For Queensland Premier, the coast is conveniently clear

30,000 Queensland deaths predicted by worst-case coronavirus modelling, Premier reveals.

THE Courier Mail reported earlier today that an expected spike in COVID-19 cases after the foolhardy 28 March local council elections had “failed to materialise.” Which means that Annastacia Palaszczuk is off the hook. By a remarkable non-coincidence, the time-stamp on that report matches exactly the one on the ABC piece atop this post. Ergo: had post-poll infections soared, would that too have been ‘revealed’? If so, would the Premier have made the 30,000-dead estimate public across town? I’ll say no and possibly no (she may not have been able to stonewall on “the models” which it’s fashionable this week to reveal).

Premier Palaszczuk was given the legal power to postpone the election but decided to risk it. Today, her police – and I do mean hers because they no longer operate according to conventionally understood law – have warned Queenslanders gathering even in quiet privacy at the beach at Easter they will be ‘targeted.’

The initial modelling I was shown, if we didn’t flatten the curve, it was over 30,000 Queenslanders could have lost their lives. That keeps me up at night, thinking about how I can save people’s lives.”

If you’re thinking none of  this makes any sense, don’t think you’re missing something. You’re not.  It doesn’t make any sense at all. The Premier rolled the dice with the health of hundreds of thousands of Queenslanders to  secure a  political advantage  for the Labor  Party but now  claims to be  harassing even small  groups in the open, fresh air to “save” lives. If a massive event like an election didn’t cause a surge in coronavirus infections, why would a family having fish and chips in the dunes cause one? This has nothing to do with epidemiology or statistics. It’s about sticking to a script to save her own neck. Are so-called “health officials” really behind this ad hockery or are they being manipulated behind the scenes? My guess: both.

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  1. Hodor says:

    Are the Qld Council elections sorted yet ?

  2. Lazlo says:

    Spot on CL. This is a risk-averse politician crisis. Does anyone have cojones any more?

  3. Lazlo says:

    BTW and off topic, I know, but I am increasingly convinced that Andrews orchestrated the entire Get Pell operation from the get-go. He is now exhibiting defiance to the HC. He had the power to direct VicPol to fund the Pell prosecution when the DPP said nonsense. He is responsible for all this.

  4. BrettW says:

    Brought over my post from open thread as similar topic.

    I have been posting about the situation in Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital where they reduced occupancy from 90% to 45% and their 80 capacity ICU has been having 2/3 virus cases. Total number of virus cases in ICU in Qld a few days ago was 11 for the whole state. Yet two days ago the Premier was going on about the medical workers doing double shifts. There might be a few but not from the way she was trying to suggest. Plus some workers being told to go home and use their leave.

    The press needs to be doing a bit more investigating as to what is going on as does not add up to what is being suggested so far.

    The test will be what happens after this week end. Will the week ends going outside ban continue after the holiday ?

    Any other Qld guys here hearing anything about what is happening inside the hospitals ?

    #3401280, posted on April 8, 2020 at 10:43 pm
    Seems Qld now joined the Federation of Stasi States. But wait didn’t they say taking your kid for a driving lesson was OK. It is so hard to keep up.

    “In case you were wondering if it was OK to escape the house and go for a scenic drive somewhere, even if you don’t get out of the car – no, it’s not OK. (Does that apply to going out to get a coffee for example ?).

    People have been slapped with fines for “blatantly going for a drive” as police step up tough coronavirus crackdowns across the country, even as the spread appears to be slowing.

    “On the weekend, we have fined people for blatantly just being out and about going for a ride or a drive, which was clearly not essential travel,” Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll told reporters on Monday afternoon.

  5. Scott Osmond says:

    Yes, it’s a bit rich hammering people just for going for a ride in the car to avoid cabin fever and family conflict but we remember that Paleshit sent us all out 2 weeks back to vote in an election that could and should have been postponed. Not sure how many will let it go at the next state election but the LNP up here are a complete waste of time so it looks a bit like a one party race.

  6. Bruce says:

    Thirty thousand extra dead?

    That’s a Hell of a lockstep Labor voting bloc.

  7. win says:

    The Courier Mail is and always has been the mouth piece for the Labor party and Greens. No one believes anything that is printed on their pages with out verification by other sources or personal knowledge.

  8. Candy says:

    The premier up here in QLD bribes health workers and puts the fear of God into everyone that if we don’t pay nurses and doctors about $300,000 each will all die. It is how she runs the state. She was desperate to give all public servants a 3% rise too plus a $1250 bonus, until The Australian cottoned onto it and she thought better of it. Bribery of public servants is about all she knows really.

