Arky For Arky’s Sake

WITH so much of the heritage that really matters being thoughtlessly trashed these days – privacy, freedom of assembly, employment, democracy, parliament, fair trials…the Logies, it’s reassuring and nice to know that one dedicated man is working tirelessly to restore a signature gem of Western Civilisation. The man is our own Arky and the gem is a hitherto broken and battered Model A Ford. The story so far:

The day Arky motors down the driveway and takes the red terror for a run will be a memorable one in the long, storied history of the Open Forum – replete as those annals are with cultural milestones. 🙂

                              See all the videos from earlier stages of the restoration.

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34 Responses to Arky For Arky’s Sake

  1. Tel

    He’s good on the tools, are Arky. Quite a craftsman.

    In another few years the kids will be 3D printing their own model A and it won’t be the same.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    Important resource.
    Cuba is the home of classic cars!
    Lovingly rebuilt.
    Our future.

  3. Rex Mango

    You won’t get to heaven in a Chevrolet, but you can make it in a Ford Coupe.

  4. feelthebern

    OH&S nightmare.
    No where near enough safety gear.
    Karen is on her way.

  5. Shy Ted

    Arky, do you now anything about the nut behind the wheel in a MX5?

  6. Ubique

    Arky, we’re proud of you.

  7. Tom Appleton

    The Model A. Dad was teaching Mum to drive on their honeymoon, in a Model A, when they had a minor ‘bump’ with another car. The other driver failed to give way. It was a woman who had a baby on her lap. It was such a minor thing, the ‘bump’, but potentially very serious. Mum burst into tears, although she was not at fault. She had recurring nightmares and never drove again. Dad said she was the only one he taught to drive that never went on to get a licence.

  8. Tom Appleton

    I forgot to say that it was 1958.

  9. Noodles Romanoff

    Arky walks into a bar with a Model A Ford steering wheel shoved down the front of his pants and asks the publican for a beer. The bemused publican asks Arky why he has a steering wheel in his pants. Arky replies “It’s driving me nuts”.

    I’ll get me coat….

  10. 132andBush

    Don’t listen to all these other idiots, Arky.
    I’m loving it.

  11. NoFixedAddress

    Well done Arky.

    Great stuff and am enjoying your videos.

    I love the bold colour.

    Should make it go 5 miles per hour faster than original factory specification

  12. Megan

    It looks brilliant, Arky! Well done that man!

  13. Damienski

    When are you installing the armadillo bar, Arky?

  14. JC

    I’ll use Obama’s comment

    He didn’t build that.

    Good work arky.

  15. Siltstone

    Jolly well done that man!

  16. Gab

    Great job, Arky. And your video skills have increased as well. Very talented, that man.

  17. calli

    You aren’t renaming Jezebel are you, Arky?

    She’s looking (and sounding) great. Purrrrfect.

  18. thefrollickingmole

    The armadillo skin hubcaps really set it off.

  19. Bruce

    Here’s a song to go with that excellent project.

    My brother has the “family” original 78 of that song stored away, along with “Hustling Hinkler”, “He played his Ukulele as the Ship went down” and other “priceless” musical gems from the era.

  20. jo

    This is an example of someone doing something for themselves, for the sheer enjoyment of it. Something that not many people do these days. Mostly I see people wanting to be entertained with virtually no input from themselves then on to the next thing. Well done Arky. When you take her for a drive don’t worry about the bump on the left front wheel, dildo will let go soon.

  21. Narwhal Tusk

    Many a project such as this envisaged by some who have acquired a wreck and then given up before the first hurdle.
    Nice to involve his little helper too.

  22. Delta A

    Great work, Arky. I’ve enjoyed the videos.

  23. cuckoo

    Outstanding! Does Dave Burge (Iowahawk) know about this?

  24. Delta A

    Tom Appleton
    #3435143, posted on April 29, 2020 at 8:53 pm

    Similar story, from 1955: Dad was teaching Mum to drive the ’36 Ford Pilot on a rough dirt road in rural Qld. She didn’t bother slowing for a sharp bend and ended up in a paddock on the railway line. She burst into tears, the five kids in the back seat wailed in fright, and he just stared straight ahead, speechless.

    Mum never drove again.

  25. Bruce in WA

    Well, from one who can barely tell a bifurcated rivet from a castellated nut … well done, that man!

  26. old bloke

    Well done Arky, good video skills too.

  27. Delta A

    And well done, C.L., for posting this.

  28. Great job, Arky.
    You realise we can turn it into truck bomb?
    Fill ‘er up with dynamite, strap an armadillo to the steering wheel, and point Jezebel at Parliament ‘ouse.

  29. Arky

    I only just saw this thread.
    Too busy having a stupid back on forth on the open thread. That has descended into the abyss.
    I’m an idiot.
    Thanks CL and everyone.
    I hope Sinc gives the open thread a miss for the duration of these stupid times we are living through, and we can concentrate on the the things that people have put time, effort and thought into composing, sending to Sinc. for review and having posted up.

  30. Sinclair Davidson

    I’m an idiot.

    I’ve been saying this for years.

    Seriously – looking magnificent.

  31. Leigh Lowe

    The fire engine red is not kosher is it?

  32. Nick

    It’s an unusual looking Audi

  33. Shut up Arky.
    DPLRBL has 475 ponies at the wheels.
    See you at the lights, Ford boy.

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