken body so it can be done all over again.

    I feel slightly better now.

    And will feel passably well when I can take to her twitching whimpering person with a baseball bat that has bent four inch nails projecting at startling angles until I am exhausted.

  18. John Comnenus

    Couldn’t agree more

  19. cuckoo

    Some news bimbo last night was intoning about one of these new lockdown laws carrying a maximum jail term of ten years. What would be the point of a sentence that vastly outlasts the crisis it is meant to govern? And why do all these bimbos need to be out on the street doing their reports? What’s so essential about having Barbie Bimbo and Annabelle Airhead and Lesley-Anne Lipgloss reporting LIVE from some otherwise deserted street? Why can’t they just greenscreen it like the weather girl does?

  20. Fat Tony

    ...intoning about one of these new lockdown laws carrying a maximum jail term of ten years.

    If that’s the case, a person, or persons, may think it would be better off fighting to the death with the jackboots.

  21. gary

    Amazing how quickly the fascist tendencies of these people comes to the fore. They all (politicians, bureaucrats and senior police) need to go as soon as possible. They are like a mad dog who has had the taste of human blood and decided they like it.

  22. Chris M

    First they said we couldn’t go near an abortion clinic with the wrong attitude. Then they introduced euthanasia and now extended the ban statewide. Apparently mostly for the good of the older people and babies.

  23. They’re yearning for the atheist’s apocalypse – Y2K, Climate stuff, Covid-19.

  24. Bazinga

    Did someone check the toxicity of the dye to the habitat? Wont someone think of the plankton?

  25. Judge Dredd

    Lots of people are going full retard, whilst I’ll continue to be a Holocough Denier.
    It’s funny how the pollies think they can just make a statement and it becomes law, then the police also get told by their superiors to enforce a non-law

  26. Some History


    It is with great sadness and regret that I have to announce that
    we a living in a Get Smart episode and this guy’s in charge –


  27. Chris M

    Wow this is stunning! Another line crossed -now they are using the army for enforcement against Australian citizens. I don’t think this has ever happened before? Army exist to protect by killing foreign invaders.

  28. Botswana O'Hooligan

    Security bloke to me, him a bit aggro without cause but my walking stick makes up for the brawn I used to have so he doesn’t scare me. “Wot are you here for?” me as I hobbled past, “to buy some stuff and a tape measure to measure you up for a coffin.” No more was said and that proves courtesy to others in these times is paramount.

  29. Hay Stockard

    Chris M,
    The Army has long caught the ghey. The bosses get to Canberra and become SJWs.

  30. duncanm

    The l.a.w. is here

    person must not, without reasonable excuse, leave the person’ s place
    of residence.
    Schedule 1 Reasonable excuses
    5 exercising

    I’ll be doing a lot of exercise.

  31. duncanm

    re the army: https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/health-wellbeing/coronavirus-in-australia-army-called-in-to-help-enforce-strict-new-quarantine-rules–c-766521

    .. the army will not have the power to prosecute or arrest.

    “Members of the Australian Defence Force are not authorised as enforcement officers, regarding prosecution in states and territories,” Scott Morrison said.

  32. Pyrmonter

    If Currency Lad’s rhetoric was any more purple …

    It’s an order made by the Health Minister (not the Premier) under legislation which long pre-dates the current virus (noting that such events are foreseeable, if not predictable). The restrictions arise under law, not at the discretion of the police any more than they are the Premier’s own.

    The terms are available here: https://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/_emergency/Public%20Health%20(COVID-19%20Restrictions%20on%20Gathering%20and%20Movement)%20Order%202020.pdf

    Had CL spent as long researching his note as adorning his over-ripe rhetoric with barbs directed at Berejiklian (ooh … ‘Miss’ Berejiklian … I wonder what possible relevance her marital status has to her decision-making. Though, I am forgetting that in CL’s world, only middle-aged married men have achieved full adulthood) he might have found that … the courts are open. The law is clear. It is not difficult to obey. Whether it is worthwhile is an altogether different issue.

  33. John A

    max #3387265, posted on April 1, 2020 at 9:57 am

    Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn:

    “For the average person, all problems date to World War II; for the more informed, to World War I; for the genuine historian, to the French Revolution.”

    Eric didn’t go back far enough: Genesis chapter 3

  34. Gilas

    A nation of cowards and sheep…

    deserves what it’s getting.

  35. Hay Stockard

    If members of the ADF are not authorised enforcement officers what is their purpose accompanying plod around and about?

  36. Faye

    I heard that the Blue Lagoon was an old quarry. Graveyard for cars and dead animals. The pH was around 11 which is similar to bleach, so they dyed it black to stop people swimming in it. The dying back to black has been happening for years.

  37. We’ve been conditioned over the last 30 years to “believe the science and the experts” which so much of the populace do, especially the media hacks who regurgitate everything the “experts” pronounce from on high. (See the climate scam).
    This puts otherwise semi-decent politicians in a tight bind. Listen to the “experts” who seem to wield their new found power and authority with glee, or get butchered by the media and nearly half the population, especially the young and women.
    I surmise that if we had of beaten the climate scam 10 years ago or even 5 years ago by exposing the “experts” as the charlatans they are, we would have handled this Wuhan Virus situation quite differently.

    p.s. If you take a close look at a place like the USA where good on-line info is available, almost all of the draconian measures like stopping gun sales, forcing shut downs etc are happening in blue states where the leaders are fervent believers in “The Science.”

