He may not even be mentally fit to stand trial …

… but the Joe Biden sexual assault allegation just got a lot more serious. His accuser Tara Reade had claimed her late mother rang Larry King during a live panel discussion on assaults committed by the powerful way back in 1993. That audio and video have now been found by a dedicated sleuth:

Reade was telling the truth. There is now more evidence against Biden than there was against George Pell.

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37 Responses to He may not even be mentally fit to stand trial …

  1. Hay Stockard

    But he’s a Democrat

  2. Geriatric Mayfly

    #metoo is now wreaking collateral damage.

  3. Jef

    Nah , a Democrat cannot be charged .

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    So the Democrats have chosen as their candidate:

    – a guy who gropes girls on TV
    – whose son is a fake director of a Ukranian oil company
    – and that son got a pole dancer pregnant
    – who then sued him for maintenance
    – successfully
    – and all of them have massive financial interests with China
    – with a brother who has been indicted for fraud
    – who was also involved in Ukraine and China
    – and he can no longer string a sentence together because of dementia

    I wonder what the MSM would do if he’d been a Republican?

  5. JohnJJJ

    Great, I’ve got money on Michelle. 50 to 1.

  6. nb

    – a guy who gropes girls on TV [promotes women in pursuit of their careers and has a fatherly caring outlook]
    – whose son is a fake director of a Ukranian oil company [strong links with business, understands wealth creation, international focus, Anti Russia.]
    – and that son got a pole dancer pregnant [vigorous, just like Bill. Son reflects this energy. Clearly the family has great relations with the working classes.]
    – who then sued him for maintenance [private matter, has foundation for orphans – please donate]
    – successfully [the word is always attached to Biden. Details of case private, of course with nda]
    – and all of them have massive financial interests with China [great connections with the rising power. can spot excellent opportunities for US companies]
    – with a brother who has been indicted for fraud [‘………..’ (think Bill’s bro)]
    – who was also involved in Ukraine and China [wonderful international connections]
    – and he can no longer string a sentence together because of dementia [deeply thoughtful and profound. A man of few words.]

  7. Professor Fred Lenin

    A pres candidate charged with sex pffences ?
    The last candidate on could be charged with multiple criminal offences ?
    A president who gets impeached on sex charges ?
    Vote decromat for honesty and justice
    They make our sorry lot look somewhat better do you think?

  8. miltonf

    Evil old k*nt. Never done an honest day’s work in his rotten parasitic life.

  9. Free Radical

    Lol. You’ll always have Tara.

  10. Ubique

    The US media is far more concerned with getting the truth out than ours. Allegations of sexual harassment and rape only get aired in Australia if they are directed at Liberals and Nationals. It’s a fair bet than 98 percent of the population has no idea of the rape allegations made against Bill Shorten.

  11. Nanuestalker

    Scraping the bottom of the barrel for posts about dolly-hair now? Mom said it so it’s true or just Mom said it…. Which is it?

  12. Bad Samaritan

    Nanuestalker. You can’t be even more stupid than when you are Iampeter, can you, or 1234567?

    This sideshow revolves around “mom was told at the time” and “Larry King was told at the time”, which then leads back to Joe telling us that women must always be believed. Mom is a woman, Tara is a woman = mom + Tara must be believed= Joe dun it.

    No “true” is necessary in a Democrat-run trial-by-media, is it?

  13. Up The Workers!

    You’re wondering whether the Dementiacrats’ creepy, female-sniffing, kiddy-fancying, nepotistic corruptocrat, Octogenarian senile-loon incapable of forming a coherent sentence; candidate for the Office of President of the U.S.A., might be “…mentally fit to stand trial?”

    I’m wondering how on earth they’ll get the evidence of the alleged sexual assault to ‘stand up in Court’ without the assistance of at least a bucket of viagra.

    Lefties…they sure know how to pick their candidates from the ranks of the rank and the piles of the vile.

  14. Since when is a Democrat (or any Leftist) capable of sexual assault?

  15. Kneel

    “It depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is” – W. Clinton.

    MSM will ignore it as much as possible – at least if and until they can’t ignore it.
    Democrat dominated House will NOT do an impeachment – unless 3 witnesses and video of event.
    If mentioned at all on the MSM, the poor woman will have any and all dirt on her aired, along with any claim that makes her look sus.

    She should:
    go to Fox, or a well known independent outlet (hard to find though…)
    use a “support group” on twitter/facebook with “anonymous” victim and offender until the rage has built sufficiently on the left, maybe hinting it is Trump, then “out” Biden
    The trick is to get it to the point where the MSM can’t ignore it, then she’ll have a chance. No MSM outrage = nothing will be done, simple. Get the MSM past their “tipping point” or noone will care. Sad but true.

  16. You don’t want Biden to go, you want all of this stench to linger right up until the election, so that the Demoncrats don’t have any opportunity to find a replacement. Certainly the undecided and many doubters will reconsider voting for the Demoncrats if Biden keeps being supported.

  17. Andre Lewis

    It defies belief that the Democrat Party can continue to hold this man up as their nominee for the presidency. It is irrelevant who the incumbent is and whether Trump would defeat him or not because the main issue is that for many obvious reasons Biden is unfit to be in their parliament, let alone lead the country.
    There must be a deep state strategy here to replace him at the last possible opportunity with someone who could take on Trump and has the public profile to win. Cannot think who that might be but continuing with sleepy Joe looks like political suicide.

