If the solution is more expensive & unreliable RE

What was the problem?


11.30. Wind power running at 2% of total demand. The wind map on the side of this display shows that there is next to no wind predicted for Victoria and southern NSW  for 4pm tomorrow (Friday 15).  There very little wind there at present (noon Thursday) according to the current numbers in the chart.

3pm update. The wind has dropped to 1.5% of demand and the windmills in SA are draining the grid to keep their various vital functions alive. The sun is contributing 5GW towards the demand of 25GW and most of that is rooftop PV that is mainly domestic, leaving very little to power the wheels of industry. Amazingly the lights are still on thanks to coal (mostly) with a bit of gas and  hydro.

6.15. The evening peak of demand, at 28GW. Coal was carrying 65% of the load, various forms of gas (mostly natural gas) 18%, hydro 14% and wind 3%. No solar.Looking at those figures, who can seriously talk about zero emissions without nuclear power?

Liberty Quote – Of all the expedients employed by the democratic state to require or justify over-expansion of government, the exaggeration of risk has been used to inflate the use of national ‘social’ insurance.  — Arthur Seldon


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10 Responses to If the solution is more expensive & unreliable RE

  1. Angus Black

    Meanwhile, in Tasmania, we remain largely powered by baseload hydro, which (although carbon free) is hated by the Greens.

    The campaign has nothing to do with carbon, it is aimed directly at societal destruction.

    Logic will not win you your argument, I’m afraid.

  2. “the exaggeration of risk has been used to inflate the use of national ‘social’ insurance”

    The way climate science does that is to express uncertainty not as variance but as confidence intervals and then to interpret the high end of that interval as if it were information.

    How this is done:

    An example from climate science

  3. stevem

    That’s 2% of a vastly reduced demand!

  4. Angus Black

    BTW is Arthur Sheldon related to the infinitely more famous “Hari”?

  5. BoyfromTottenham

    Exactly. Thanks, Rafe.
    For the life of me I cannot understand why anyone in the federal cabinet ever did or now believes that ‘renewables’ (and their horrendous, massive and mostly hidden subsidies, thanks mainly to the obscene RET legislation) make any sense at all – either technically or economically.
    I truly hope that the economic wreckage caused by their response to COVID-19 (like ‘the threat of being hung tomorrow…’, as the old saying goes) causes their minds to focus wonderfully on the real threats and problems that Australia faces, instead of the false threats and imagined problems of the past decades of CAGW.
    I am sure we will all watch this space with great interest.

  6. Goanna

    Gaia is a bitch.

    Her demented followers are hell bent on destruction.

  7. Ben

    The QLD government, through its new quango CleanCo, is busily buying up power from foreign owned renewable projects to make the projects financially viable.

    Chinchilla wind farm
    Western downs solar farm

  8. H B Bear

    No wind in Autumn (or Spring).

  9. Ben

    ^correction to my note above.

    MacIntyre Wind Farm near Warwick – Acciona (Spain) – 400MW 10yr PPA to CleanCo
    Western Downs Solar Farm bear Chinchilla – Neoen (France) – 350MW PPA to CleanCo

  10. gary

    And the US is pushing ahead with Advanced Nuclear Reactors, while Australia looks like letting slip another opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a high tech industry.

    The promise of Advanced Nuclear Reactors are that they can’t melt down, don’t release green house gases, don’t produce nuclear waste and can use nuclear waste from older plants as a fuel, thereby solving the existing nuclear waste problem.

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