Building the Totalitarian State

The components were being build before WuFlu, but production has continued apace since. But now, the key thing that is missing is a megalomaniacal narcissist to put it all together.

Going into WuFlu, we had:

  • National and state based organisations who regulated speech and thought, deciding what is appropriate and non-offensive.
  • A national broadband network owned by the government, ripe for the application of a national broadband firewall and filter to control what can be seen and read.
  • A national media and broadcasting authority owned by the government perpetuating propaganda lite and slowly suffocating and crowding out private media all the while crying about media diversity.
  • A large administrative state arbitrarily and capriciously applying regulations against selective sectors and industries not politically au fait.
  • Extensive police powers to spy on and detain citizens on the grounds of national security.

Subsequent to WuFlu, we have:

  • Private hospital and health nationalisation such that the state decides who, how and when gets treatment for what.
  • Further decimation of private media and broadcasting further embedding the power and reach of the state owned media and broadcasting authority.
  • Massive expansion of police powers, with a high degree of discretion, to move citizens on from public spaces and to create virtual prisons in people’s homes.
  • Massive regulatory decimation of the private sector migrating citizens into quasi-public servants and economic wards of the state.
  • Citizens spying on and dobbing in other citizens.
  • Parliament suspended.

No doubt there were other bits of the puzzle in place before and additional pieces built subsequent.  But let us be mindful of how close we are.

Citizens can vote for a totalitarian regime, but based on history, the only way out of a totalitarian regime is feet first.

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10 Responses to Building the Totalitarian State

  1. Rex Mango

    What about society going cashless?

  2. John A

    The components were being built before WuFlu, but production has continued apace since. But now, the key thing that is missing is a megalomaniacal narcissist to put it all together.

    Daniel Andrews, presently Commisar of Viktoriastan is already building up his portfolio and polishing his CV.

  3. stackja

    Concentrate the unfit in camps. Let the Wuhan virus spread. Survival of the fittest.

  4. Botswana O'Hooligan

    Try commenting on the latest opinion poll in the Australian with –The PM’s has a high poll rating as did Kevin Rudd because he is throwing a tsunami of money about, more than Rudd did so the poll is a rice Christian one–

  5. Tim Neilson

    Daniel Andrews, presently Commisar of Viktoriastan is already building up his portfolio and polishing his CV.

    Every day I expect to see him appear in an ersatz military uniform with gleaming epaulettes, gold braid and self-awarded medals, to explain that despite the recent falls in daily new virus cases the citizens of CFMEUistan haven’t had their liberties curtailed nearly enough for “public safety”.

  6. bollux

    And all for what? Even in New York City the deaths that can be solely attributed to this virus are only 0.014% of the total. In Italy the same figure is 0.03%. This is what they are shutting down the world for. What else?
    I think we all know the answer to that. Those that fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it. Is this how it happens and how do we stop it?

  7. Hay Stockard

    I love my country. The Politicians and functionaries that are ruining it I don’t care for at all.
    And too much Communist Chinese money floating around in many different ways.

  8. Godfrey

    Another version of your closing para is “You can vote yourself into socialism, but you always have to shoot your way out”. But we aren’t allowed to own guns. Oh well, feet first it is.

  9. Kneel

    There are others as well.
    These are videos and twitter feeds showing (not sure if in the flagged video or not):
    Hospital in NYC with temp. fencing to allow for big queues, but no queue and no-one in the waiting room, standard or emergency – and this is not a one-off, there are hundreds of citizen videos showing the same thing, even in the “hot spots” of LA, NYC, Texas and so on.
    Nurses claiming they are getting only 1 or 2 shifts a week, and are being sent home with nothing to do.

    Yet the MSM says nurses and doctors are collapsing due to over-work, and have re-used video of an Italian hospital from March 22 as a background to a story on “over-loaded” US hospitals on March 25.
    I don’t think twitter, youtube and all the other Alphabet Inc owned companies can de-platform fast enough to stop this going, err, viral. With 60% of US citizens now finding the MSM “unreliable”, a lot will be getting their info from alternative sources like this – and when you see video after video of empty hospitals, even in the “hot spots”, and nurse and doctor one after the other claiming it’s very quiet and they don’t have enough work to get a shift… well, you do the math.
    If this is the real, err, reality on the ground, then it won’t be DJT who has to “please explain”, it will be the MSM itself – the cliff they’ve been approaching beckons, while they continue full steam ahead and damn the torpedos.

  10. Squirrel

    An important omission from your Going into WuFlu list was –

    – a populace largely (but mercifully not yet universally) addicted to carrying and constantly looking at electronic devices which track their every movement, their tastes and preferences, their expressed views and, increasingly, their spending choices.

    And to think we had a big debate about the Australia Card – mem’ries, as the lyric goes.

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