The politics of the left has many ways to kill you

This is just one. They do not care about you or anyone else at all. All they are interested in is power for themselves.

Personally I think it’s mostly politics but some people think it’s all politics. It’s getting harder to tell all the time.

Let me add this for further context: Time for a second opinion.

We are trying to stave off and arrest a pandemic. Given what is being recommended, we think we need some second or third opinions. This pandemic, now that it has reached America, has taken 3,173 lives here. This, from a tested population of 164,359 cases. That’s a mortality rate of 1.9%. But immediately, questions must be asked. We record every case of death from the coronavirus, but we have no idea how many people have had the coronavirus. Clearly, there are more than 164,359 cases because not everyone has been tested. That would put the mortality rate at less than 1.9%. That rate could be far, far less. As Eran Bendavid and Jay Bhattacharya, professors of medicine at Stanford, have written, based on their model of over 6 million cases they believe exist: “That’s a mortality rate of 0.01%, assuming a two-week lag between infection and death. This is one-tenth of the flu mortality rate of 0.1%.”

The data are American, of course, but could just as well be the death-to-infection rate everywhere.

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27 Responses to The politics of the left has many ways to kill you

  1. The Democrats are giving Trump’s election machine every assistance possible. His team must be gobsmacked at the gifts bestowed upon them. Or, in other words, God works in mysterious ways.

  2. Tom

    Hey kiddies: the leftism you get fed nightly on The Project is a death cult.

    Letting diseased Kung Flu carriers spread their germs onto you isn’t taking a stand against racism — it’s suicide.

  3. mem

    I’ve tried to suggest to several of my friends that the number of people dying or severely ill from CVD when put into proportion with other diseases, afflictions and accidents does not warrant the closure of our economy and the suffering it is and will cause. Talk about stirring up a hornets nest. I think I might wait a week or two before tackling the subject again.

  4. Shy Ted

    Here at home it’s probably time to dox a few significant lefties. They’ve got to live somewhere. A bag of rubbish or some such chucked in their garden, bit of wire or rope to make opening their gate harder, sound your horn as you drive pas, something relatively harmless to let them know how vulnerable they are. Paranoia will do the rest.

  5. Iampeter

    The politics of the left has many ways to kill you

    Yea, like passing $2.2 trillion dollar wealth redistribution bills.
    Maintaining economically illiterate tariffs at a time free trade and wealth is more important than ever.
    And all the other democrat-style policies we keep seeing from conservatives.

  6. Megan

    Making reactive decisions without good data or reliable evidence is fraught with the danger of unintended consequences. Imposing draconian measures without having a known end point, ie. when have we done enough? is where we are now. We are the subjects in a massive experiment that if it were suggested to a university ethics panel would be thrown out with extreme prejudice.

  7. Anthony

    Really difficult to say without random testing of the population. That is, sending home testing kits to a representative sampling of households across the country.

    The closest we have at the moment is Iceland which had an online, opt in system that has tested ~3% of the population. Supposedly symptomatic and asymptomatic – though we cant realy know, how many people did it because they felt they were high risk? Presumably, there is some selection bias to younger people with online registration. Anyway, the results suffest 6.3% (737) of the sample has come back positive. 15 people in hospital.

    When I heard about this program, I had hoped the numbers of asymptotic would be much higher, maybe 20 or 30% and everyone is getting it and having no idea. As yet that doesn’t necessarily appear to be the case.

  8. Megan

    Same here, mem. ‘Oh, I don’t want people to die.’ is the most common response. Around 400 Australians on average die every day of the year. No one I know wanted them to die* either but die they did. Two or three COVID19 deaths out of that 400 and we are in the midst of global insanity with very few exceptions.

    *Except the ones offering euthanasia, that’s you Dictator Dan.

  9. NuThink

    Maintaining economically illiterate tariffs at a time free trade and wealth is more important than ever.

    Something that has puzzled me about free trade, is that by definition I understand that to mean there are no restrictions on trade.
    So why does it take years to negotiate throwing out the rule book?
    Also why does free trade between two countries block other countries from trading?
    If you want free trade just allow anyone who wants to trade with you to trade with you without restrictions.
    Or is that too logical?

  10. Narwhal Tusk

    That WHO person must be ghey, bejesus.

  11. nb

    ‘All they are interested in is power for themselves.’
    True. It can take a long time to cut through all the homilies, indignation, anger. At the end of it all nothing but a desperate bid for power, prestige, status at any cost to others. In fact, the greater the cost to others the greater the relative success.

  12. Exit Stage Right

    I seem to recall that Paul Murray, he of PML Live, was encouraging people about two months ago to go out and hug a Chinaman and to go to their favourite Chinese Restaurant to show their solidarity and spread the LUUUUUVe.
    Bet he is wishing the tape would disappear. Sorry, no link but I’m sure other CATS will recall the show.
    Now I don’t mind Paul Murray sometimes, but he is soft in the head and a bit of a virtue signaller. For sure, there are worse out there, but despite his ockerism, Paul likes to have two bob each way.

  13. mem

    It’s almost like the population at large is invigorated by the great Covid Virus plague. I guess most people have never really had a challenge like a war or pandemic to deal with so it is as if after watching all those sci-fi movies and game shows and listening to Grand Dad’s war stories that they are finally getting to participate in something real and life threatening themselves. It is just such a pity that they don’t anticipate the outcomes which will be the wrecking of the world economy, loss of assets and income and incredible upheaval which will follow. And I would guess the havoc caused will be as much a result of the “cure” as the the cause (virus).

