Paul Collits provides a bit of background on the state of NSW

Why did the State of New South Wales have such a mediocrity inflicted upon it as premier after Mike Baird’s exit from politics in January 2017? 

Why did Australia get such an ersatz conservative as prime minister in 2018 after the disastrous premiership and ignominious exit of Malcolm Turnbull?  He who heads a “cabal of chancers and second raters”, as one political pundit has termed the Morrison Government.

The picture

Paul Collits has worked in regional economic development for 25 years, in universities, State parliament, local and State government and in consulting, in Australia and New Zealand. He is currently an economic development advisor with Napier City NZ and has been an Adjunct Professor in the School of Business at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Prior to this he was an Economic Development Advisor with Gosford City Council and Associate Professor and Director of Research for the Economic Development and Enterprise Collaboration at the University of Southern Queensland’s Fraser Coast campus. This was a partnership among a number of regional stakeholders and the University developed to undertake leading edge research in regional economics, policy and strategy. Before joining USQ (in March 2011), he was a Senior Research Fellow in Regional Development at RMIT University’s Hamilton (Victoria) campus, having joined RMIT in 2007. For most of the previous 12 years he was a regional policy adviser to the New South Wales Government, working mostly in the Department of State and Regional Development. He completed BA (Hons) and MA degrees in political science at ANU in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Following a brief academic career in the 1980s, he worked in politics, government and industry till the early 1990s. In 2002 he completed a PhD at the University of New England in geography and planning. His thesis examined regional policy change in Australia since the 1960s and the decline of decentralisation as a policy objective. Paul has presented and written extensively on such topics as the role of government in regional development, small town decline and survival, community economic development, regional governance, economic development practice, the creative class and rural youth out-migration. Paul has also been involved extensively in university teaching, having taught courses for eight years on economic development and spatial policy in the planning program at the University of New South Wales. He was an adjunct Senior Lecturer there from 1999 to 2003. He contributed a chapter on regional planning in the Planning Australia text book edited by Susan Thompson (Cambridge University Press), which won an excellence award from the Planning Institute of Australia for planning scholarship, research or teaching. He has ongoing research interests related to the effectiveness of local economic development efforts, the drivers of regional economic performance, the connections between theory, policy and practice in regional development, rural out-migration, people attraction strategies and innovation and networks. He has a particular interest in international approaches to regional development and has developed an international collaborative research and community learning project examining rural community decline and survival in “heartland” regions in Australia and the United States. At RMIT he developed graduate programs for Economic Development Australia and other economic development professionals, and developed the curriculum for the Department of Agriculture funded “Next Gen” Young Rural Leaders’ program in the Southern Grampians region. At RMIT he also managed and contributed to the delivery of a broad range of research consultancy projects, with recent clients including Southern Grampians Shire, the Victorian Parliamentary Rural and Regional Committee, and Regional Development Victoria. Paul is a Past President of the Australian and New Zealand section of the Regional Science Association International. He is a co-editor of the Australasian Journal of Regional Studies and editor of Connor Court Quarterly. He has contributed regularly to Online Opinion, was a columnist for the Fraser Coast Chronicle from 2012 to 2013, and writes for magazines including Quadrant and Policy. He has broader interests in history, Australian and American politics and conservative and libertarian philosophy. Most recently, he was co-editor with Tim Wilson and Carlo Carli of Turning Left or Right: Values in Modern Politics (Connor Court Publishing 2013).

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31 Responses to Paul Collits provides a bit of background on the state of NSW

  1. Chris M says:

    Very true. Terrific state but run by losers under control of the Rum Corp thug cops. They only get elected because the opposite side are openly a criminal front. Becoming very California.

  2. AC says:

    They are all pretend conservatives.

    Does Gladys even stand for anything!

  3. tombell says:

    interesting piece. the comment about fiona scott very apt. the scomo shill paul murray seems to love her. listening to her drone on is endlessly tedious. murray never asks her (or bronnie for that matter) why they voted for turnbull. do they even know? one assumes promises were made. no likelihood of change anytime soon. all very depressing.

  4. Texas Jack says:

    It turns out the feminisation of decision making has its downsides. We’re in the process of experiencing the negatives in real time.

    Berejiklian and Palaszczuk and Andrews are all well known to be surrounded by bleeding hearts. Perhaps we can forgive Queensland and Victora, but NSW? Berejiklian is the perfect front. The Puss-in-Boots eyes. Nobody would dare publicly challenge someone so sweet. Ruby Princess? Nary a scratch. Meanwhile, the fakery behind the scenes knows no bounds. The premier is basically managed by a group of highly intertwined inner urban Wets, an really unusually large proportion of whom like to spruik these colourful flags.

  5. stackja says:

    NSW still dogged by Mike? Mike now in aged care.

  6. Leo G says:

    Terrific state but run by losers under control of the Rum Corp thug cops.

    The Rum Corps may have been disbanded two centuries ago, but the Grose, Johnson, and Paterson Rum Puncheon spirit lives on in Macquarie Street, regardless of the parties forming government.
    I had some contact with Photios in the 1990s. He was not then a major player in ” The Corps”, which was every bit as corrupt then as now.

  7. Richard JH says:

    The best picture of mediocracy I have seen in a long time! Excellent expose by Paul Collits, reinforcing my decision prior to the last election never to vote for the NSW Liberals whilst any of these incompetent tosers are running the Liberals.

  8. Pyrmonter says:


  9. Peter says:

    The_Photios_Industrial_Complex_and_the_D (1)

    Link does not work !!!!!

  10. lily says:

    the comment about fiona scott very apt. the scomo shill paul murray seems to love her. listening to her drone on is endlessly tedious.
    We have stopped watching Paul Murray he has turned into a lay preacher, 15 to 20 minutes every night, telling us what we should be doing. Better things to do than watch rubbish.

