He’s Got This

  A troubled world lifts weary eyes to the horizon, hoping for a deliverer …                                        

• Australian coronavirus death toll so far: 63.
• Refugee drownings during the Rudd-Gillard years: 1200.

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27 Responses to He’s Got This

  1. H B Bear

    KRuddy will finish what coved-19 started.

    All those days wandering the streets of NewYork weren’t wasted.

  2. H B Bear

    I’m KRudd from Australia and I’m here to help.

  3. Would you take investment advice from Kevin Rudd?

    Please report for a lobotomy pronto!

  4. Roger

    Won’t be long before his fellow group members are asking for someone to translate KRudd’s ruminations into English.

  5. H B Bear

    Let’s hope he deals with those Ch1nese rat f*ckers this time.

  6. Mother Lode

    As usual, government and bureaucrats create a problem, then insist they are the solution.

  7. Atoms for Peace

    HB..bat f#ckers please. Closest Kevni ever came to being correct about something..

  8. Robbo

    International Monetary Fund and Kevin Rudd. They must be having a laugh.

  9. John64

    Frank Elly deferentially interviewed the Great International Statesman this morning.

    Kevni told Frank how China, the UN, WHO, IMF, Trump and ScoMo have got everything wrong and how a Great Man like himself would have deal with the Global Crisis.

    Simple folk like me don’t realise how fortunate we are to have him in our midst.

  10. Stanley

    Now we are really, really in trouble! Maybe he can reprise his faux medicare role and sit on as many beds as he did while PM.

  11. It couldn’t happen to a better organisation. They could then recommend him to the UN.

  12. nfw

    How do people like this keep going? I mean do you really have to be a piece of guano to actually succeed in this world? Kevvie you’re sort of Australian even with your US Green Card (talk about a lucky lottery winner) so you should know what the first part of this phrase is with “…off”. What is more worrisome is that Australians actually voted for this non-entity so-called socialist with all the wealth he doesn’t distribute to the poor and oppressed. Odd that.

  13. Hay Stockard

    What a time or be alive.

  14. Linden

    Well at least he is only on the external advisory panel, yet again having got that far he will be sticking his through the door of the internal panel, ‘hello I’m Kevin Rudd 26th Prime Minister of Australia, and I’m here to help!’ With a bit of luck someone will slam the door in his face. PS or he may find Malcolm Turnbull trying to drag him out of the way so he can get in waving his new book around.

  15. Dr Faustus

    Safely parked in a backwater of the UN Gravytrain.
    The World can say a little prayer of thanks that Turnbull was bullied into not supporting the fat little fuck’s UNSecGen application.

  16. billie

    to get onto the IMF advisory fund squad, he would have had to have backing from the current government

    who backed him?

    you can’t just show up to these boondoggles

    someone at DFAT needs to own this and ‘fess up what their role was

  17. jupes

    The World can say a little prayer of thanks that Turnbull was bullied into not supporting the fat little fuck’s UNSecGen application.

    Turnbull only did that because he didn’t want Krudd to appear more regal than than himself.

    KRudd’s appointment to the IMF will make Turnbull awfully jealous and no doubt he is currently lobbying all the useless agencies in the world so he too can get a gig pontificating on saving the world.

  18. rickw

    He looks unwell and close to death. A good thing.

  19. Natural Instinct

    The members of the Managing Director’s External Advisory Group are:

    · Ms. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, former Finance Minister of Nigeria
    · Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Senior Minister of Singapore and Chairman of the Monetary Authority of Singapore
    · Ms. Kristin Forbes, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    · Mr. Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia
    · Lord Mark Malloch Brown, former United Nations Deputy Secretary-General
    · Mr. Feike Sijbesima, Honorary Chair, DSM, Former CEO, Royal DSM
    · Mr. Raghuram Rajan, Professor, University of Chicago
    · Ms. Ana Botín, Group Executive Chairman, Santander
    · Ms. Carmen Reinhart, Professor, Harvard University
    · Mr. Mohamed A. El-Erian, Chief Economic Adviser, Allianz
    · Mr. Scott Minerd, Chief Investment Officer, Guggenheim Investments
    · Ms. Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda, Chair of ActionAid International

    The Managing Director’s External Advisory Group will meet a few times a year with the IMF’s Managing Director, Deputy Managing Directors, and a sub-set of IMF department Directors.