  18. There must be a deep state strategy here…

    The only Demoncrat strategy is to get Biden in and then he would be controlled by the deep state. He would be president in name only.

  19. sfw

    If they drop him who will they pick as nominee? I have $50 at 75 to 1 for Michelle Obama

  20. Yarpos

    “#metoo is now wreaking collateral damage.”

    Now? #metoo has been damaging womens careers, job opportunities and relationships for quite a while now.

  21. a happy little debunker

    The convention will/must deny Bernie the nomination, so Biden will remain the presumptive democrat candidate til then.
    A secondary contender will reluctantly rise forth, after Joe stands aside due to old age, illness, insert reason here…
    The only ‘untarnished’ and named recognised choice would be Michelle Obama.
    She also ticks a couple of diversity boxes.

    Other contenders include Hillary, Oprah, Kamala and Cuomo the Elder.

  22. nfw

    Pell – uncorroborated, unsubstantiated evidence with Their ALPBC, the marxist mainstream media and the leftie luvvie “progressive” feelings world against albeit with the Full Bench of the High Court overturning the conviction.

    Biden – too much evidence to choose from so he has to be believed.

    Yep, makes sense.

  23. Roger

    So the Democrats have chosen as their candidate…

    Not yet, they haven’t; word is the Convention will not select Biden.

  24. lotocoti

    So the Democrats have chosen as their candidate…

    It’ll come down to who gets second slot on the ticket.

  25. old bloke

    Michael Lavaughn Robinson seems to be the replacement candidate. He ticks all the boxes, will probably be selected as Joe’s running mate, then endorsed as the candidate at the convention when Joe steps down for family reasons.

    This is the price Joe has to pay for the magic negro’s endorsement.

  26. Nanuestalker

    @ Bad Samaritan

    Wtf is that gibberish? Have you a point ? If this was part of a thread about the double standard in the reporting I’d have no problem with it (much like the double standard declarations of “evidence” here and “no evidence” in the Pell case by CL).

    Explain why this is worthy of a thread about Dolly-Hair given that what Reade’s mother said is hearsay (it’s possible c0rroborative value notwithstanding).

  27. This is pretty shit.

    They never went to the cops?


    Look. This fucker is insane and is a creepy old dude but decades old public accusations that never make it to the cops, well?

    Who does that remind you of until 2015?

  28. Zatara

    A secondary contender will reluctantly rise forth, after Joe stands aside due to old age, illness, insert reason here…
    The only ‘untarnished’ and named recognised choice would be Michelle Obama.

    Hate to burst some bubbles but Michelle Obama can’t be selected at this point.

    The deadlines for filing to be on the state ballots passed months ago. She didn’t file.

    The Dems are stuck now with people who filed, in other words, the idiots who showed for the Dem debates.

  29. Zatara

    As far as the Dems putting in Coumo or some other surprise Presidential candidate instead of Biden, highly unlikely as the state deadlines for individuals to file in order to appear on the ballot are all long past.

    Someone asked what happens if Biden goes totally whacko between now and the election. If he goes totally mental between now and the Convention (now moved to August) the Dems are going to have to go back to the drawing boards and pick a candidate from the original ones who met the filing deadlines. If it happens after the Convention it’s all over but the crying. They might be allowed to replace him but it will be too late for an effective campaign.

    Now for the Bernie factor. Bernie is like the only kid in the neighborhood who is a owns a football but happens to be a cxnt. The Dems need that football (his voters) for their game so they let him play, up to a point. Bernie was never going to be the Dem Pres candidate because he really isn’t one of them (he is a registered Independent). So they bought him off… again. Which left the hard-core Bernie thugs pissed off but with no target, totally deflated.

    However, if Biden goes down and the Dems don’t replace him with Bernie all hell is going to break loose. Bernie’s thugs will go nuts.

    In all, the chances of a Dem wining the 2020 Presidential race are next to nil, but it’s going to be interesting to watch what the Dems pull out of their bag o tricks.

  30. cohenite

    As per the Pell Appeal with the majority logic was where every bit of evidence was in of itself highly improbable but, so they said, barely possible, mean when aggregated became highly probable so as to satisfy the criteria, so the evidence against sleepy joe is in each instance overwhelmingly probable but when aggregated is impossible.

  31. Nanuestalker

    @ Cohenite
    Love the summary of media reporting

  32. Regarding who the Democrats might or might not be able to nominate if Biden starts drooling on camera, just remember that the Democratic Party is a private club and as such can make the rules as they please.
    One doesn’t need to have been in the running already. That rule can be changed with one conference call.

  33. Zatara

    One doesn’t need to have been in the running already. That rule can be changed with one conference call.

    The Dems can do whatever they want, but if they don’t pick someone who has already met the filing deadlines they are pissing up a rope because the name will not even appear on the ballot.

    There is no formal deadline to file to run for president of the United States. Instead, candidates must meet a variety of complex, state-specific filing requirements and deadlines to appear on the election ballot.

    These regulations, which are set at the state level, are known as ballot access laws. They often include collecting a certain number of signatures or paying a filing fee. A presidential candidate must prepare to meet ballot access requirements well in advance of primaries, caucuses, and the general election if he or she wants to make it to the election ballot.

    The deadlines are past, the Primaries are over, and the die is cast.

  34. Entropy

    Does that apply to the VP candidate too, Zatara?

  35. Lol. You’ll always have Tara.

    LMAO! 😀

  36. Zatara

    No it doesn’t Entrophy. VP is open slather as far as filing goes.

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