Death toll clue: ‘Hero’ NY gov sent patients to nursing homes

Sexy: Coronavirus patients being readmitted to nursing homes in New York after testing positive.

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15 Responses to Death toll clue: ‘Hero’ NY gov sent patients to nursing homes

  1. stackja

    Clueless Dems? I am shocked!

  2. Scott Osmond

    Well, it’s one way of getting rid of the old and unproductive. The dems are the party of the youf you know. Also the older demographic are more likely to vote republican.

  3. The New York Post (no friend of Gov Cuomo or Mayor DeBlasio) had a piece about a woman who had her mom doing physio at one of those centres. The mom got the Wuhan Flu, was admitted to a hospital and died within hours.
    The daughter found out later that people testing positive were readmitted to these care centres and couldn’t believe her ears. She has written 3 times to the Gov and mayor and not a single reply.
    They talk about blood on Trumps hands. These people are swimming in innocent peoples blood.

  4. notafan

    Nursing homes.

    Sweden didn’t quarantine theirs til 1 April.

    New Jersey had one home with 17 bodies in a morgue built for four.

    France had a massive death spike after adding several weeks of nursing home deaths in one days.

    In the culture of death who cares about protecting the vunerable?

    After all old people are going to die anyhow.

    And it’s only Christians who are ‘afraid’ of (somebody else of course) dying.

    Except it’s not ‘Christians’ locking everyone up for fear of covid19.

    And it’s not Christians not protecting the vunerable.

  5. Eyrie

    Dr Malcolm Kendrick is similarly scathing about the UK policy. Go to hospital from nursing home, test positive, get sent back to nursing home to infect others and die.

  6. Leo G

    New York has about 92,000 people in long-term care, each costing about USD$100k pa for their care. Thanks to the state’s “humane” policy, that 0.5% of the population suffers 20% of NY’s coronavirus deaths.
    Nice way to save $350m a year (and counting).

  7. FelixKruell

    Maybe he should have injected them with disinfectant instead?

  8. Leo G

    Maybe he should have injected them with disinfectant instead?
    Cuomo’s solution is reminiscent of the 1345 siege of Caffa in the Crimea where the Mongols catapaulted black death victims over the city walls.

  9. Rohan

    Who said socialism doesn’t kill?

  10. Chris M

    Meanwhile in France they dropped the ‘social distancing’ rules. Oh, not for everyone:

  11. a reader

    He’s the same dickhead who closed the Moody Mile racetrack at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse to “make improvements.” Of course those improvements meant the end of motor racing that had been occurring there since 1903. So I’m not surprise that the so called hero isn’t.

  12. Mother Lode

    You must understand that some people consider an idea pronounced in an elevated manner but which has disastrous results preferable to an idea that seems uncouth in its delivery but which delivers a splendid, life enhancing outcome.

    Partly because they don’t understand the results (which take place outside their bubble) much less the connection between plan and results. They just focus on the theatrical movements upon which they and their friends have reached a consensus within their bubble.

  13. cohenite

    Cuomo and fredo and de blaiso should be shot, not that I’m advocating violence.

  14. Hay Stockard

    The left. It’s toxic. And China owns this as well.

  15. Boambee John

    Strangely the pelican (more sh1t than a seagull), who regularly criticises the US handling of Kung Flu, has not commented on this thread.

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