  9. Ed Case says:

    The status quo was maintained at the Council Elections apart from Ipswich where the Labor Council was thrown out. ECQ have still only counted about 70% of the votes, there was Telephone Voting this time, wonder how that works, how many Telephone Votes Labor/Greens end up with?

  10. Shy Ted says:

    No, it’s incremental socialism.

  11. Kneel says:

    …fined people for blatantly just being out and about going for a ride or a drive, which was clearly not essential travel…

    Yes, it is essential – at least, it’s essential if you don’t want me to go tropo and do a Lindt Cafe on your ass!

    Well, yeah, clearly we need to keep people from going to church or the footy – even with social distancing! – but also obviously, everyone needs to eat, so we have to all keep trudging through the supermarket, right? So if I wanted to spread such a virus around, it’d be really good to get people to all go to the same place, and handle lots of stuff while they’re there – you know, like everyone does AT THE SUPERMARKET. And when there are shortages, like say toilet paper, we all need to go to two or three at least to find what we need, and hey look, this Coles is cheaper for tomatoes today than Woollies, but yuck, they feel terrible, put them back I ain’t buying them, the Woollies ones feel much better…

    But don’t you DARE eat a kebab in public while teaching your kid to drive 30km to the shop to look for that toilet paper, you’re risking my life doing that!

    It’s not a knee-jerk reaction though – no sir!

  12. Old School Conservative says:

    NSW is no better than Old in taking the piss.
    Don Harwin, a Minister of the Crown, breached the restrictions imposed on the rest of us.
    Took an Easter break at his luxury beach house up the coast.

    Looking forward to his fine from the Police and his sacking by the Premier.

  13. Tim says:

    If there was no bounce in virus infections from people going out to vote then why arent the being relaxed and let people go for a drive, go to the beach sit in parks without being harassed by police etc. Or is this about control for control sake

  14. Old School Conservative says:

    Don Harwin, a Minister of the Crown, breached the restrictions imposed on the rest of us.

    I finished typing the above, turned on the steam-powered wireless, only to hear Our Glad saying “We’re all in this together”.

  15. H B Bear says:

    Well done Pony Girl. Saving lives.

  16. lotocoti says:

    For Queensland Premier, the coast is conveniently clear

    After accidentally ending up a long way from home the other day, I can assure you Noosa was most definitely not conveniently clear.

  17. Boambee John says:


    Or is this about control for control sake

    To ask the question is to answer it. This Kung Flu business is demonstrating that all sides of politics and the various bureauceacies that lead them around by the nose contain hidden fascists. Some are now out in the open.

  18. Roger says:

    This has nothing to do with epidemiology or statistics. It’s about sticking to a script to save her own neck.

    As the great Thomas Sowell observed:

    “No one will really understand politics until they understand that politicians are not trying to solve our problems. They are trying to solve their own problems — of which getting elected and re-elected are No. 1 and No. 2. Whatever is No. 3 is far behind”.

  19. Baa Humbug says:

    Well now, we allowed these totalitarians to rule over us with an iron fist in order to “save the environment” because umm ‘science’.
    Why wouldn’t we allow them to absolutely rule over us in order to “save ourselves” because, umm, ‘science’.

    It’s the exact same playbook when you think about it.

  20. Ed Case says:

    No, the Climate Change Hoax sucked all the air out of real Environmentalism with the result that India and China are now toxic waste dumps while paid clowns in the West celebrate their Countries bogus Clean and Green credentials.

  21. Cynic of Ayr says:

    There’s going to be lots of figures to add up.
    Who died because there was no elective surgery?
    How long before elective surgery is caught up?
    How many ICU places were used, against how many were available?
    How many died because of the chinese virus, not just died with it? (This will be a hard one, because of falsified records.)
    All velly interesting, but there’s no way accurate figures will be available. They’ll just send the result to the BOM to be “homogenised.”
    Ya know, we really are buggered without an honest and professional media, aren’t we.

  22. John A says:

    Aw, come off it everybody! Give the poor Premier of Queensland a decent break for a change.

    She conducted a most valuable experiment on behalf of the nation. The result is now available for all to see (other than her Viktoriastan counterpart, Diktator Dan – none so blind, and all that). The logical conclusion is that the isolation rules have gone far enough. We don’t need any more severe restrictions and the current level of isolation can be eased somewhat.

    It is by putting themselves on the line that scientists have increased the sum total of human knowledge. Congratulations, Premier, on having your people take on such a risk for the benefit of the rest of the nation!

    /sarc (half)

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