  11. nb says:

    What did Paul Collits do during his tea breaks?

  12. Hay Stockard says:

    Richard JH,
    Long past mediocre. They are passing invidious on their pursuit of pure malice.

  13. Leo G says:

    Link does not work !!!!!

    Try access via the Google Drive website.

  14. Roger says:

    Does Gladys even stand for anything!

    Gladys stands for Gladys.

    “No one will really understand politics until they understand that politicians are not trying to solve our problems. They are trying to solve their own problems — of which getting elected and re-elected are No. 1 and No. 2. Whatever is No. 3 is far behind”.

    Thomas Sowell

  15. Mr Rusty says:

    #3443380, posted on May 7, 2020 at 11:15 am

    Nah, 303 will fix it.

  16. Infidel Tiger King says:

    A rainbow coalition of incompetence, spivs, milk monitors, Karens and militant pooves.

  17. Iain Russell says:

    MoSco had one job and he did it!

  18. Major Elvis Newton says:

    Why did the State of New South Wales have such a mediocrity inflicted upon it as premier after Mike Baird’s exit from politics in January 2017?

    Mike Baird is the very epitome of mediocrity.

    Failed investment banker. Failed politician.

  19. nfw says:

    Link doesn’t work from this page but I cut and pasted into Duckduckgo and it opened up.

  20. Ed Case says:

    Very true. Terrific state but run by losers under control of the Rum Corp thug cops. They only get elected because the opposite side are openly a criminal front.

    That’s it.
    The Labour Parties are a demon dredged from the depths of Hell, so long as they exist the other side only has to be marginally better.

  21. OldOzzie says:

    Interestng Descruption of Liberals – though applied to American Democrats – Could it Decsribe NSW/Federal Photios Liberals?

    From American Thinker Comments


    Liberals are the most fascist, hate-filled, mean-spirited, envious, resentful, vicious, close-minded, violent, murdering, amoral, stupid, censoring, horse-punching, turd eating,book-burning, ignorant, uneducated, unskilled, childish, prejudiced, racist, women-hating, man-hating, perverted, thieving, destructive, American-hating, Christian-hating, m*slim-loving, communist, vulgar, dirty, smelly, regressive, restrictive, prohibitive, bed-wetting, cop-killing, and scared little lying thumb-sucking idiots God has ever created.

  22. davefromweewaa says:

    They are all effin’ planet savers!
    Saving the planet is the means for the Photios and Turnbull families to go from millionaires to billionaires by enslaving and impoverishing the rest of us. The Rum corps had nothing on these bushrangers.

  23. Colonel Bunty Golightly says:

    Another example of what happens when you put a Sheila in charge of anything important. Stick to having babies, washing, ironing, cooking and keeping yourselves in shape for your bloke!

  24. I don’t really disagree Colonel but then I look back and see Joan Kirner.

    Women are fine, but can we go back to merit?

  25. cuckoo says:

    That photo: did they get those t-shirts at a gay pride march?

  26. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Why did the State of New South Wales have such a mediocrity inflicted upon it as premier after Mike Baird’s exit from politics in January 2017?

    Could be worse.

    South Australia minister aiming for 100 per cent renewables before 2030 (6 May)

    South Australian energy minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan has set himself a goal of getting the state to its ambitious target of “net 100 per cent renewable electricity” before 2030, rather than the formal aspirational target of some time in the 2030s.

    As you might recall the current Premier of South Australia is the Liberal Party’s Steven Marshall.
    The Liberal Party is now actually far-left, at least in South Australia.

  27. Peter Finch, I'm Mad as Hell says:

    Colonel can I have your baby?

  28. Pro Eng says:

    Colonel BG & LS what (crook) Carmen Lawrence and J Gillard. Overseas Indira Nehru let cruption loose and set India back at least 20years. Angela Merkel (a stasi operator from East Germany) has lead the environmental rubbish, chopping trees down for useless solar and wind plants increasing the price of electricity in Germany by huge leaps and then pushing the rubbish of open borders on all Europe. May in UK a useless creature that had no regard for democracy or the wishes of the UK public. Liar and possible accessory to murder H Clinton is still trying destroy USA.
    Can anyone name one successful female politician beside Margret Thatcher or one scientist of the standard of Marie Curie . Besides being clever and thoughtful both these ladies had children.

  29. miltonf says:

    Great article. Thanks for posting. I had forgotten all the silly buggery from the Fahey era- what an embarrassment. Interesting that ScoMo is from the Alex Hawk faction. Interesting also about Greiner. What faction was Howard?

    Last time I voted Liberal was in the 2014 Vicco election. Haven’t done so since.

    Boy oh boy do they hold their membership in contempt not to mention the general public.

  30. Squirrel says:

    Gave up on trying to find the story, but that picture is worth a thousand words or more.

    With the occasional aberration, the style (forget about “and substance”) of politics and public policy in Straya is now about feel-good entitlement, all funded by debt, asset price speculation, and the heavily re-distributed proceeds from the bits of the productive, internationally competitive economy which have yet to be regulated or taxed out of existence. It’s basically the Lucky Country with added rainbows and unicorns.

    Depending on the tolerance shown to us by the international financial markets when they finally work out that Straya is basically a continental-scale ponzi scheme, the idiocy will go on for a bit longer – but not forever.

  31. Old Lefty says:

    Good piece by David Penberthy in this morning:s Oz which bears this out with an expose of Health Hazzard and the system that produced him.

    In a rare moment of honesty after the 2019 election, a Labor frontbencher summed it up very well: If we can’t beat this bunch of Muppets, we really do have problems.

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