Patrick Moore coming this year…

All going well, the lapsed leader of Greenpeace will tour Australia if travel restrictions are lifted before the end of the year. Sam McClelland of True Arrow Productions has launched an appeal to complete the fund-raising for the proposed events.

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“Why did I leave Greenpeace after 15 years? When I began with Greenpeace, they had a strong humanitarian orientation to stop all-out nuclear war, to save civilization from destruction. By the time I left 15 years later—that’s the ‘peace’ in Greenpeace of course—by the time I left 15 years later, Greenpeace had drifted into a position along with the rest of the movement as characterizing humans as the enemies of the Earth,”

Moore nowadays travels the world to explain the benefits of CO2 and the absurdity of the climate caper. The alarmist attack site De Smog has helpfully compiled a dossier on his career.

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4 Responses to Patrick Moore coming this year…

  1. JohnJJJ

    “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” Eric Hoffer, The Temper of Our Time

  2. Mark M

    Our political elite hope you enjoyed your (ongoing) 60-day free trial of living a net-zero carbon (sic) lifestyle and will enthusiastically embrace living like this forever to save the planet.

    Meanwhile, further evidence reducing carbon (sic) does not control doomsday global warming …

    May 18, 2020: Clear reduction in urban carbon emissions as a result of COVID-19 lockdown

    19 May, 2020: Millions evacuated as Cyclone Amphan moves in on India and Bangladesh
    “While the storms’ frequency and intensity have increased – blamed partly on [global warming] – deaths have fallen thanks to faster evacuations and more shelters.”

  3. Herodotus

    Moore is one of many authorities that the MSM for the most part wants to ignore. His explanations of the carbon cycle are clear and present dangers to alarmism.

  4. Herodotus

    A day later: looks like it’s not just the msm who want to ignore Moore.

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