The muddle headed wombat does energy policy

Update h/t Sturgeon Monkfish III The Muddle-Headed Wombat Stays at Home.

Is the land of the wombat and other unique marsupials also unique in attempting a green energy transition with no nuclear power and no place to run an extension cord when we are caught short?

Ruth Park created an endearing and exasperating Muddle-Headed Wombat to amuse children with his antics, in company with the whiny Tabby and the practical Mouse.

So what has been happening with energy policy? How come we have the Federal Opposition, the states, the Business Council of Australia and others agitating for zero emissions with no regard to the feasibility of the project.

Who were the energy planners  and policy makers who set us on this path? Where are they now? A finger of suspicion points to the AEMO where the CEO was imported from New York to oversight the green transition. How is it going there by the way?

If Ruth Park was alive today she could add another volume to the collectionThe Muddle-headed Wombat Does Energy Policy.

A variation on the theme from Giles Parkinson,  a warming  worrier.

Still, our politicians plough on regardless. The Coalition’s Direct Action policy assumes no global action, and no requirement on Australia to reach any more than a 5 per cent reduction target. But the muddle-headed thinking is now spreading to the Labor Party.

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15 Responses to The muddle headed wombat does energy policy

  1. stevem says:

    I can only assume that most of the agitation for renewables is a sham, designed as a virtue signal. Each is trying to look good knowing full well how disastrous it would be and expecting somebody else to veto the stupidity.
    It’s a virtue signalling game of chicken.

  2. Cynic of Ayr says:

    There are several – and getting more and more – good accurate articles on why the “transition” to Mills and Panels just cannot work. It’s impossible!
    But, it’s difficult to get past a pile of activists, media, ABC and Politicians who have no qualms whatsoever of plain and simple outright lying.
    Perhaps we should be using the word “Liar” more often, rather than “mistaken”, or “uninformed”.
    Not telling the truth is lying.
    We’re too nice, and they are not.

  3. bemused says:

    Even a one-eyed wombat is good at what it does:

  4. Roger says:

    Each is trying to look good knowing full well how disastrous it would be and expecting somebody else to veto the stupidity.

    Nobody is going to veto the stupidity while they’re making good money from it.

  5. Colonel Bunty Golightly says:

    Behind ever moral principle is a vested interest!

  6. DaveR says:

    I expect there to be a chapter in Turnbull’s book (which I wont read) about how he secretly worked with The Guardian and other far-left activists to recruit renewable energy zealot Audrey Ziebelman as head of AEMO to replace the level-headed Matt Zema who passed away unexpectedly. As a strategic part of the Turnbull-Frydenberg strategy to take Australia to zero emissions under a Liberal coalition government (without talking to the Nationals), I’m sure Turnbull gloats at how he put another one past the rest of the his Cabinet.

  7. Cardimona says:

    DaveR, from the Ghost Who Sulks’ sook-book…

    When Audrey Zibelman, the new head of AEMO, gave her support to the Finkel review, Alan Jones flew into her, saying, ‘This woman is a global warming advocate and a promoter of wind turbines … That woman, watch for her, she should be run out of town.’11 Jones was relentless in his attacks, licking his lips as he inveighed against ‘Frydenberg, Finkel, Zibelman’ for doing my misguided bidding.

    And if anyone wonders why it’s 700 pages – the font is very large.

  8. RobK says:

    The CO2 conjecture has a big impact on energy politics.

  9. Hay Stockard says:

    Thank you for taking one for the team.

  10. Spurgeon Monkfish III says:

    LOL – the title of one the Muddle Headed Wombat books:

    The Muddle Headed Wombat Stays At Home

  11. Rafe Champion says:

    Thanks Monk!

  12. Win says:

    Off to buy the Muddle Headed Wombat for the Grandkids .Thanks for the memories.

  13. Rafe Champion says:

    Win, her daughter Kilmeny did some good work as well! See here!

  14. one old bruce says:

    Ruth Park wrote wonderful books. Haven’t read D’Arcy Niland yet I’m ashamed to admit. Just thinking about the movie The Shiralee I get a lump in my throat – that’s my excuse.

  15. chaamjamal says:

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