For Queensland Labor, coronavirus a disappointment so far

Committee recommends Queensland legalise voluntary assisted dying.

Chief promoter of the cause, David Muir – chairman of the far left-wing Clem Jones Trust (mentioned here in November) – wants pandemic restrictions lifted so that Parliament can be recalled to pass laws legalising VAD before the October election. He says the LNP, if elected, won’t do so. He’s right. They won’t.

“We recognise that the State Parliament has scaled back its sitting schedule because of the coronavirus, but other vital issues like VAD should still be addressed,” he said.

“Queenslanders expect swift and bipartisan support for the passage of any new laws related to battling the current virus emergency, meaning MPs could devote appropriate time to considering new VAD laws.

This means the same sitting of Parliament that passed laws to protect the elderly and vulnerable from COVID-19 would also legalise the killing of the elderly and vulnerable by doctors. Greens Party MP Michael Berkman, a VAD committeeman, goes further. He wants the Parliament to sit regularly from now on to ensure all tangential requisites of legalisation can be finalised before the election. For leftists, there is nowhere near enough death in the world right now. It’s likely that some elderly people will ask medicos to kill them out of fear of a coronavirus end or to avoid being a ‘burden’ during a pandemic. Labor is fine with that.

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7 Responses to For Queensland Labor, coronavirus a disappointment so far

  1. candy

    Out of fear and guilt and a lot of confusion as would be expected in an elderly ill person. So easy to manipulate a vulnerable person in that state.

    Ghoulish and weird for the Greens to do this right now. Not emotionally normal.

  2. Robbo

    The whole world has gone fucking mad and it looks as if Queensland wants to lead the pack. Ah Queensland, beautiful one day and raving lunacy the next.

  3. Leo G

    Labor is fine with that.

    Provided it’s free, why would Labor object to a very late term abortion service.

  4. Bruce

    This ties in with the QLD Health Dept bureaucrats mounting the lockdown assault on gun-shops, ranges, gunsmiths etc,, both in Qld and as one would expect, in Worst Australia. These “betters” probably took one look at Pres. Trump declaring gun shops to be essential services and their inner totalitarian sociopathy could not be restrained. Apparently, one needs a basic degree, at least, just to apply to be a public serpent with any hope of a “career”. Folks “only” possessing actual life experience can only ever aspire to the dizzy heights of “clerical assistant”.

    All the little “pet projects” of the totalitarian statist class are oozing out from beneath the rocks.

    Once again, religiously adhering to the dictum of toxic bit of slime, Rahm Emanuel: “Never let a crisis go to waste”.

  5. Alan

    Bruce – absolutely. “Never let a crisis go to waste”.
    Two days ago, I posted a long, but good, explainer for what may happen over the next 18 months.
    But was shut down by people who did not even consider the linked MIT article.
    Let me post it here again. Maybe this time someone will actually read it.
    MIT Review – “We’re not going back to normal”
    Video Analysis: [24 Mar 2020] Truthstream Media: We’re Living in 12 Monkeys (see from @8:25)

  6. Richard Bender


    Is there a part of the word voluntary you don’t understand?

    Or should we just remove libertarian from the by-line of this blog.

  7. C.L.

    Or should we just remove libertarian from the by-line of this blog.

    So you’re saying my view should be banned in the name of libertarianism?

    Is there a part of the word voluntary you don’t understand?

    No, is there a part of the word “assisted” you don’t understand?

    Assisting somebody to die with drugs you provide them is homicide.

    I’m not familiar with what Hayek, Freidman and Smith said about killing vulnerable people but I am familiar with what statists like Stalin and Hitler thought about the idea.

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