More rave reviews for Michael Moore and The Planet of the Humans

First up, to answer a question that you were afraid to ask, at 5am this morning the windmills in South Australia (The State of Darkness) were running at 11% of capacity and producing 20.2% of the pathetically small demand in the state.

Planet of the  Humans is a hauntingly beautiful production, not being a film buff I can’t grade the camera work but I suspect it is gold standard – see the shots of rusting windmills, the desolate ruins of a gigantic billion dollar solar farm and the wasteland of treestumps created to provide “sustainable” power from “biomass”. Mercifully Moore himself hardly appeared. And the interviews are pure gold!

It’s like someone read all the major skeptic blogs in the world and turned them into a documentary. That is Jo Nova’s call. +10! It:

1 – unapologetically exposes Al Gore, Bill McKibben, Robert Kennedy, etc. for being con artists and hypocrites,
2 – crucifies the Sierra Club and their ilk for being disingenuous and primarily in it for the money and influence, and
3 – also carefully documents how wind, solar and biofuels are scams. — John Droz, jr.

h/t Thanks to Peter  D, AndyG, Michael S, Colin, Willie, and Jim Simpson who enjoyed  “even the credits”.

It was Jim Simpson’s comments that prompted me to watch. Jim is the tireless convener of the Five Dock Climate Realists.

Even The Guardian joined in the rave and went further to chide Moore for failing to mention the potential of nuclear energy. Also for failing to line up the little Swedish dropout alongside Al Gore, Bill McKibben and Robert Kennedy and co.  McKibben is totally crucified, that was almost worth the price of admission by itself. A sample from   The Guardian.

All the green, liberal A-listers – Bill McKibben, Al Gore, Van Jones, Robert F Kennedy Jr – are attacked in this film as a pompous and complacent high-priest caste of the environmental movement, who are shilling for a fossil fuel industry that has sneakily taken them over. (Although it should be said that, for all his radical bravado, Gibbs does not dare criticise Thunberg.)

Gibbs doesn’t mention nuclear and – a little lamely, perhaps – has no clear lesson or moral, other than the need to take a fiercely critical look at the environmental establishment. Well, it’s always valuable to re-examine a sacred cow.

And there is more. See Michael Shellenberger, and Breitbart.

Answering another question, why the fuss now when it came out last year. Because now it is free for 30 days.

Both Moore and Gibbs will take part in a live discussion and Q&A Wednesday evening, April 22nd at 10 pm EDT/7 pm PDT on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Planet of the Humans will be available for free on YouTube for the next 30 days. You can watch the entire film below.

OT Andrew Norton blogging resolutely on Covid-19 and the universities.

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30 Responses to More rave reviews for Michael Moore and The Planet of the Humans

  1. bemused says:

    This is going to be interesting to watch. Not the movie, but the fallout.

  2. bemused says:

    Here’s another example of the ‘experts’ getting it wrong when it comes to the environment:

    Global ‘insect apocalypse’ severity called into question by new research

    It’s about time that ‘everything’ the ‘experts’ say is questioned.

  3. jupes says:

    On the one hand, Michael Moore is just another hypocritical lefty. A multi-millionaire who rants against capitalism. Yawn.

    On the other hand he is not an NPC lefty. He can observes what is actually going on and forms his own opinions. IIRC he picked Trump to win in 2016. Probably the only well known lefty to do so.

  4. Sydney Boy says:

    In 2013, there were 10 species of peacock spider known in Australia. Now there are 85.

    But still the leftist media takes the line “With global extinction rates at an unprecedented high, species conservation is more important than ever. But the only way we can know if we’re losing species is to show and understand they exist in the first place.”

  5. jupes says:

    In 2013, there were 10 species of peacock spider known in Australia. Now there are 85.

    How cool are those spiders?

    More of them and less funnel webs please.

  6. MrZee says:

    The doco wonderfully, and surprisingly, and accurately skewers the renewables scam and therefore the larger Green movement but the conclusions it comes to are deeply misanthropic and frankly terrifying. A green fascism. There are too many people! Any and all growth is destroying the planet! Humans are a cancer! The doco helps the anti Green cause by being accurate in exposing Green scams but heaven forbid that their ultimate conclusions should have any political sway. They are much more extreme than your common or garden variety Green.

