The Shipping News

Raelene Castle will step down as Rugby Australia chief executive.
Coronavirus-hit Ruby Princess departs Port Kembla for international waters.

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  1. Real Deal

    Ding, dong, ding dong.

  2. duncanm

    Damage done.. horse has bolted

  3. Infidel Tiger King

    She wasn’t “embattled” she was incompetent and embittered.

  4. Hodor

    Thank Christ for that, her and Cameron idiotbrain hurt Australian rugby badly

    Bring back the Force.

  5. Hodor

    Thank Christ for that, her and Cameron idiot hurt Australian rugby badly

    Bring back the Force.

  6. Mother Lode

    So how are they going to build Rugby Australia back up?

    Past greats would be useful voices since they love the game, but to lead they will need someone who knows how to secure sponsors, market the game to the currently indifferent and has financial nous.

  7. Scernus

    Her task is complete.
    Australian Rugby destroyed.

  8. Botswana O'Hooligan

    Past greats would be useful voices since they love the game, but to lead they will need someone who knows how to secure sponsors, market the game to the currently indifferent and has financial nous.

    Yep, get Alan Joyce to walk right up to the crease for he is the man!

  9. Some History

    Who wants to see Roy Gothica as co-host on Das Projekt?

  10. Fair Shake of the Sauce Bottle

    RC can now join the Julia Gillard Malcolm Turnbull speaking circuit.

  11. Rebel with cause

    Raelene has returned Australian Rugby to its amateur roots.

  12. Hay Stockard

    Overall returning rugby to its amateur roots may be no bad thing. The professionals haven’t been covering themselves in glory.
    And , Lord forgive me, I enjoy watching the Canterbury Cup. And I’ll watch,any club game and stand at the sidelines. Didn’t go to the stadiums even though I could have gone to a number of games for free.
    Rugby hasn’t been picking up new players because of the wilful ignorant pig headed incompetence of Rugby Australia.

  13. Leigh Lowe

    Wayne Smith in the Oz still fighting the rearguard action for the Pavlovasaurus.
    Give it up Wayne.

  14. Leigh Lowe

    Is Bandana Man predicting she is moving on to bigger and better things?

  15. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    From Mother Lode at 8:37 pm:

    “So how are they going to build Rugby Australia back up?

    Past greats would be useful voices since they love the game, but to lead they will need someone who knows how to secure sponsors, market the game to the currently indifferent and has financial nous.”

    I am not confident it can. Last week the ARU disclosed the undisclosed loss for last financial year was $9 million. This week it was $16 million. They cannot even get the obfuscation right.

    Ditching Castle is a step in the right direction though – she should never have been appointed as CEO. The Board thought it was running a show in the image of Andrew Demetriou.

    The Australian rugby saga has been running all my adult life – Randwick despises Eastern Suburbs depsises Sydney University; they all despise the Sydney Rugby Union which despises NSW Country Rugby which cannot abide ACT rugby; NSW Rugby detests QLD Rugby; everyone is opposed to a Melbourne based side and WA rugby was drawn into the family some years ago and booted back out two years ago. No-one admires, tolerates or supports the Australian Rugby Union.

    This internecine warfare has never abated in my years as a faithful servant to the game in just about every role possible. It has been no less destructive when the game was poor, before professionalism; when the game was blessed with millions from putting on a World Cup here in 2003; and now that it is impoverished again. A lot of individuals have made a lot of money out of rugby – salaries, contract payments, consulting services and so on.

    I enjoy Club Rugby and can take or leave the rest of it, other than watching the All Blacks whenever they play.

  16. Terry

    ‘Castle: “The game is bigger than any one individual… ”’
    ‘Too close to call.’

    Nice 🙂
    She probably meant was

  17. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    Oooops – I should have added my compliments to Currency Lad for his fine choice of photo to mark this welcome announcement.

  18. jupes

    From C.L.’s link above:

    What a sorry episode. A truly dark time in our game. I feel for Raelene Castle and the RA staff. I hope the 11 Captains are happy, because i don’t think many others will be.
    Paul Cully
    Time aplenty for repercussions and so on. First and foremost a person who genuinely wanted the best for Australian rugby has lost her job, and I suspect even those who wanted her gone would acknowledge she inherited a mess.
    Rugby Report Card
    Don’t want to prescribe a narrative to it from the outside. But this feels like a very Australian narrative.. strong female leader kicked out for not being one of the boys.
    Rugby Report Card
    Terrible news about Ralenw Castle. She was A class act navigating Australian rugby at a time of crisis.
    Christy Doran
    The Wallabies’ coaching structure in 2020 was the best it’s been in a long long time. Probably the best since Eddie Jones’ ‘03 World Cup runners up.

    That’s Raelene Castle’s major success.

    Hopefully Dave Rennie and his assistants stick together.

    Lol. There were actually delusional twits in Australia who still supported the hopeless bint. Fellas, seriously, there has never been a sports administrator in this country who has so comprehensively destroyed a sport.