  38. a reader

    I don’t think Gladys is herself responsible but she is definitely showing a lack of leadership. Her Police Commissioner needs the sack. As does whichever moron in the health department allowed the disease carriers off the ship.

    But more than anyone Commission Fuller has to go. I have never heard such fascistic comments come out of the mouth of a senior policeman in this country.

  39. C.L.

    Thanks for spending all day on that retort, Pyrmonter. Purple, indeed. Maybe you should put a comparable effort into writing something people are interested in reading.

    There was no debate in Parliament about these extremely specific, extraordinarily punitive and fake regulations. They were not reviewed by the upper house or given the Governor’s assent. Spare me the Summary Offences Act bullshit, junior. And the Premier IS responsible because she’s the boss – not the health minister. The police are in fact given discretion to enforce them or not – so you’re wrong on that too.

    ooh … ‘Miss’ Berejiklian

    That’s her name. Or are you actually suggesting the honorific “Miss” is also now banned?

    The law is clear. It is not difficult to obey.

    You sound like Joh Bjelke-Petersen.

    Whether it is worthwhile is an altogether different issue.

    No, it isn’t “worthwhile” to suspend democracy.

  40. Lee

    Gladys Berejiklian is almost as bad as Daniel Andrews.
    And coming from me, as a Victorian and not a Labor voter, that’s saying something!

  41. Pyrmonter

    @ a reader

    He’s hardly the worst in history, but it hasn’t been helpful. Doesn’t quite seem Commissioner grade.

    @ CL – my apologies if I can’t keep to your publication schedule. The last time I addressed an adult woman as ‘Miss’ without derision was when I spoke to my grade 6 teacher. I’m not generally troubled by the marital status of our political leaders; provided that is, they don’t show themselves to be hypocrites of the order of Barnaby Joyce.

  42. Squirrel

    This virus is somewhat more than a “cold” – the families of the young, otherwise healthy people who’ve died of it could attest to that.

    Some of the over-the-top stuff we’re now seeing in Sydney might have been avoided if the people we elect, and pay rather nicely, to run things for us had taken the threat more seriously from the outset.

    The obvious concern to avoid and delay unpalatable options for interests which do very nicely out of open-door, Big Australia was a disgrace, and we’re all now paying the price for that, and will be doing so for the decades it takes to deal with the economic wreckage and with the public debt which is being accumulated at blinding speed.

  43. Docket62

    This virus is somewhat more than a “cold” – the families of the young, otherwise healthy people who’ve died of it could attest to that.

    It’s a little more than a cold and no where near the Flu. Get a grip! But I agree the response from the governments has been astoundingly shit.

  44. C.L.

    This virus is somewhat more than a “cold” – the families of the young, otherwise healthy people who’ve died of it could attest to that.

    That’s why I said a cold or cold-like response was “the preponderant physical reaction to COVID-19.” I am not downplaying the disease. My argument is that you cannot shut down the economy, society, democracy and the rule of law for a flu. Virulent flus are deadly and bring hundreds of thousands to terrible ends every year. Only now, though, are journalists interested in the unpleasant details.
    Pyrmonter, I’ve been busy with other stuff most of the day.
    First of all, apologies for being rude or patronising.

    On the honorific question, you wrongly assumed it was some purplish insult or mockery for me to refer to the Premier as “Miss.” Let me explain: when I write essays – which are probably inadequate in many ways – I prefer a degree of formality along newspaper-ly lines. That has always been my custom. I don’t refer to “Keating” or “Clinton” or “Berejiklian.” To me, that always seems unnecessarily insulting. More importantly, honorifics flag that we’re talking about affairs of state or current events; it’s not personal. Sometimes, for some stylistic reason, I might go for surnames only but not often. More so for US presidents, interestingly – perhaps because they seem like historical figures even when they’re still in office.

    Now, regarding honorifics for ladies, I sometimes use “Ms” but not often. It was a political ‘word’ foisted on the public whose foundational idea was that it is demeaning or unfair to women that their titles advertise their marital status. I don’t accept that a “Mrs” is somehow a chattel or robbed of the privilege of being formidable in worldly callings in her own right. Nor do I accept being single – even as a middle-aged woman – and to be announced as such with “Miss,” is demeaning. Some of the most independent-minded and strong women I’ve known have been elderly Misses.

    Finally, on the question of law: as you know, civil libertarians and scholars have decried the tendency of ministers to “gazette” additional stipulations or powers to enacted legislation – even though it is now conventional. When it involves granting a minister power to shut down fly-blown sandwich carts or smoking in lifts, it is considered innocuous. Whenever it involves punitively substantive police powers, however, it is a grave misuse of that convention – which Lord Sumption notes. I agree with him entirely, regardless of which party is in government.

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