  7. Rafe Champion says:

    Tell the African villagers who face famine in the wake of locust plagues that there is an insect extinction problem. Woke western policies on insect control are killing them.

    Yes Mr Zee, it is a real split brain thing. Talk about Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde! “an unpredictably dual nature: usually very good, but sometimes shockingly evil.” Not usually in the case of Mr Moore of course.

    Also a repeat of the synergy of the “Baptists and bootleggers” re US prohibition – the moralistic do-gooding Baptists pushed for prohibition and that provided an opportunity for gangsters to build murderous criminal empires.

  8. bemused says:

    Woke western policies on insect control are killing them.

    Much the same when they banned DDT for all the wrong reasons (mistakenly to save some birds), leaving malaria etc to kill millions of ‘brown’ people.

  9. bemused says:

    And if anyone wonders why I use the term ‘brown’ people, just think for a minute who are the ones that suffer (really suffer) the most from all green incentives. It’s not the white greenfilth in western countries.

  10. Well spotted, MrZee. My joy was very short lived when I quickly realised that the message is that renewables aren’t the answer.

    The implication is clear. Humans are the problem and must be eliminated.

    And by the looks of Michael Moore, he’s already ingested a few villages.

  11. Mark M says:

    Joe Biden and Al Gore had a casual conversation yesterday on livestream about banning combustion engine vehicles entirely. (19.00 minutes)

    Yes, you heard that right.

    We are dealing with genuine insanity.

  12. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Bob Brown also recently has had an epiphany regarding renewable energy, especially wind farms.

    Seeing the green left do an epic backflip on this issue is very gratifying after over a decade of realists condemning wind turbines for the carnage they do. But why now?

    These people don’t seem to’ve changed their position on CAGW, which still isn’t happening. And now they have even less of a clue of how to run the electricity system, since they aren’t pushing nuclear either. They don’t like wind farms, they don’t like solar thermal or PV, they don’t like dams, they don’t like coal and gas. What do they like? It’s really weird.

  13. Xword says:

    Obviously filming etc pre-dates the WuFluPanic but maybe old Gaia has had enough of its self-appointed saviours and delivers a straight right immediately following a devastating left uppercut. Mysterious ways indeed.

  14. gary says:

    Congratulations to the anti Renewable Energy people your victory is in sight. Of course Fatty Michael Moore knew all along that RE was a scam he just went along with his fellow lefties because they are his tribe.

    Hopefully with this film (which premiered in July 2019) will give cover to the many other lefties who know RE is a scam to jump off the band wagon, because Australia cannot afford the indulgence of massively overpriced electricity.

    It may also give an incentive to Gen IV nuclear power. Gen IV nuclear power plants cannot melt down, do not produce nuclear waste, and in fact can use nuclear waste from older plants as fuel and thereby solve the existing nuclear waste problem.

    Gen IV nuclear power plants are still in the development stage, so if Australia (meaning Australian companies, not the Australian Govt giving a fortune to foreign firms) wants to get in on the ground floor of a new potentially lucrative industry it could take the lead in developing GenIV nuclear plants producing Green energy that the world needs.

  15. Rafe Champion says:

    Thanks Mark, what a treat!
    Someone tell those guys about the choke point problem!
    everything getting cheaper? take out Liddell and see what happens. It will have to be replaced by gas if there is time to do it before the lights start going out.
    And the cars! Coast to coast chargers across the USA. Bring it on Joe!

  16. Rafe Champion says:

    Yes I thought it came out last year but I don’t remember any talk about it then. How come it has suddenly become news. A very good things of course, but strange.

  17. herodotus says:

    How come it has suddenly become news.
    I’m sure the ABC will do another hack job on it any day now, just like they did on The Great Global Warming Swindle.
    Or maybe not. Best swept under the carpet.

  18. herodotus says:

    Speaking of native villagers and their struggles with agriculture, the BBC’s Assignment program had someone called Charlotte doing a misleading piece on carbon credits with special reference to Zimbabwe.
    She said carbon credits were so cheap, too cheap, and looked at the good things they were doing with the money in Zimbabwe.
    She looked at poor farmers trying to extract crops from land without reference to the nation’s former brilliant performance (by white farmers) as the “bred basket of Africa”.
    She didn’t for a moment question her guide as to why the rhino herds had disappeared, leaving the impression that it was all down to deforestation, climate change and poverty.
    No mention of the regime at all. The only remedy was making carbon credits more expensive so there could be more money flowing to the natives from we developed and oft flying characters.