  19. jupes

    But wait, there’s more:

    Paul Cully
    Apr 22
    Don’t care if you love, hate or love AND hate
    but this column is why, as they say, they pay him the big bucks.

    I don’t think that’s satire either.

  20. MPH

    Say what you want but one kiwi sheila gave the Wallabies more of a flogging than 15 All Blacks ever did.

  21. TBH

    The problem with binning Castle is that inevitably the game will be stuck with yet another Sydney Blazer Old Boy wanker as CEO, like Phil Fucking Kearns. I love the game but the people who run it in this country are a bunch of self-serving dickheads who have probably never ventured outside of the Eastern Suburbs.

  22. Infidel Tiger King

    Let’s hope the kiwi coach is now given the arse too.

    Locals only.

  23. TBH

    The problem is IT, who the hell is a local coach good enough?

  24. Hay Stockard

    That’s harsh TBH.
    There is a North Shore Mafia in the mix as well.
    But it was an old boys club.

  25. Ubique

    Before filling the CEO position, the RA Board must check with Netball Australia as to whether they might contemplate appointing a foreign bloke who has never played the game as their CEO anytime in the next hundred years.

  26. Iampeter

    Re the photo of Folau, you’re celebrating the leftist shake down of a business on a right wing blog.
    Makes sense.

  27. Bronson

    Fcuk of Yam you don’t know the game or the people who play it. Your asinine whining is about your own self brilliance and is both revealing and pathetic. Revealing in that it show you to be a narcissist of the highest order – ‘look at moi’ and pathetic because you bring no insight or special knowledge to any comment.

  28. Bar Beach Swimmer

    What is being commemorated is the final realisation by the Board, that the CEO, using her own free will lack of business awareness, her total reliance on one particular business-social connection and her complete ignorance of the one goal of a professional sport, which is to win and to win the preeminent competition of that sport, created the smouldering heap that stands before them and for which they are ultimately responsible. Boards have, essentially, one main responsibility: to select the best CEO and, as always, a bad fit in top management leads inexorably to ruin.

  29. John64

    Hamish MacDonald on TheirABC RN this moring interviewed the all-seeing sage of matters Rugger – Bandanna Man.

    The Vicar of Dibley hadn’t been doing a bad job, according to Pete, but her demise was due to misogyny (of course) and an anti-Kiwi sentiment. Oh – and Alan Jones, naturally.

    I see overnight Tim Blair posted his obligatory piece acknowledging Bandanna Man’s unfailing wrongology.

  30. mundi

    Like always ABC are fake news.

    She completely botched the games revenue stream by basically telling foxtel, who have funded the league from day 1 to go F themselves, after foxtel told them they would be paying less money for the next deal.

    So she went to market after having burned bridges to find out that foxtel were correct in devaluing them.

    This was all before COVID-19.

    She has very likely killed RA.

    It appears they have gone from $350m-400m multi year deal to a private equity firm offering $65m for four years as a sort of gambit, with intention of hopefully on selling rights to media companies.

    RA is finished and she is jumping ship. Of course she doesn’t have the confidence of the board.

  31. Roger

    And it’s started:

    MSM portraying Castle as a victim of misogyny.

  32. Gyro Cadiz

    No Christophobic bigot is a loss.

    I wonder, though, why isn’t Al the homoprechaun kicking in a few million QANTAS bucks to help RU? Didn’t the ultra-competent Raelene Wortheverypennyofherpay say that it that it was the homoprechaun’s squealing about Folau’s religious views that “forced” her to sack him for those same religious views?

    I thought of these words when the ultra-competent Raelene Wortheverypennyofherpay did what she did:

    Therefore, send not to know For whom the bell tolls, It tolls for thee.

  33. Iampeter

    No Christophobic bigot is a loss.

    All of Western Civilization is Christophobic.

  34. Iampeter

    Folau’s religious views that “forced” her to sack him for those same religious views?

    Folau wasn’t sacked for his religious views. No one cares about his religion.
    But turning the issue into identity politics is what leftists always do and Christians are exemplary leftists.

  35. She could have been highly successful, if only she did her thinking with her brain instead of her vagina.

    Many a competent man brings about his own downfall by thinking with his prick (countless examples).
    Women in positions of power are no different. Instead of just doing the job with their brain, they have to inject “female perspective” into the job.
    Hence most of them eventually fail.

  36. Amadeus

    Looks like Covid19 (aka gross incompetence) has taken out patient zero at ARU headquarters. Castle quarantined and an emergency declared. No one is immune Raelene, so take the infection (rejection) and f#$% off back to NZ.
    Now, where’s Izzy?

  37. Tim Neilson

    Poor old conceited ignorant stupid Iamashiteater, still pushing his ludicrous demonstrably false bloviations.

    He’s never been able to back up his anti-Christian bias with one single fact the whole time he’s ranted on about it.

    What a pathetic failure. The saddest thing is that beclowning himself so abjectly on this site is less humiliating for him than attempting to interact with the real world. Desperately sad.

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