It’s not just the leaders on the left but their flock of followers

The video is taken from Funeral Directors Blow the Whistle on Deaths Falsely Attributed to Coronavirus. Then there is this:

Some of the latest climate models provide unrealistically high projections of future warming

Which leads me to this: Dear Crisis Experts, You Are the Crisis.

And it only works because the majority of people on the left are happy to play along with the lies we are all being told. In their minds it’s all for the greater good since personal freedom is itself seen as the enemy. Is it envy? stupidity? the flock mentality? Whatever it is, it’s not just the politicians, the media and the academic world. It’s the constituency itself. It’s that something like half of the population prefer to be told what to do and have no desire to live freely in a free society. Fascism comes easy because there are far too many who prefer to be told what to do and prefer to have things laid out for them by their leaders. And never forget this:

As used in 1984, the concept of doublethink is the ability to hold two completely contradictory thoughts simultaneously while believing both of them to be true. It also refers to deliberately choosing to forget memories and losing the ability to form independent thoughts.

As in:

You wouldn’t think it’s possible, but there it is.

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2 Responses to It’s not just the leaders on the left but their flock of followers

  1. nfw

    It’s unfair to single out fascism itself as the cause and outcome. The defining factor of fascism is that it is nationalist socialism. China is a great example (and always has been actually) of a racist fascist state and populace. What you see happening is no different from what also occurred in the “internationalist” Soviet Union socialist world and which you see in socialist regimes. While a bit long winded but better to describe as “socialist police state”; perhaps tautologic but it does not let the heirs of Lenin and Stalin off the hook.

  2. Hay Stockard

    The left are filth. It’s not a disease it’s a birth disorder.

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