76th in a class of 85

Donald Trump Jr has drawn renewed attention to this clip about Joe Biden’s failed 1988 presidential campaign:

Biden was forced to drop out of the contest in 1988 both for this travesty and for his equally brazen plagiarism.

If you’re wondering where I’m-untouchable arrogance like that comes from, a clue in today’s New York Times:

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15 Responses to 76th in a class of 85

  1. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    this is what happens when you have no moral compass. the left’s spin wildly around landing nowhere other than their feelz

  2. Tony Tea

    Let me correct that: “The importance of ignoring an ugly moral choice (while trying to play the hero).”

  3. Roger

    this is what happens when you have no moral compass. the left’s spin wildly around landing nowhere other than their feelz

    Not feelz but a cold calcuation about which candidate will advance her cause best; i.e. it’s about power.

  4. C.L.

    Amazing how Biden’s hair grew back, huh?

  5. Chris M

    It’s women. Only a pervert when she decides so, and right now she longs for Joe’s fondle.

  6. Leftism is disease that causes a loss of moral fibre and eventually insanity. A completely apolitical person could present any amount of evidence, about any topic, that proves what Leftists say is wrong, or a lie, and they will not change their minds.

  7. AC

    Alyssa Milano went on and on about the fake claims against Kavanaugh and how he was the devil incarnate, but when it came to Biden all of sudden believed him.

    Such hypocrites!!

  8. notafan

    Why do people feel the need to make those claims.

    Especially when they can be found out?

    Seems like a pathology.

  9. a happy little debunker

    Amazing how Biden’s hair grew back, huh?

    That hair hasn’t grown back – that is his neural network trying to escape…

  10. Do you think the media of today would publish what’s said in that clip?

  11. Zatara

    Left could not care less what is true. They want what they want. The following is a letter to the editor from a well known leftist writer:

    I don’t want an investigation. I want a coronation of Joe Biden. Would he make a great president? Unlikely. Would he make a good president? Good enough. Would he make a better president than the present occupant? Absolutely. I don’t want justice, whatever that may be. I want a win, the removal of Donald Trump from office, and Mr. Biden is our best chance.

    Suppose an investigation reveals damaging information concerning his relationship with Tara Reade or something else, and Mr. Biden loses the nomination to Senator Bernie Sanders or someone else with a minimal chance of defeating Mr. Trump. Should we really risk the possibility?

    Martin Tolchin
    Alexandria, Va.

    The writer is a former member of The Times’s Washington bureau and a founder of Politico.


  12. Zatara

    From Lisa Bloom, Harvey Weinstein’s former mouthpiece/attorney.

    Lisa Bloom
    May 1
    I believe you, Tara Reade.
    You have people who remember you told them about this decades ago.
    We know he is “handsy.”
    You’re not asking for $.
    You’ve obviously struggled mightily with this.
    I still have to fight Trump, so I will still support Joe.
    But I believe you. And I’m sorry

  13. Professor Fred Lenin

    CL Joes hair might be like Pelosis buckets of Botox , have agood look at her face , 80and not a wrinkle ,? she woukd have to wear long hair to cover the surplus skin stitched up on the back od her neck ,whay a feking witch ,she would get a witch part in Macbeth withou makeup . Imaging waking up in bed next to her?OMG ‘what the feck am I doing here ? ,I will never touch alcohol again, I swear it .

  14. JohnJJJ

    Don’t get sucked in. They are preparing you for the fall and the surprise candidate. Someone who can read children’s books and is real realy nice. Someone who sacrificed a stellar career to have children. Someone who just released a tell-all documentary that conveys painful moments of prejudice and scrutiny she experienced …., but also the tender moments she shares with loved ones.
    No MAN stands a chance 😉

  15. Megan

    I agree that the wild card, black, female diversity candidate will be selected at the convention. Gropey Joe is cooked.

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