More casual than the Victorian judiciary

Lawyers In Florida Are Zooming Into Court Hearings Shirtless And From Bed.

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8 Responses to More casual than the Victorian judiciary

  1. notafan

    You can’t see me!

    I’m not convinced that virtual court serves the interest of justice, in any jurisdiction.

  2. nfw

    I see that Zoom has been routeing “calls” through China. The Australian Dept of Defence probably uses it.

  3. Steve

    Buzzfeed is fake news one of the worst.

  4. DobeeDobeeDo

    In my experience students choose law at University because they can not understand mathematics, hammer a nail or use IT. Should be interesting, if our law courts remain closed.

  5. Much of court proceedings are quick sharp procedural hearings, are they not?
    I don’t see a problem in doing these procedures over the interwebs.
    Presenting closing arguments to jury members who are at home eating doritos with hot chilli dips is an entirely different scenario that’s best avoided.

  6. Leo G

    “… prompting a Florida judge to remind attorneys, although they are telecommuting, to “treat court hearings as court hearings.”

    Perhaps they were only hearing it was a treat to be caught erring at court hearings.

  7. Professor Fred Lenin

    You would never seeHorace Rumpole in t shirt ,no ,no, cheroot ash all over him a a few Pomeroys Plonk , chateau Thames Embankment .spots , but always dressed for the part. No sense of the importance and gravitas of ghe ancient law trade these youngsters ,never do at the Old Bailey .

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