The Young Disgrace

MY thanks to Twostix – site master of every PR scam on the go surrounding the phony war on coronavirus – for alerting me earlier today to Dr Jeannette Young’s admission that she mum-lied to the Queensland public about the safety of schools. She wanted to teach non-essentials a lesson about the alleged “gravity” of the pandemic. I followed it up (below) via Adam Creighton. I add my WTF to Warren Mundine’s. Note that his “WTF!!!!” wasn’t a question, as it customarily is. Mundine knows what without asking. This ‘crisis’ has become an elitist ruse to con the public into believing the destruction of their lives and businesses was justified.

But this isn’t the only propaganda out of Dr Young’s office. She’s also behind the so-called no jab-no play diktat governing the resumption of the NRL season. Players who refuse a flu shot – on personal, religious or any non-medical grounds – are now banned by Dr Young from training or playing in Queensland. It isn’t exactly clear from which legal head of power the state’s Chief Health (and Messaging) Officer decrees that adults accept an unnecessary injection in order to play football. No such law exists. A flu vaccination cannot prevent coronavirus infection but the nominal justification for the policy is that it will prevent a flu-COVID double. The real reason is that she wants the public to believe that a liberty has been granted by her but only under dictatorially solemn conditions. The crisis-giddy Scott Morrison agrees with the bans. He likened the issue to one he dealt earlier in his career: “When I was social services minister, I started the ‘no jab, no play’ rule in the childcare facilities,” he boasted. “And I think the same rule applies [in the NRL] – no jab, no play.”

See, adults are now children. Their livelihoods are play. Scott and Jeanette are their mums and dads.

For disrespecting her bosses (Queensland taxpayers) on a subject of true solemnity – namely, their children’s safety and educations – Dr Young should be cashiered forthwith.

People drowned at sea while the Rudd and Gillard governments refused to lock down our borders: 1200.
Labor-approved killing of babies born alive after failed abortions (2005-2015, Queensland alone): 204+.
People killed pursuant to the Andrews Labor government’s legalisation of medical homicide: 130+
Swine flu deaths in Rudd-era Australia (2009) – reported by the Department of Health: 191.
Coronavirus deaths in Australia: 98.

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  1. Leo G says:

    A flu vaccination cannot prevent coronavirus infection

    A flu vaccination doesn’t really prevent influenza infection either- it just reduces the risk of infection by up to several percentage points, and possibly reduces the severity of the illness with a counterbalancing effect of reducing, over time, the efficiency of innate and adaptive immunity to a range of infectious agents.

  2. LesterPK says:

    The law that gives her the powers is the QLD Public Health Act 2005, chapter 8. Once a public health emergency is declared the CHO is given very wide ranging powers to direct almost anything be done, or not be done.

  3. Roger W says:

    Search most news sites in vain for any mention of this, yet it should be front page 24/7.
    The rot goes deep in the Deep State.

  4. egg_ says:

    ‘no jab, no play’ rule

    Joe Public’s been reamed with a pineapple in the ‘no jerb, no play’ rule by our betters.

  5. Anthony says:

    I think there is an over arching issue here of NRL players (and their WAGS) lowering the social status of the league. Vaccine hesitancy is a new form.of anti social behaviour, it and is particularly hypocritical for NRL players and their WAGS who are in the popular imagination covered in tattoos, full of lip filler and botox.

    From a sporting leagues point of view. Players are expensive. Influenza kills a bunch of young people unexpectedly most years. Though most likely the disease will sideline players who will attract customers whilst generating unhelpful anti-vax headlines. Getting entire clubs vaccinated (im assuming that imcludes physios, coaches etc) with a cheap and incredibly safe vaccine, at worst you have a crap couple of days with a temperature – it is a super logical decision to protect their investments. Players refusing are, in economic terms, free riders.

  6. Colonel Bunty Golightly says:

    If you are stupid enough to believe a flu injection is not beneficial then you don’t deserve to play football! Wake up to yourselves – putting everyone at risk and using the excuse of personal freedom is offensive.

  7. C.L. says:

    Yes, Lester – I’m aware of the various omnibus zombie acts currently enlivened throughout the country.

    The Qld Public Health Act 2005.

    I can’t see any reference to the CHO being empowered to force the vaccination of adults under threat of termination of employment. Not just adults, incidentally, but the fittest and healthiest adults in the country.

  8. duncanm says:

    Dr Young told Ms Palaszczuk to shut down schools on March 26.

    She says while evidence showed schools were not a high-risk environment for the spread of the virus, closing them down would help people understand the gravity of the situation.

    “If you go out to the community and say, ‘this is so bad, we can’t even have schools, all schools have got to be closed’, you are really getting to people,” Dr Young says.

    “So sometimes it’s more than just the science and the health, it’s about the messaging.

