Wednesday Forum: April 1, 2020

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  1. MatrixTransform says:

    The hatred towards and denigration of people who have enjoyed cruises is fairly extreme here at the moment

    might make ya feel better if you can tell yourself its some else’s anger rather than your own idiocy .

    Don’t expect a medal though … I don’t think there is a such a thing as a Best Stupid prize

  2. candy says:

    Christmas Island seems a good idea for the cruise folk. Perhaps a makeshift hospital could be built, quarantining facilities, to get people well enough to fly them home. The Chinese built a hospital in a week so it could all be done.

    The Chinese Australians stranded in Wuhan were put there and seems now that was a good idea. The pictures showed decent accommodation, no problems.
    Anyways, facilities should be ready for a next time. why not Christmas Island.

  3. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare says:

    Your comment, as per usual, Matrix, lacks substance and meaning.

    Carry on though. I can scroll.

  4. Arky says:

    Come on Lizzie.
    You’re alright, but it was bloody stupid to get on that ship.
    You got out alright, but admit that was only luck, and it could have been a real shit show.

  5. Roger:

    Asked how this message is not getting through to medical workers on the frontline, she said: “My chief health officer is advising me that there’s enough, and they are being very conservative with its use.”

    This is the same mindset that allowed the Generals in the First World War to remain oblivious to the conditions in the trenches. Too fucking lazy to get up and visit the troops, they just relied on the Officers reports about the ‘Cheerful Squalor.”
    Palacechook – if she wants the truth – needs to speak to the nurses and doctors as they are leaving shift and there are no admin to take note of who is toeing the Party Line.
    The fact that she doesn’t do this is indicative of her attitude to the ‘crisis’.

  6. MatrixTransform says:

    lacks substance and meaning

    Geez Betty, I thought you loved it when people talked about you and your whacky antics.

  7. MatrixTransform says:

    has the forum got covid-19?

  8. JC says:

    Old habits never die.

    Germans snitch on neighbours flouting virus rules, in echo of the Stasi past

    Law-abiding Germans are zealously helping police crack down on people flouting new social distancing rules aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus by reporting on strangers, neighbours and friends.

    In a country where denunciation was commonplace under the Communists in East Germany and Hitler’s Nazis, police forces across the country are getting tip-offs on anything from “corona parties” to people driving to weekend cottages.

  9. Anne says:

    In his Press Briefings, Trump frequently refers to the pandemic as a “hidden enemy” or an “invisible enemy”.

    He’s not talking about the Coronavirus.

    He’s talking about this. 👇🏻


    Please don’t watch this unless you at least suspect the Coronavirus is a cover.

  10. BrettW says:

    From The IPA below.

    Agree with what John says below but there are many civil servants on below $150,000 whose place of work has been shut down for months. Many are in jobs that can not be done at home. No way they should be on full pay with what is going on.

    The PM was lying to the public when he said all will have to make sacrifices and share the burden. He was interviewed by Alan Jones today and brushed off the suggestion politicians, civil servants and ABC should make some cuts. Same for Finance Minister Cormann and Small Business Minister Cash on Tuesday and Thursday when asked same question by Jones.

    The PM is saying this could go on for 6 months. The Government he leads has indicated clearly that his staff MP’s and civil servants are immune to the pain going on in the private sector caused by Government decisions. Likewise Qld Premier office has indicated they have not even considered cuts.

    Time for Governments to consider cutting current salaries if people are not do their previous jobs as before.
    The standard argument civil servants and Unions will put up is “but what about our employment agreement”.
    Consider all the Quantas and Meyer workers etc who also had employment agreements contravened overnight. For example State teachers are now forwarding their work to students online. They are not performing their full role as laid down in their employment agreements so should they still receive full pay and pay rises ?

    Time for the PM to show that we are all making sacrifices and “sharing the burden” because so far he is lying.

    Daily IPA Comment attributable to John Roskam, Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs:

    “If Australians really are all in this together, as the PM says, every federal and state politician should have their pay cut by 20% until the lockdown is over.”

    “This is about equality of sacrifice.”

    “Every public servant earning more than $150,000 should have their pay cut by 20%.”

    “Politicians and public servants are selfish if they don’t cut their pay.”

    “At the moment there are two classes of Australian. Those whose lives are devastated by losing their job and their business, and public servants who have been completely untouched by the crisis.”

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