Bennie G. Adkins

Medal of Honor recipient Bennie Adkins, known for Vietnam heroics, dies of coronavirus.

The citation for Army Command Sgt. Maj. Adkins’ Congressional Medal of Honor (video) has to be heard to be believed. A special forces soldier for 13 years, he also received the Distinguished Service Cross. Oklahoma-born, Adkins died in Alabama. He was 86.

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8 Responses to Bennie G. Adkins

  1. jupes

    It’s amazing that it took so long to award him the medal. What a warrior.

    Vale Bennie.

  2. struth

    A hero .
    Is old age ever going to be a cause of death again?

  3. Bad Samaritan

    struth (6.06am)Or natural causes?

  4. C.L.

    All I can say is that if his last battle was with coranavirus, that bug must have had the living tripe kicked out of it by the Sergeant.

  5. Hay Stockard

    The yanks had a review of all the recommendations for the Medal of Honour during the magic negro’s reign.
    If I recall some were awarded to deceased recipients from quite long ago wars.
    Well done that Command Master Sergeant. The highest meaningful enlisted rank in themUS Army.
    Pity the Reds got him in the end.

  6. Docket62

    You could only ever hope to have that sort of courage and selflessness.


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