Linemen For The Country

As Australians Google Depression recipes, two millionaires squabble                                        

Only in a second-rate nation would two former leaders fight for history’s honours – over telephone wiring.

These two mansion-ensconced knuckleheads have been quarterbacking the pandemic crisis since day one. Now they’re dragging their past ‘achievements’ into the mix. Both resent not being in The Lodge during such epochal times. Kevin Rudd was in office during the GFC – which was, by comparison, less a swan of colour than a Black Sparrow event – and Malcolm Turnbull had to steer the nation through the tumult of a ministerial bonking ban. They know deep down they will be forgotten.

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26 Responses to Linemen For The Country

  1. H B Bear

    Time for a new reality TV – the Narcissist.

  2. nb

    Rudd? Now let me think, oh yes, he wrote On Our Selection.
    Trumble? No, no, never heard of him.

  3. John Brumble

    25mbps? 50mbps? In a very short period of time, most households will have 5gbps or more. How much longer people will have to wait due to the distraction the NBN caused the technical teams from Vodafone, Optus and Telstra is anyone’s guess. Possibly not as long as the extra time it took LED lighting technology to break through as cost-effective after Turnbull and his international counter-parts banned incandescents.

  4. Andore Jr.

    Isn’t the whole point of stimulus money to get into the pockets of people to spend? To keep the economy going?
    How does that compute by putting it into the NBN, a bastardised quasi-government mongrel turd of a project? Forgive me, I didn’t write this post out on a napkin beforehand.

  5. Peter Finch

    Just imagine if Turncoat was still there. Indecisive, chaotic but “look at me, look at me”.

  6. Mother Lode

    It is a little like the Salieri* character in the movie Amadeus – condemned to endure this life while his reputation and glory fades into nothing, while the deceased Mozart is heard everywhere.

    *A very unfair, and ahistorical, depiction of Antonio Salieri who, while competitors, seem to have had a very cordial relationship. They socialised, at times collaborated, and Salieri promoted Mozart’s music in his different official roles, and ultimately tutored Mozart’s son after his father’s death.

  7. Mother Lode

    My God, look at all the commas in my sentence above.

    I am turning into Pirate Pete!

  8. Old School Conservative

    Rudd was pathetic on the Ruby Princess special Sunday night.
    Repeated “petri dish” ad nauseam.
    Blamed the docking procedure fiasco entirely on Morrison and Dutton with over-the-top language. No mention of State authorities at all.
    When a former PM is brought in to provide puerile fake facts, even the dimmest amongst them must realise its time to self isolate permanently.

  9. H B Bear

    Both footnotes to history.

  10. jo

    Pity Dudd wasn’t on the Ruby Princess. Permanently.

  11. Tel

    Your essay question for today concerns Fabian socialism and Coronavirus infection without symptoms.

    Compare and discuss methods and infiltration techniques.

  12. exsteelworker

    I think its time the government stop pensions/offices/staff/limo for life for former PMs.

  13. Tony Tea

    The NBN was rubbish from the start. It’s not some huge infrastructure project that will, say, drought-proof the country for a hundred years; it’s an expensive luxury bauble that is already being superseded by wireless tech.

  14. Professor Fred Lenin

    In these stressfull times we need a Government of National Unity
    ,amalgamate the major parties ,may as well they are both the same ,and appoint Krudd and Turnbull as Joint Maximum Leaders , that will fix those Wuhan Chinese ratfuckers . We may have to widen a lot lof doors to accommodate the two swollen heads ,but cheap at half the price .
    Both leaders will work gratis no doubt and pay their own staff and expenses , a phone call to the Caymans will fix everything .

  15. Hay Stockard

    I pity the fools.

  16. duncanm

    I think its amusing.

    Let them at it!

  17. Terry

    ‘They know deep down they will be forgotten.’

    If only this were true. Australia would be far better prepared for this “crisis” had neither of them infested the Australian parliament with their presence.

    We will have a rancid and festering debt to remind us all of their misdeeds, negligence and, malfeasance long after the names of the perpetrators have disappeared from our memories.

    Emergency measure #1: Cut the fully-indexed pension of ex-parliamentarians to that of the aged-pension (they can “roll with the plebs” they were meant to serve).

    Emergency measure #2: Revoke all publicly-funded travel perks, maintained-offices, staff, and especially, internet access – We do not want to hear from you. You’ve already done quite “enough”.

  18. nfw

    How much was your estimate for the Not Bloody Needed Kevvie? How much has it cost? Got the idea from The West Wing did you? Nothing like a reincarnation of the PMG to stop any free enterprise competition from introducing modern technology and doing away with cables altogether. But it did provide well paying not being laid off jobs for Labor functionaries and that’s the important thing.

  19. Robber Baron

    Our Glorious Communist Dictator Morrison will erase them both from history. It’s a tradition!

  20. mizaris

    A couple of nonentities screeching for relevance.

  21. Jock

    A pair of dickless wonders.

  22. Fresh Pat

    Why anyone would listen to these two turd sniffers is beyond me.
    Why they think anyone listens to them is a matter for themselves and their egos.

  23. The BigBlueCat

    My NBN provider has me signed up for NBN 50 … I’m lucky to get 15, let alone 50! Can I get the ACCC involved?

    So, Rudd could not deliver, and Turnbull did not deliver … we shouldn’t hear from either of them.

  24. Crazyoldranga

    I’m on Optus Wireless broadband and am currently getting 180 Mbps on a 500GB plan. Why would I downgrade to the NBN?

  25. Is that the same NBN whose success lay in the goal of “outlawing competition” to make it viable?
    Got it!

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