  9. egg_ says:

    Players potentially get a double-whammy of a weak flu strain via a vaccine plus CV-19*?


    Simply political grandstanding and nothing to do with their health.

    *Isn’t that the focus?

  10. egg_ says:

    it’s about the messaging

    Sacking Young would send a message.

  11. LesterPK says:

    CL – The act gives the CHO the power to make directions on almost all matters. If she wants she can direct that all people wearing red shirts must hop on their left foot for 13 metres upon leaving the house.
    It’s the NRL threatening termination of employment, not her, she’s just saying NRL players who want to avoid the quarantine restrictions can’t enter without a recent flu vaccine

    Be thankful you’re not here in WA, we can be forcibly held down and stripped if so required and forcibly vaccinated.

  12. Petros says:

    For career advancement in QLD health bureaucracy, go to a regional health district, run it into the ground by driving away good doctors, come in under budget, and hey presto, a promotion. Just ask around in Rockhampton.

  13. struth says:

    These are state CMOers Lester.
    They still have the rule of law to follow and that is our constitution.
    These people are criminals who have gone outside of their power.
    Way outside.
    They do not have dictatorial power at all.
    Check out the Australian constitution.

  14. Mark M says:

    Net zero carbon (sic).
    Like c-19 lockdown, but permanent.

  15. Bad Samaritan says:

    All this malarkey about the Qld CMO powers was settled months ago. I gave you the link, but no-one here seems to have a memory greater than that of a gnat?

    Here are the main points again, FFS….
    Public Health (Declared Public Health
    Emergencies) Amendment Bill 2020
    Statement of Compatibility
    Prepared in accordance with Part 3 of the Human Rights Act 2019……

    ‘Human Rights Issues
    Human rights relevant to the Bill (Part 2, Division 2 and 3 Human Rights Act 2019)’

    Privacy and Reputation
    Section 25 of the Human Rights Act provides that a person has the right not to have the person’s
    privacy unlawfully or arbitrarily interfered with.
    The amendments contained in the Bill have the potential to limit this human right

    Freedom of movement and right to liberty and security of person
    Section 19 of the Human Rights Act provides that every person lawfully within Queensland
    has the right to move freely within Queensland, to enter and leave it and has the freedom to
    choose where to live. Section 29 of the Human Rights Act provides that every person has a
    right to liberty and security and a person must not be subject to arbitrary arrest or detention.
    The amendments in the Bill have the potential to limit both of these rights

    Property rights
    Section 24 of the Human Rights Act provides that a person must not be arbitrarily deprived of
    the person’s property. The powers available to emergency officers under a declared public
    health emergency have the potential to limit this right.

    In my opinion, the Public Health (Declared Public Health Emergencies) Amendment Bill 2020
    is compatible with human rights under the Human Rights Act 2019 because it limits a human
    right only to the extent that is reasonable and demonstrably justifiable in accordance with s 13
    of the Act.


    OK, so now you know. first a fake emergency is declared and then the minister declares your human rights no longer exist. C’mon cats….that retarded guy really did burn the Reichstag on Stalin’s orders and Poland did invade Germany in September 1939.

    Fascists never invent fake emergencies do they?

  16. Bad Samaritan says:

    Oh, and on the anti-vaxers.

    This was not a problem for the NRL before, so I’m guessing the argument that they are only
    “protecting their valuable assets” may have been dismissed as BS until now. What’s changed?

    Also, since anti-vaxers are only endangering themselves (the vaxed players are not threatened…or are they?If so, how so?) then the hyperbolic BS and shrieking about “anti-social’ behaviour is f*wittery turned up to 11.

    In an age of obligatory f*wittedness, this doesn’t actually surprise, does it?

  17. Rockdoctor says:

    Figures. Qld Health are full of idiots like this. Knew someone in Townsville who had to fight tooth & nail for 2 years to get his son diagnosed autistic despite obvious outwards signs the kid wasn’t right and a sister who worked in Dan’s state as a disability support worker saying the kid has problems. Went for 2 second opinions but because all the Pediatricians in the city moonlight for the Hospital no joy including some very unprofessional behaviour from a pommy blow in on a referral letter he has kept as an ace in case of more trouble. Of Queensland health generally he said, bloated with admin staff the don’t seem to do anything but complain when challenged and don’t answer the phone. Calls to message bank never returned etc… The Hospital board up there is stacked with ALP apparatchiks who were mediocre at best when in office and system is a mess like the rest of Queensland.

  18. Up The Workers! says:

    Those who opt to forego the annual flu injection and then (if at all) get the flu, are likely to suffer its effects for all of 7 whole days, whereas those who opt to get the flu shot, are only likely to suffer the flu for just one week.

