I hope I’m not offending anyone

TAFKAS has a spare 30 mins.  He is listening to a webinar interview with Malcolm Turnbull to discuss is tome.

The hosts of the webinar …. a spin off of the Guardian.  Not surprising but notwithstanding.

Mr Turnbull spent the opening 10 minutes slagging off at the Liberal Party, however Mr Turnbull is on record suggesting that there were no factions in the Liberal Party.   More importantly, despite criticising his parliamentary peers, Turnbull also opposed the democratisation of the Liberal Party as claimed by others but really initiated in Australia by John Ruddick – see his book here.  (no TAFKAS has not read it).

(Again to disclose, TAFKAS is not a member of any political party).

Mr Turnbull described key elements of the Liberal Party as anti science which he described as loopy; as loopy as anti vaxers.  But given the Guardian audience, Mr Turnbull chose to apologise to any anti-vaxers on the conference.  So said Turnbull about suggesting the anti-vaxers are loopy:

I hope I’m not offending anyone.

No apology for calling Liberal party members as anti-science and loopy.  Just and apology to anti-vaxers.

Sorry Mr Turnbull.  You offended plenty of people.  That’s why you were discharged from duty.

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17 Responses to I hope I’m not offending anyone

  1. Pyrmonter

    Most members of the NSW division of the Liberal Party have, at some time or another, expressed support for ‘democratization’ – Turnbull did so at the big ‘pay for play’ congress at Rouse Hill.

  2. candy

    The LNP invited him with open arms and more than half wanted TA out to have Malcolm Turnbull – the more greenish and less conservative and more socially acceptable to them. A nicer suit, not such a straight talker, softish.

    Even when he set up the Turnbull Party they didn’t mind, his antipathy to fossil fuels, very pro climate change, and anti stopping boats – they didn’t mind any of that. He thought they truly wanted to go Left and now they are well are truly with the app business the latest stunt. He’s not my cup of tea at all, never, but if he’s bitter, it’s obvious as to why and so he calls them “loopy”.

  3. Colonel Bunty Golightly

    A very wealthy goose. But still a goose regardless!

  4. Cynic of Ayr

    Congratulations TAFKAS, you have a much stronger stomach than I, to watch (let alone listen) to this arsehole.

  5. Pyrmonter

    @ Candy

    Turnbull was installed in Wentworth at the behest and with the support of the self-described ‘Right’ – Abbott’s ‘stabbed in the back’ supporters. But for their intervention in a pre-selection that was closer than is widely remembered, Peter King would have been a junior shadow minister, maybe a parliamentary secretary in government. and probably have looked for retirement c. 2015. Which would have saved the NSW bar considerable grief.

  6. stevem

    My understanding is that Turnbull stacked the branch in order to get preselected.

  7. I find the very sight of the gomer offensive.

  8. Tim Neilson

    Sorry Mr Turnbull. You offended plenty of people. That’s why you were discharged from duty.

    Well, it’s one of the reasons. Being a calamitously incompetent imbecile didn’t help.

  9. Ed Case

    My understanding is that Turnbull stacked the branch in order to get preselected.

    Yes, but the the former member had stacked his way to preselection in 2001 to defeat the then sitting Liberal member, so it was just par for the Wentworth course.

  10. H B Bear

    One of the least self-aware people going around.

    It is a permanent stain on the Lieboral party that such a grossly defective man was elected leader TWICE.

  11. Spinner

    “Malcolm Turnbull is a ………………………………..and a totally……………………………….big…………………………of a person that………………………………….. and should be…………………………………………never to be seem or heard of again.”
    I am sorry but that is all I can say that is nice!

  12. Robbo

    Oh please no more from this obnoxious, know all, incompetent, disloyal, vindictive has been. Apart from all his other shortcomings he is just plain bloody boring.

  13. Bruce of Newcastle

    Mr Turnbull described key elements of the Liberal Party as anti science which he described as loopy

    Even though I’m not a member of the Liberal Party I am amused that Mr Turnbull describes climate realists as “anti science”, since I have a PhD in hard science and several decades in science as a professional scientist.

    The data I am seeing shows no real world global warming this current century, except for the recent el Ninos in 2015-2019. And now BoM is projecting a la Nina later this year, which will unwind the temperature rise from the el Ninos. Indeed the satellite temperature record has just seen the 2nd biggest 2 month drop in NH temperature on record. Which suggests the la Nina is going to be similar to the 1999-2000 one.

    I would be fine with discussing this with Mr Turnbull, if he is willing to communicate with an actual scientist. Prof Davidson has my email address.

  14. Bela Bartok

    NSW Liberal Party have very senior ‘moochers’ who are rainbow-coalition 100%, renewables anti-coal, gerbil warmening cucks, proud of overturning the Liberal party into a soft-cock version of the Greens.
    Burn it to the ground.

  15. Squirrel

    How could anyone listen with those curtains pulsating in the background? (I do hope they were produced by environmentally sustainable means).

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