  19. herodotus says:

    Yeah, yeah, bread basket.

  20. Rafe Champion says:

    Liberty Quote
    Capitalism is essentially a system of mass production for the satisfaction of the needs of the masses. It pours a horn of plenty upon the common man. It has raised the average standard of living to a height never dreamed of in earlier ages. It has made accessible to millions of people enjoyments which a few generations ago were only within the reach of a small elite.

    — Ludwig von Mises

  21. Boambee John says:

    It has made accessible to millions of people enjoyments which a few generations ago were only within the reach of a small elite.

    — Ludwig von Mises

    And don’t the “elite” hate the deplorables being able to have the things that should be “their” exclusive right?

  22. Adelagado says:

    First up, to answer a question that you were afraid to ask, at 5am this morning the windmills in South Australia (The State of Darkness) were running at 11% of capacity and producing 20.2% of the pathetically small demand in the state.

    Pathetically small yes. But I’ve leaned that if I put 4 slices in the toaster it brings down the network.

  23. Seza says:

    Herodotus – you weren’t that wrong. Africa has become the “breeding basket” of the world. If you save 500,000 from starving to death, the next time the same conditions emerge there is 5 million mouths to feed.

  24. Andre S says:

    Moore has seen the flaws in the environmental movement and is redirecting its momentum before it collapses. The problem is no amount of money will change anything. We need vast technological improvement in efficiencies based on effective market innovation or…implementation of culturally based malthusian ideology. No guessing which option his gunning for, you can hear it in Bill Gates echo chamber. He is still a threat and his looking for a new angle before the legitimacy of the environmental movement collapses. He is reinventing the wheel. Despite this the movie reveals the rot in the environmental movement and the assumption that money solves all problems, all these foundations!

  25. Beachcomber says:

    Peacock spiders.

    He does great and unsearchable things, marvellous things without number.
    – Job 5:9

  26. pbw says:


    I agree completely. The “true” greens, or “deep” greens, hate people. They dream of a state of nature completely free of people, or at least with all the remaining people corralled into areas where they can’t do any damage to most of the earth. There are numerous references in the film to the population problem. Malthus strikes again.

    The Greens in Oz are relentless in calling for higher density urban living, so as to minimise urban and suburban spread. In this, they seem to have the support of most governments, at all levels. Essentially, they want to free the animals and cage the people.

    What happens when a shark or a croc takes someone? Oh, the ocean is the sharks’ domain; the rivers are the crocs’ domain. Humans go there on sufferance. How long before we see sacrifices being made to the shark god by gaggles of bleached surfies? Not long, I suspect.

  27. Tim Neilson says:

    And don’t the “elite” hate the deplorables being able to have the things that should be “their” exclusive right?

    That’s the raison d’etre of the Greens Party.

    People working as public servants (sorry Des, present company excepted) or in other white collar virtue-signalling non-jobs are incandescent with fury that electricians, plumbers and refrigeration mechanics can live in good houses, eat at good restaurants, and go on holidays to the same places as their self-appointed social superiors.

    That’s it. That’s the motive for all the “climate change” fraud. Pure and simple.

  28. Fess says:

    From about 45 minutes in it pivots to saying there are too many people on the planet. Then on comes a series of anthropologists and environmentalists saying things like, “somebody has to take responsibility for reining in the population and our appetite for consumables”. At that point I’m losing enthusiasm. I’ll keep watching though.

  29. Aynsley Kellow says:

    Having now had the time to watch it, I must say it is a massive own goal. It is basically the old misanthropic neo-Malthusian nonsense, but does an excellent job of taking down the renewables scam and the bootleggers in bed with the Baptists like McKibben. He misses Tom Steyer, but get Bllomberg and Gore. Loved the exposure of the team of Blood and Gore!
    Biggest own goal by Moore since Sicko, when Moore sang the praises of Fidel’s medical care, only to have Fidle seek careen PSain when he became seriously ill.

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