For people who didn’t grow up with a 303 behind the door in the shed

A few basic bits and pieces of information.

Maybe you thought you’d never even own a gun until recently. Or, you fired your cousin’s shotgun out at the farm that one time 20 years ago. Even though firearm sales are down since the election of Donald Trump, a whole new wave of formerly anti-gun liberals or people who’ve just never cared before have started buying firearms in record numbers.

Why were firearms sales down after the election of Donald Trump? Maybe down from just before when anti-liberals thought they might  have to fight for their lives in Hilary’s USA?

PS. At 6.37  the wind was providing 10% of power across the NEM and SA was importing as much power as they were making at home.

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10 Responses to For people who didn’t grow up with a 303 behind the door in the shed

  1. rickw

    Grew up with a shotgun behind the kitchen door and a rifle in every vehicle. Ammunition everywhere.

    First learned to shoot with my dad’s Anschutz .22. I was set up on a tree stump with a tin can target out in front, given a box of ammo and some basic instructions, then he walked off and left me to my own devices.

  2. cohenite

    Knew teachers at country schools in the 70s and 80s; they had a tough rule that the students’ .22s which they used to shoot a rabbit on the walk home from school had to be stored outside the class-room.

    In the 50s and 60s I can remember often coming home from school and lining up some targets in the backyard and knocking them over with a .22.

    K-Mart stopping selling ammunition in the late 1990s.

  3. Shy Ted

    True story. When the one and only Mrs Ted proposed to me, in front of her family, out of the blue, even she wasn’t expecting to say it, there were 2 decent sized rye fulls in 2 different corners of the room. So I said yes. The next day I fired a big one for the first time in my life, not quite realising that one single shot would see me being accepted as a top bloke by the outback out-laws. Or not. Lucky shot on that day. Proved it to them many times since. It was only a few weeks later they gave me the (temporary until I proved otherwise) nickname, Duck.

  4. Confused Old Misfit

    My father was a GP. He used to do house calls in some of the less salubrious neighbor hoods in the city. I used to accompany him on these calls, late at night so that there would be someone in he car while he was seeing to the patient.
    For my safety he taught me how to use a S&W .32 and a 9mm Luger before I learned how to drive. That would have been in the early to mid ’50’s.
    We had a couple of Lee Enfields as well.

  5. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Grew up with a .303 hanging behind the kitchen door, and God have mercy on any small boys who even touched it! Ammunition was in a teacaddy on a shelf, over the stove.

  6. Old School Conservative

    I watched a Fox show about preppers during the week.
    One guy had a firearm safe.
    Double doors.
    60 firearms inside.
    More guns than cans of baked beans.

  7. Grew up with something like 30 rifles (+ assorted pistols) in the house.
    All were kept behind the pantry door.
    I don’t think us kids ever touched them except with express adult permission + adult supervision.

    We were allowed to use a rifle in the absence of grown-ups only if a bad character turned up & tried something.

    In one memorable incident my sisters produced a .243 to use on a couple of machinery salesmen whose story (in the girls’ eyes) did not add up. The salesmen were told they’d be shot if they came through the houseyard gate.
    The poor bastards had about a half-hour wait until dad turned up by chance & they could clarify that they really were from International Harvester.

  8. Hodor

    My .303 is behind the door of my bedroom wardrobe

  9. Tator

    I am just waiting for some muppet to have a go at me about assault rifles cause thats what the AR stands for. One of the firearms clubs my son is a member of has a collection of Hammerli AR20s that they use in their junior program. I am waiting to see if I can get a reaction when I mention that as a fact and if AR stands for Assault rifle, then they better ban them, but wait, these things are actually single shot air rifles designed purely for ISSF 10 air rifle competition. Be a bit of a smack between the eyes for some anti gun loon.
    As it is, just got my first firearm last month. A really nice Walther LG400 Anatomic for my lad to use for ISSF comps as he was invited to shoot at the 4 Olympic qualifiers that Shooting Australia ran for his development as he has come leaps and bounds in the last 12 months going from B Grade to A Grade and is pushing into Masters at 17 years of age. He came 6th overall for the 10m Air Rifle event, not bad for a lad who has only been shooting for 2 .5 years. I have been shooting in some form or another for nearly 40 years. Dad bought a Hammerli air pistol so I could shoot at the local club. It got sold when I found other sports that I really excelled at locally like Australian Rules and cricket so something had to give. But from 21 to 48, I had to maintain shooting qualifications whilst serving with SAPOL and found it enjoyable to do the yearly IMOST shoot. We took it up again after I retired and the lad needed a winter sport to occupy him after the Inline and Ice hockey mafia ran him out of their sports because of his autism and the fact he didn’t belong to a real hockey family. His last game was a gold medal winning grand final at the 2016 Nationals in Under 14s. So he went out on a high, even though the coach was a real dick towards him and treated him like a second class citizen.

  10. Hay Stockard

    Good on you and more so good on your boy.

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