The choke point goes international & Renewable Aviation Fuel

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Next step Watts Up With That? On a related topic, here is an amusing development something for the you could not make it up file!

The market for renewable aviation fuel (RAF) is expected to witness a combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 56.05% from 2020 to 2025. Government policies have been one of the major factors in driving the market. This is according to new research by Reportlinker.

The report says the introduction of Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) by ICAO is encouraging aircraft operators to switch to RAF. Several countries, like India, are planning to introduce policies to support the development of RAF. Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is more expensive than jet fuel and this cost premium is a key barrier to its wider use, the research states.

The expected increase in demand for renewable aviation fuel is not likely to be met unless airline operators expand their renewable aviation fuel commitments with bio-refineries, which will consequently result in driving improvements in fuel cost and availability. With the expected increase in the adoption of renewable aviation fuels on a global scale, the investments in airport infrastructure are expected to increase. North America dominated the market in 2018, mainly driven by the existing framework of fuel policies supporting renewable aviation fuel production.

Defense Sector to be the Fastest-growing Segment

German economy under threat from the green transition.  Nothing new, what did they expect?  See the German Trifecta of Failure.

new report by consulting giant McKinsey finds that Germany’s Energiewende, or energy transition to renewables, poses a significant threat to the nation’s economy and energy supply.

One of Germany’s largest newspapers, Die Welt, summarized the findings of the McKinsey report in a single word: “disastrous.”

“Problems are manifesting in all three dimensions of the energy industry triangle: climate protection, the security of supply and economic efficiency,” writes McKinsey.

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8 Responses to The choke point goes international & Renewable Aviation Fuel

  1. Chris M

    Should be compulsory anytime a GreenLab party member flies – renewable aviation fuel only. Downside is we’d end up paying for them, MEL to SYD one way $2500 economy.

  2. nb

    A society of infants. Is it really possible our average IQ is decreasing to the point of dysfunction?

  3. Aynsley Kellow

    Typically, many acronyms. Collectively known as the Carbon and Renewables Amelioration Programs (CRAP).

  4. Professor Fred Lenin

    Will the taxpayers be able to afford this middle class SJW nonsense when the Chinese disease abates ?
    Only rich countries can afford selfish wastefull indulgences like renewables,globalism ,racism ,poofterism ,islamic welfareism ,middle class welfare lavish foreign aid ,borrowing money to give itto ungratefull wretches .wretches ,
    The interest bill will curtail spending surely ?
    Or do we drive to the bankruptcy court in an about to be repossessed Rolls Royce ?
    A voter threat to political careers will change everything ,vote against your sitting member ,every one of the ,they are all culpable .Huge parliamentry clean out will change things. Drain the Swamp !

  5. mark jones

    Thought bubbles are dangerous when the instigator hasn’t a clue what consequence there is for such a thing. Jetfuel, while entirely possible to be manufactured from plant based feed stock, or microbes, or waste cooking oil, when you start doing the sums on the land needed to grow the feedstock, you start running out of planet!

  6. Cynic of Ayr

    2019 Aviation fuels used, 96 Billion Gallons. Probably U.S. Gallons. That’s 370 Billion Litres.
    Roughly 3225 Kg of Corn makes 1240 Litres of Bio-Fuel.
    So, 962 Billion Tonnes of Corn for the Aviation Industry.
    Total U.S corn converted to BioFuel would yield 37 Billion Gallons.
    (At present, 25% of U.S corn is converted to fuel.)
    Figures from all over the place, and obviously subject to lotsa “buts.”
    But, it doesn’t seem to me that’s this is going to do much for the planet.
    Still, we can be assured that someone is going to make a hellofalot lot of money at someone else’s expense.
    And, isn’t that the whole point of Climate Change?

  7. Zatara

    Defense Sector to be the Fastest-growing Segment

    That’s because it is the only segment the govt can force it on.

    Govts have a long history of forcing social engineering experiments on their armed forces that they could never try on their civilian populace.

  8. Eyrie

    Aviation accounts for around 2% of human emissions, allegedly heading for 3%. Hardly low hanging fruit if you want to make a difference.

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