Sheer Belief

Via Ace.

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12 Responses to Sheer Belief

  1. Old School Conservative

    Brilliant commentary.

  2. candy

    The older dog Olive knew it was time to share, she had had enough of it anyway, and let the toy go casually and Mabel knew to wait. simpatico friends.

  3. Megan

    Best laugh I’ve had today.

  4. Docket62

    Wife: Thats the dog files on the cat files

  5. Robber Baron

    That my friends is what the Marxists just did to us Kulaks.

  6. Fair Shake

    Good dog, good dog indeed.

  7. Delta A

    Great fun. Thanks, C.L.

  8. Bruce of Newcastle

    Cat owners know this instinctively.

  9. tombell

    the Kong is not at all popular it seems!

  10. Nob

    The commentator , Andrew Cotter, is a sports – mainly golf and rugby and tennis – commentator for Sky Sports.

    Out of work now, with most sporting events cancelled.

  11. Rex Mango

    Thanks, that was worth watching.

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