    The annual flu shot is 100% utterly crucial however in paying for the local quack’s next brand new annual Mercedes Benz and the gleaming annual Beemer for his missus.

    Save the planet (and the quack’s Merc/Beemer dealer) and get the flu shot.

  19. shatterzzz says:

    The NRL submitted the no jab, no play idea into its health safety application to resume playing .. all the QLD CMO ha s done is hold them too it!

  20. Ed Case says:

    The NRL submitted the no jab, no play idea into its health safety application to resume playing .. all the QLD CMO ha s done is hold them too it!

    Sure, but the NRL was desperate to get a return date and that was entirely in the hands of the Qld Government.
    I think it likely the Gov’t told the NRL what it wanted to see in the proposal and that’s why the vax condition is there.

  21. jupes says:

    it’s about the messaging

    Sacking Young would send a message.

    Egg nails it.

  22. Perfidious Albino says:

    Maybe it’s just an unflattering photograph, but has Dr Young always been a Jeanette?

  23. Ed Case says:

    Knew someone in Townsville who had to fight tooth & nail for 2 years to get his son diagnosed autistic despite obvious outwards signs the kid wasn’t right

    Same thing happened from the 1920s right thru to the first Polio immunisations.
    The Qld Gov’t of the time guaranteed to meet the treatment expenses of all Polio victims. They could never hope to do that, since there were so many.
    So they invented Infantile Paralysis, which didn’t qualify, but the symptoms were identical.
    This charade kept going for 25 years until the immunisation era.
    Then the new game became: Adverse reaction? Sorry, must be something something…
    The bottom line is: a Health system can only work with complete independence of Doctors and onerous Regulation of Pharma.
    At the moment we’re stuck with the exact opposite.

  24. jupes says:

    There was an article in the Oz yesterday regarding the CMO and Police Commissioner in SA stopping the AFL from restarting, because they wouldn’t allow interstate footballers travelling to SA without two weeks quarantine.

    Now this was a sports article in the sports section (though it may have been on the online news section for a short period of time), so you would expect that the majority of people commenting would have been footy fans. Not so.

    I was one of the very few who made a comment castigating the self-important turds (not in those words of course – didn’t want to upset the moderators). I was gobsmacked to find that probably 20% of comments supported the dictatorial fuckwits. The stupid South Australians loved being told what to do by imperious public servants. Just fucking loved it!

    Australia has become a very disappointing country. Just embarrassing.

  25. jupes says:

    20 to 1 NOT 20%.

  26. Roger says:

    In my opinion Bill 2020 is compatible with human rights under the Human Rights Act 2019 because it limits a human right only to the extent that is reasonable and demonstrably justifiable in accordance with s 13 of the Act.

    Someone ask him if Jeannette Young’s diktat closing schools was reasonable.

    Oh wait…the press are compliant and parliament isn’t sitting.

  27. Leo C says:

    First time message as this one has made me made as hell!

    If the CMO of QLD considers it OK to do something awful to send a message, what is the limit to imposing hardship and freedoms on QLD citizens to simply send a messages? Did our premier accept this decision as health advice or to send a message? I don’t remember seeing Jeannette Young on the ballot paper, Premier Palaszczuk needs to explain who is running the state and what decisions are for our good and what decisions are for her good?

  28. shatterzzz says:

    Sure, but the NRL was desperate to get a return date and that was entirely in the hands of the Qld Government.
    I think it likely the Gov’t told the NRL what it wanted to see in the proposal and that’s why the vax condition is there.

    Highly likely but when your desperate and willing to do anything your toldbit late to start crying, poor me, when it comes back to bite you!

  29. Ed Case says:

    For sure, the question now is the hierarchy of Q.G. demands?
    If rejecting fluvax is a deal breaker, was that the biggest issue?
    Because, Social Distancing and playing Rugby League are mutually exclusive, so the Q.G is saying that
    getting the fluvax removes the Social Distancing requirement?
    If that’s the ”science”, then wouldn’t it apply to the entire Qld population?

  30. Peter Finch, I'm Mad as Hell says:

    Given 60 odd lives have been saved through reduced road deaths the net number could be expressed as less than 38.

  31. Andre Lewis says:

    Ed Case nails it. If this jab or no jab rule limits your job and is for public safety then it must be imposed on all sportspeople (not just NRL logically). Then the next step is forcing everyone to be vaccinated against whatever disease the medical ‘experts’ determine is necessary.
    Maybe anti vaxers are wrong and deliberately stirring everyone up but I don’t want to live in a society where unelected officials backed up by weak politicians tell everyone they have to have medical interventions or else.