    Kristalina Georgieva was selected Managing Director of the IMF on September 25, 2019. She assumed her position on October 1, 2019.

    Before joining the Fund, Ms. Georgieva was CEO of the World Bank from January 2017 to September 2019, during which time she also served as Interim President of the World Bank Group for three months.

    Previously, Ms. Georgieva helped shape the agenda of the European Union. She served as European Commission Vice President for Budget and Human Resources, overseeing the EU’s €161 billion (US $175bn) budget and 33,000 staff. In that capacity, she was deeply involved in efforts to address the Euro Area debt crisis and the 2015 refugee crisis. Before that, she was Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response, managing one of the world’s largest humanitarian aid budgets.

    Prior to joining the European Commission, Ms. Georgieva worked for 17 years at the World Bank, culminating in her appointment as Vice President and Corporate Secretary in 2008. In this role, she served as the interlocutor between the World Bank Group’s senior management, its Board of Directors, and its shareholder countries.

    So her first project on the job in the new year was to form a committee….

  20. Professor Fred Lenin

    Is turnbull on this advisory group too ? Surely if you are having a dickhead group he would have never to be included . Another wankfest for the overpaid eelights ,(certainly not elite ) .

  21. Rob MW

    Is there nothing this man will not suck the living life out of ?

  22. max

    IMF is a useless bureaucracy, same as UN

    They are not biggest enemy of Australian people.
Australian people biggest enemy is Reserve Bank of Australia, they are the one which give means for all this lies and theft.

    Your silver has become dross, your fine wine is diluted with water. Your rulers are rebels, friends of thieves. They all love bribes and chasing after rewards.

    Gary North:
    Bretton Woods was a bureaucrat-engineered Rube Goldberg system. It was developed mainly by a Communist agent in the Treasury, Harry Dexter White.

    The Bretton Woods agreement was an extension of the gold exchange standard, which was a bureaucratic replacement for the full gold coin standard. The full gold coin standard ended in the fall of 1914, when Europe’s governments all stole the depositors’ gold in each nation’s commercial banks. Then each government had its central bank inflate to help pay for the war: taxation by inflation.

    Dr. Ron Paul

    Recently I introduced legislation to withdraw the United States from the Bretton Woods Agreement and thus end taxpayer support for the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

    the IMF forces American taxpayers to subsidize large, multinational corporations and underwrite economic destruction around the globe. This is because the IMF often uses the $37 billion line of credit provided to it by the American taxpayers to bribe countries to follow destructive, statist policies.

    In addition, the IMF violates basic constitutional and moral principles. The federal government has no constitutional authority to fund international institutions such as the IMF. Furthermore, it is simply immoral to take money from hard-working Americans to support the economic schemes of politically-powerful special interests and third-world dictators.

  23. Patty Duke

    It couldn’t happen to a better organisation. They could then recommend him to the UN.

    And the WHO…

  24. Davey Boy

    How long do you give it before Rudds micromanaging mania pisses off even the IMF drones?

    Rudd’s greatest leadership gift was that he demonstrated what not to do: don’t micromanage or constantly change your mind, don’t pander to polls or surround yourself with those who agree with you. Don’t avoid the hard thinking and hard conversations. Don’t insult those who have a different point of view.

    Leopard. Spots.

  25. Tim Neilson

    How high did the world’s stock markets rise on this news?

  26. Gyro Cadiz

    I will wait by the postbox for my $900 cheque with anticipation!

  27. Bushkid

    It’s a totally unflushable turd.

    FFS, just go away KRudd, and bloody well stay away. Far, far away.

    Oh, and just STFU too.

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