  14. Anthony

    Everything is political.

    Probably, the decision not to cancel visas and send incoming travelers to hotels at the start of February was inept. Closing the borders in early Feb may have a large political cost. It seems like a big chunk of people on the Coalition side arent happy with the economic shutdown even as the health situation has deteriorated. In hindsight, closing the borders two months ago, would have been ideal, a few industries, like tourism are stuffed, maybe tertiary education, are stuffed, but life goes on. Realistically, would that shutdown have been politically doable then? I’m not sure.

    Currently, politicians are shutting the door on an already bolted horse. Cases keep on going up, so there is pressure to ‘do something’. Politics dictates that insane decisions like allowing hairdressers to be open when pubs are closed etc.

    Better politicians would have had a pandemic plan like Taiwan.

    Are the responses wrong. In the absence of vaccines, anti virals, sufficient masks and sanitizer, you really only have social distancing. Australia is very lucky, we have 20 deaths at this stage for 4000 odd confirmed cases. The Netherlands, has 1000 deaths for 12,000 odd confirmed infections and a population of 17 million. Plenty of other countries like Spain and Italy, and possibly plenty are in the shit right now. Somehow Australia has avoided having 300 deaths. It will be interesting to see if that trend holds and if we can figure out why.

  15. bollux

    I believed in this until the Left started pushing it, so now I think it’s a gigantic hoax. Isolate the elderly and infirm and let the world go on. What happens if it, or another virus comes next year? People die all the time, hundreds every day here, get over it.

  16. Tel

    Closing the borders in early Feb may have a large political cost.

    I rather think a lot of Australians would have been much more understanding about that … rather than about closing down half the business across the whole country and making individuals come up with ridiculous reasons to meet their girlfriend or whatever.

  17. mundi

    I think ultimately whenever a government does something big (good or bad) government grows and freedom shrinks.

    This will be a case of massive government growing.

  18. Clam Chowdah

    Did the PM answer your email? Did you tell him about the subscription to The Age?

  19. Iampeter

    If you want free trade just allow anyone who wants to trade with you to trade with you without restrictions.
    Or is that too logical?

    Assuming I understand you then I think that’s correct.
    Governments simply shouldn’t be involved in trade.

    I’d also add that “free trade” doesn’t just mean between countries, it means between ALL individuals regardless of where they are.
    Which is why all those calling for tariffs and now crying about government shutting down businesses all over the place don’t seem to have thought through their positions to their logical conclusions.

  20. Bruce

    “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.”

    Mark Twain.

  21. nb

    If a group wishes to take over a society it needs some merit. The left does not have merit. It only offers plunder. Its modus operandi is deception coupled with bureaucratism. It is a moth to power, but with nothing to offer other than the wielding of power.

  22. Kneel

    The big difference is this:

    The right thinks the left are people with bad ideas
    The left thinks the right are bad people with ideas

    This means that the right believes they can argue with facts and logic and convince the left that they (the left) are wrong, while the left refuses to listen to – let alone negotiate with – those “bad people” on the right.
    Hence: “deplorables”, TDS and a lot more. When you see it like this, you realise why they act like they do. I have no idea how we can “fix” this…

  23. Cynic of Ayr

    Lotta talk about how free trade – especially with China (read Chinese Government) – is going to come to an end, and we’ll all be rooooined.
    There’s one simple problem with free trade with China.
    They are not benevolent to anyone, even themselves. No amount of talk will ever, in the foreseeable future, create free trade agreements with China that are equally and mutually beneficial. It must always be to China’s advantage.
    However, the solution is totally prevented by the West’s insistence that Racism is bad.
    Me? There are many races of humans that I don’t like, don’t want to deal with, nor even be near.
    The lefties have to deal with that fact, not me.

  24. Iampeter

    The big difference is this:

    The right thinks the left are people with bad ideas
    The left thinks the right are bad people with ideas

    I think the first difference you need to figure out is what the actual difference between right wing and left wing in politics is.

    Until then you’re just going to be regurgitating talking points that don’t connect with anything.

  25. Paridell

    The absolute numbers are a sufficient concern regardless of what proportion they make up of infections. The 2% death rate on the cruise liner Diamond Princess is often cited as being relatively low. But if it were extended to the whole US population, it would mean the death of 6,540,000 people. Grounds for concern, I would say.

  26. Bruce

    Re “death-rate” on these mega booze-cruisers:

    How many passengers demise on a “normal” cruise, especially given the demographics.?

    Heart attack, choking on an olive, falling down a companionway, falling overboard, being eaten by a volcano, etc.?

    Apart from the ones who go overboard at night, I’m pretty sure the unfortunates don’t get a quick burial at sea; more of a thorough inspection from the ship’s chief medical officer and then a rubber bag in a cool-room until they reach their home port.

    Before the country was locked down, I regularly worked in an “arts” venue that deals with “patrons’ developing critical ailments or simply expiring in the auditoria and the foyers several times a year.

    Death is an inexorable part of life: NOBODY gets out of here alive. But, being mindful of the words of Hunter S. Thompson, most folks aren’t in a rush for the exit, either.

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