We Can’t Build Ventilators But …

Polly Waffle return fast-tracked due to the coronavirus crisis.

Via Areff on the Women’s Open.

Now see here, Polly Waffle HQ: don’t dud folks size-wise. It’s an old-world bar and we expect old-world value.

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5 Responses to We Can’t Build Ventilators But …

  1. Gab

    Hmmm, the Women’s Open now appears to be closed.

  2. C.L.

    Oh dear.
    What happened on that old Forum, Gab?

    Hello again, Tal, if you pop in here.

  3. I do declare this to be another open for a, bring your trash, gripes, insecurities, paranoia and pent up frustration out here.

    BTW that model would be better looking with less makeup.

    Just a misogynists’ opinion, of course.

  4. Rex Mango

    Polly Waffle is the king of chocolate bars, always was, always will be.

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