Tom Switzer: From Pandemic to Prosperity

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10 Responses to Tom Switzer: From Pandemic to Prosperity

  1. OldOzzie

    Unfortunateky a bit of nothingness – will wait to see CIS Full policy on From Pandemic to Prosperity

    In the meantime not bad Tom


    800m 1:52.60 Tom Switzer 19.11.88 SAF U/18 – so not beaten by 2018

    as well as

    Oremus let us pray – St Aloysius – Yumpu

    went close to breaking the 14s 800m record, held by Tom Switzer for. twenty-five years. James McFadden (Year 8) recorded two PBs

  2. GoWest

    Start with a list of state and Canberra government departments no-longer required. From that you will get a working budget.

  3. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    I see how book-writers could become prosperous. How about the rest of us?

  4. Professor Fred Lenin

    Yes Go West ,then state and local government employees ,duplicating and triplicating services is common , its much cheaper to put them on the dole for life.

  5. Free Radical

    Good grief, was that scripted by Scotty from Marketing? Where’s the Donate button?

    Someone should tell Tom about a Debt Jubilee for Australians.

  6. Squirrel

    Stop pretending that a population ponzi scheme and asset price speculation are sustainable bases for our economy.

    So many of the economic and social problems we will be dealing with over the next few years stem from the fact that we have pumped up population well beyond what the productive sectors of the economy need and have relied on ever-increasing debt to fund “services sector”/discretionary spending-related jobs to soak up that excess population.

    The wheels were starting to fall off that economic model before the virus hit, but there are many who are in denial about that and can see nothing but a return to those policies. We would be better to use the virus as a circuit-breaker, deal with the re-set and adopt more robust and sustainable policies.

    The commission of audit reports prepared in the early days of the Howard and Abbott governments would provide some useful ideas for getting federal government spending in line with our new economic realities.

  7. Professor Fred Lenin

    I have been telling my family that Australia and the rest of the world will never be the same after the Chinese disease passes ,the country they knew in January will never return . But read history,the Bkack Death which came from China turned the English serf into freer men because of the shortage of labour , this may free us from the dilletante politics ,climate ,homopbia ,mizzojtenee ,islamophobia policies of the past ,poor countries cant afford those luxuries and remember what Gropey Joe Biden said ,”Truth beats Facts “.
    ( what the ferk does that mean Joe? Dunno dogfaced pony soldier !”. Politics is stuffed innit?

  8. flyingduk

    Lost me at ‘immigration’: Japan might have flat lined economically for 3 decades, but at least it’s still Japan.

  9. How do we weather the next economic shock by doubling population? It’ll be just more on welfare paid for by the ever dwindling percentage of taxpayers.

  10. Bad Samaritan

    What dope would open a new business when we know it’ll be shut down in a few months time….. after 3 great-grannies die “of ” the ‘flu?

    Tom is as wrong about all this economic stuff as he was about the 2016 election. Oz is on the way out.

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