Gotham love-match sours – heartbreak for Jimmy’s sister

Grandma Killer: Andrew Cuomo Murdered 5300 Elderly New Yorkers But He’s a Hero Because He’s a Liberal Psychopath.

It was only a matter of weeks ago that the Governor of New York was being talked about as a possible white knight replacement for the mentally failing and credibly-accused-of-rape Joe Biden. In late April, the ABC’s Emily Olson ‘reported’ from Washington that Andrew Cuomo’s political stocks were soaring, unlike Donald Trump’s, and that he was even sexually attractive to women because of “the authority he exudes.” Since then, we’ve learned that Cuomo wilfully endangered several thousand people because he figured nursing homes were filled with expendables anyway and were therefore a useful place to warehouse elderly coronavirus sufferers. As Ace reports in the top-linked post, in late April Cuomo quietly changed the way New York reports the death of long-term nursing home residents so as to low-ball the catastrophe he caused. He also secretly barred families of deceased former residents from suing those homes.

That raised the eyebrow of even the New York Times. Suffice to say, Andrew Cuomo will not be stepping in for Joe Biden. Had he not changed the law to protect himself, he’d be far more likely to be stepping in to a jail cell. As to whether the Governor is still sexually arousing to women, ask Emily.

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17 Responses to Gotham love-match sours – heartbreak for Jimmy’s sister

  1. Professor Fred Lenin

    Well he is a decromat ,the criminal party Clintons Obama Biden Pelosi Schiff etc etc there are enough crooks in it to fill several jails .
    How about a class action to strip he and his family of every cent they have if no one will charge him with willfull homocide .
    The resemblance of the decromat crooks to our alp/gangrenes is uncanny .

  2. There must certainly be some form of legal redress over this change of law to prevent suing. The families should be suing the state/governor in any case. I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this.

  3. he was even sexually attractive to women because of “the authority he exudes.

    Feminism is one sad, long and drawn out rape fantasy.

    What a shit show.

  4. a happy little debunker

    Cuomo was never gonna replace Biden – not enough diversity boxes ticked.

  5. Professor Frded Lenin

    Rick W .POS a prime quality for decromatic membership ,more POS than a sewage farm

  6. Steve

    Appalling policy from Como . The last paragraph from the first link.. When New York State forced nursing homes to accept people with COVID-19, it supplied some of them with body bags, making clear it knew the risks.

  7. herodotus

    I’m sure we’ll read all about it in The Australian soon!
    Stewart’s headline will probably continue to blame Trump and soft-soap Biden.

  8. Roger

    The NYT published an informed estimate that, between them, Cuomo & De Blasio are politically responsible for at least 60% of the US’s covid-19 cases.

  9. miltonf

    Vote for Cuomo not the homo. Showing my age.

  10. Granny killers are bad now, says CL, who has been personally advocating for the horrific choking deaths of countless grannies for months.

  11. ???

    Most of the country here is not locked down anymore.

    monty thinks 24,999,997 other Australians are the worst kind of granny killer, like John Wayne Glover.

    Did he sell you a bad pallet of pies once, monster?

  12. Tim Neilson

    #3455633, posted on May 16, 2020 at 10:20 pm

    FFS m0nty get back in the basement!
    Restrictions have been eased, which you know is going to result in total genocide of the vulnerable, including the fat turd demographic of which you are such an out and proud member.

    There must be only hours remaining for you to forswear the donuts and get on the exercise bike to lose 30 kilos before the eased restrictions result in the virus reaching you. Get to it!

  13. Zatara

    Granny killers are bad now, says CL, who has been personally advocating for the horrific choking deaths of countless grannies for months.

    Since when are you countless?

  14. cohenite

    Pelosis, shifty, Maxine, the ugliest woman on the planet and this Cuomo freak and his arsehole brother.

    Every demorat is an ugly, selfish, bastard or bitch. Is there one who is not. And don’t say AOC; she looks like an anemic squirrel. And she’s as dumb as one too.

  15. tombell

    expecting a bold biting headline in The Oz from Troy….

  16. The delivery of body bags to these nursing homes confirms what I believed from the start, this Nursing Home Policy was deliberate, not an error of judgement.
    Cuomo is the Governor of a state with a huge budget deficit and getting worse.
    Assuming each oldie in a home costs the state between $50,000 and $100,000 per annum (easily with medical costs), then NY State stands to save $250,000,000 and $500,000,000 annually by killing 5000 oldies.

    It’s always about the money. That’s why it should always be followed.

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