  32. yarpos says:

    Getting or not getting the flu has nothing to do with Covid
    Getting the flu vaccination is not a gaurantee you wont get the flu anyway
    Why are two issues conflated to the extent that getting shot for a different condition is a go/no go?
    If its required now why hasnt it every other year given it does nothing for Covid?
    Wasnt the Essendon FC fiasco enough in regard to employers deciding what gets injected into employees?
    This is bullshit, those that want it should have it without penalty to those who chose not to.
    Government once again wanting to control every aspect of peoples lives for no apparent reason other than control.

  33. nfw says:

    Every time Great Scott Leader opens his mouth he just continues to prove what a Neville Chamberlain he is. Great Scott Leader (a statue soon coming to a park near you not that the SS Services will let you see it or rub its foot for good luck) must have a new edition of The Constitution of Australia; I just can’t seem to find that section which deals with the Commonwealth’s control of vaccinations and their compulsory nature or shutting down the country for that matter. I wonder if he has been on to Peter Big Man Dutton about chasing down those shelf strippers Big Pete promised would be flushed out by the AF Plod and prosecuted. Any day now Peter.

  34. Ellen of Tasmania says:


    In 2017 there were 1,255 deaths due to influenza, recording a standardised death rate of 3.9 per 100,000 persons. This is a significant increase from 2016 where 464 influenza deaths were recorded. An individual dying from influenza in 2017 was most likely to be female, aged over 75 years, have multiple co-morbidities and living in the eastern states of Australia.”[email protected]/Lookup/by%20Subject/3303.0~2017~Main%20Features~Deaths%20due%20to%20influenza~5

  35. Entropy says:

    Ellen, the authorities might take the opposite lesson from those states to the one you intend.
    We will have the annual flu season lockdown.

  36. Ellen of Tasmania says:

    Ellen, the authorities might take the opposite lesson from those states to the one you intend

    Good point, knowing how authorities love to authoritate.

    I was initially sympathetic to their ‘flatten the curve’ rhetoric because here in the south island, our medical system really was overwhelmed with the 2017 flu. Morrison’s ‘something between herd immunity and eradication’ was so beyond stupid I lost all my sympathy.

  37. Graeme says:

    Dr Young also refused permission for one of the ANZAC flypasts over Brisbane. Her reasoning as quoted on the ABC was:

    “There is no health risk for someone getting in a plane, of course there isn’t,” Dr Young said.

    “But the health risk is if one person does that, then someone else will say ‘well maybe there’s no health risk if I go on a drive through, if I do this’.

  38. bruce says:

    Why this massive vax push? More government control egged on by the medical lobby and the media.
    Every right the govt takes is another right we lose. Our right to choose.
    There are many doctors and average everyday people (not crazy anti-vaxxers as they’re labelled) out there who privately express concern over the rampant push to vax vax vax.
    But to say so publicly would be a suicide mission for them. As demonstrated by the relentless smearing of the NRL players, and their families.
    What a mess.

  39. Quite frankly we should have a lot more vaccines.

    Along with beneficial microbiomes.

  40. Ed Case says:

    I read the other day that vaxes aren’t big money spinners for Pharma [ possibly because so many others clip the ticket between manufacture and injection], but a Mandatory Vax across the developed Countries would avoid the ticket clipping since Government wears all the cost of MassVaxing and Pharma rakes it in on a scale they’ve only dreamed about until Corona-Chan.

  41. Where did you read that, Ed?

  42. Some History says:

    Public Health is an utter disgrace.

    For anyone interested.

    Smoking and COVID-19 – what’s new?

    Interesting is the frantic attempt by Public Health’s subgroup “Tobacco Control” to downplay any lower risk attributable to smoking. These are prohibitionists so they’re not very bright. They have a very limited repertoire – cherry-pick studies favourable to prohibitionism, smear researchers that have produced “unfavourable” results as somehow “connected” to the [evil] tobacco industry and whose results should therefore be dismissed a “tainted”, ignore the issue altogether. If you’re after a straightforward answer to a straightforward question regarding smoking and covid-19, you won’t get it from Public Health.

    One example of the sheer narcissism, arrogance, and “god complex” of Public Healthers mentioned by Snowdon is Xand van Tulleken, a BBC health “expert”. Asked on air whether smoking was protective for covid-19, this was his reply:

    “I haven’t looked into this particular piece of research but I would discount it completely. It is definitely wrong”.

    Van Tulleken then segues from this piece of crap to “300,000 smokers have quit due to covid-19”. Fortunately, both Snowdon and Clark have looked at the “300,000” claim. It’s not impressive. It’s just standard antismoking crap.

  43. Some History says:

    Here’s the video link of Van Tulleken making that asinine comment:

  44. Robber Baron says:

    We are ruled by the least qualified humans; women and girly-men.

    We need men in charge with Trump levels of testosterone.

  45. Whalehunt fun says:

    Cashiered be damned.
    Punishment immolation witch. Make a sentence.

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