Never let a good crisis go to waste – Winston Churchill

TAFKAS is not an AFL fan.  He is not from Victoria and it does not really float his boat.  But that is inconsequential to the following.

Writing in (where else but) the Guardian, Rana Hussain, a diversity and inclusion specialist, a writer and a member of the Outer Sanctum podcast says the following about AFL in a post WuFlu environment:

Given a chance to rebuild, let’s create an industry that is equitable and an environment where elite athletes exist in the same reality as their colleagues in other roles across the industry. Let’s rebuild this industry so that it truly reflects the society to which it owes its existence. Rebuild it with people of varying intersections, class and experiences inside headquarters and at clubs, as well as in the stands.

No commentary from TAFKAS is required, but the emphases are his.  Just read it again and let it sink in.

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27 Responses to Never let a good crisis go to waste – Winston Churchill

  1. a happy little debunker

    One time after WWII when Churchill led the opposition, he went into the loo only to find Attlee at the urinal. He walked down to the other end of the row. Attlee asked him if he was feeling standoffish. Churchill said that when ever you socialists see anything really big, you want to nationalize it.

    Not verified, but it sounds appropriate

  2. stevem

    I agree with Rana Hussain. I believe every single person employed is an AFL fan. Not one NRL fan among the lot of them!
    Clearly the clubs need to be rebuilt with NRL or RA people – RA looks like going broke, so Raelene Castle will probable need a new gig.

  3. That reads like a Google translation of Chinese.

  4. bollux

    I see a future for dwarves and blind people. No offence.

  5. Tim Neilson

    the society to which it owes its existence

    In one sense it owes its existence to the British Protestant settlers who established the game in the 1850’s and nurtured it in its formative years, and perhaps also to the Gaelic settlers who then took it up with enthusiasm and made it the favourite winter pastime of the whole community.

    I presume that’s not what she means.

    In another sense it owes its existence to the club members who now pay their membership fee each year, and to the other fans who buy tickets at the gate or at least tune into the broadcasts thus bolstering the advertising value of the code. If they don’t like the demographics of the code they’ll stop supporting it – no need for social engineering, just let the code survive or fail in a free market.

  6. Tim Neilson

    Rebuild it with people of varying intersections, class

    This reveals her utter ignorance of Australian rules football.

    At Geelong, people who went to school at Grammar with Prince Charles barrack alongside people who were laid off from the Ford assembly line. Billionaires and paupers, celebrities and nonentities, all supporting the same team. Always has been, always will be. That’s always been one of the strengths of the code.

  7. Steve

    Its Newspeak – the NWO are creating “order out of chaos”, the problem is its PC to its max and anyone remotely sane will mock it….


  8. Robber Baron

    Tranny dunnies will lead us out of this depression.

  9. Shorter version:
    “Lets fvck up the AFL until it goes the way of the VFL”.

  10. John A

    let’s create an industry that is equitable and an environment where elite athletes exist


  11. Dave in Marybrook

    And here’s me thinking that the AFL might drop Pride Week Round, NAIDOC Day Week Month Round, Women’s Round, Multiculturalism Round, Mental Health Round and Breast Cancer Awareness Round… and get on with playing footy…

  12. Bronson

    I know where Rana can go for a perfect example, Rugby Australia! First you take a vibrant world class sport and then you add all the elements Rana so desperately wants to see and then you end up with Rugby Australia. A sport that that is completely rooted that nobody watches or wants to watch.

  13. JohnJJJ

    Aywa Rana: Sunni, Shia, Druze, Sufi and Sikh… all frolicking on the field. Now THAT is diversity. But Rana what about equity. The solution, as pointed out by Colonel Qaddafi, was to give each individual player their own ball. Solved.

  14. Fred

    Time to get rid of all those fit 20 something men.

    So many others for clubs to choose from.

  15. flyingduk

    Sorry, losers, we are entering a new world where fragility and weakness is revealed for what it always was, a liability, not an asset.

  16. Blair

    ” …where elite athletes exist in the same reality…..”
    I’m sure the elite athletes wouldn’t mind a big paycut so they could exist in the same reality.

  17. gary

    With all this debt Australia can’t afford the ABC so it (the ABC) will have to be split up and privatised.

  18. Cynic of Ayr

    AFL club is signing on.
    Please be aware that the ability to play AFL, or to be of good health and fitness, is not required.
    What I hope to follow on from this madness is to purge the world of such idiots, educated and otherwise.

  19. Nob

    Rebuild my arse.

    She can build her own competing version in her own time and see how people like it.

    AFL support is one of the most diverse already of any team sport.

    “You didn’t build this”.
    You’ve never built anything, just descended on something good built by others over many decades, and sunk your greedy fangs into it.

  20. Caveman

    Just build one club and they can play with each other.

  21. MatrixTransform

    retards are gonna retard

  22. notafan


    On that basis I should be a highly paid opera singer.

    Doesn’t matter that most people snore more musically than I sing.

    Because fair.

  23. nb

    As someone who has always claimed I would not notice if VFL were to cease tomorrow, I applaud these moves. Don’t bother letting me know how it all goes.

  24. Rod W

    Why stop at “headquarters, clubs as well as the stands”?

    Equality of players as well. Abandon the AFLW and just have a single competition for all comers.

    Can’t get more equal than that.

  25. Squirrel

    A return to the halcyon days of yore when leading sportsmen (as they were) had day jobs as tradies, bank clerks, teachers (for the really brainy ones) etc. might be a nice change from a world of coke-sniffing, bimbo-bonking Porsche-drivers, but anything even approaching that is not going to happen with the assistance of overpaid identity whingers.

    It will happen because the rivers of gold have dried up.

  26. Peter Finch

    Can one call a (this) woman a wanker?

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