RE will kill us if Covid-19 doesn’t!

4pm update. The wind supply has slid down to next to nothing since breakfast time.  Wind is providing 2% of demand and RE in total 6GW of 25GW demand. Over 6GW of coal capacity in reserve.

I appreciate that wind watching is not a major concern these days but somebody has to do it because we have three years to rescue or replace Liddell power station to keep the lights on. Consider the contribution of unreliable energy at dinnertime last light. At sunset, half an hour after the marker in the chart below, there was zero solar in the system and the wind was contributing 500MW that was 2% of the demand across SE Australia, the National Energy Market.

All day the windmills were delivering less than 10% of plated/installed capacity  as you can see from the chart further down the page. The figures only momentarily dropped below 5% so it could have been worse, it has been down to 2% in recent times and veteran wind watchers recall periods of zero wind.

All the states, Zalli Steggall and the ALP are determined to get rid of coal-fired power at the earliest opportunity in the quest for zero emissions. The pictures demonstrate that those plans cannot work but what are the signs that they are being reconsidered? Where are Audrey Zibelman and the brains trust at the AEMO standing on this? And the Board?

Just as well Tasmania has hydro. The 1.5GW battery of the nation! Not to mention Hydrogen!

The Economist welcomes the emission-control implications of the crisis.

An optimist might see these changes as a silver lining to what is an extremely dark cloud. But that would depend on their being sustained when things return to normal. As François Gemenne of the University of Liège, in Belgium, puts it, “the climate needs a sustained drop in greenhouse-gas emissions, not a year off”.

Liberty Quote – If Australia’s security services are not closely monitoring the activities of denialist activists then they are failing in their responsibilities.  — Clive Hamilton

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  1. RobK says:

    …..and the hydrogen economy is still in the comic book land of make believe. Generations away.
    The zealots are in charge.

  2. DaveR says:

    Not the best time be discussing this but……….Audrey Zibelman asleep at the wheel, and as an appointee of the failed Turnbull, should also be moved on (out). No clear thinking will happen at AEMO with her at the head.

  3. John Bayley says:

    I can’t wait for The E-Communist to go broke…
    It hurts to think that it used to be among the highly respected international print publications, with an original mission of presenting the classic-liberal viewpoint…
    One that I used to subscribe to and read cover to cover, only to cancel my subscription in disgust when they started pushing the global warming scam in the early noughts and then endorsed Kevin Rudd for PM…

    Regarding intermittent energy:
    Rafe, you may have seen Paul Homewood’s recent article regarding a study of the expected ‘flex requirement’ in Germany, which the authors have identified as essential in order to smooth the variable output of wind & solar.
    Note that even though they’ve clearly identified the problem, they still do not propose a truly workable solution, perhaps along the lines of nuclear.
    Instead, they continue to push the ‘unicorn’ of hydrogen & batteries, or some other Deus Ex Machina miraculous ‘solution’.
    Our politicians will be no different.
    I’m convinced only a far-reaching, rolling blackouts, possibly resulting in deaths, will wake them up.
    Sad but inevitable.

  4. Herodotus says:

    “Emission Control – we have a problem.”
    How to break down a country:
    (feel free to add to this list)
    1. Allow unions and GetUp to behave in a political fashion without the usual stringencies applied to political parties or companies.
    2. Fund the ABC.
    3. Knuckle under to enviro-activism and PC crap.
    4. Destroy local industries under the guise of economic rationalism.
    5. Give credence and ratification to strictures required by the UN on climate change.
    6. Subsidise and favour wind and solar while demonising coal, oil, gas, nuclear.
    7. Create national parks to win votes while setting up the inevitable fuel load disasters by not managing those parks in a sensible fashion.
    8. Squash timber industries, ban fire trails.
    9. Extol public transport while allowing regional rail services to wither on the vine and trucks to go viral.
    10. Privatise power generation but overlay climate change crap on it so it now looks like a very bad idea.
    11. Fail to stop the ongoing campaigns against meat, agriculture, mining.
    12. Run up huge intractable national debts for GFC and Coronacopia while having no plan to increase employment and exports rather than increase welfare mentality.

  5. chaamjamal says:

    “closely monitoring the activities of denialist activists”

    And who is monitoring the climate activists?

  6. John Smith101 says:

    #3387209, posted on April 1, 2020 at 9:22 am
    “Emission Control – we have a problem.”

    Brilliant. Got it in one. Now, let’s add Chinese influence/globalism to the mix. Infiltration, not invasion (JFK 1961).

  7. John A says:

    Liberty Quote – If Australia’s security services are not closely monitoring the activities of denialist activists then they are failing in their responsibilities. — Clive Hamilton

    Dear Clive, can you please tell us who these “denialist activists” are and what activism they are engaging in, which would require constant security surveillance?

    Enquiring minds wish to know…

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