William York: The Man for Snowy Hydro

The Man for Snowy Hydro

A celebration of a now legendary Prime Minister

William York 2017

 With thanks to A B Paterson

There was movement in the stations for the word had got around
That Turn-bull from ACT was on his way
He had contracts in his jacket that were going to break new ground
And the journalists were keen to join the fray..
All the tried and noted writers from newspapers near and far
Had gathered near to Cooma overnight
For the scribblers love ad-ventures when the pollies go too far
And their editors would seize this with delight.

There was Andrew Bolt who made his name in the daily Herald Sun
But now his reach extended to the Sky
For few could match his interviews and most were far outrun.
When subjects were but pure celestial pie.…….
And Flannery of the Overflow came in to lend a hand
No better forecaster was ever known
For forecasts failed were nothing when ruin faced our land
He’d learned his trade and so was never thrown.

McCrann the Mighty fronted up from The Strayan business section
His questions were as sharp as any dart
Analysis would show such scheming to be like pure confection
When probed then gently tugged would fall apart
While over at the AFR they praised the splendid notion
That after all the years of hydro power
Our own Prime Minister himself could fund perpetual motion
By pumping water at the magic hour.

And down by Kosciusko, lies the Snowy Hydro maze
With turbines, dams and pylons set on high,
Where the air is clear as crystal, and the white stars fairly blaze
At midnight in the cold and frosty sky,
In massive halls the turbines spin to fill the dams on high,
With energy from wind farms far away,
But the Man for Snowy Hydro causes engineers to sigh,
And Snow You Too might simply fade away.

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20 Responses to William York: The Man for Snowy Hydro

  1. min

    Ask Germany how good is pumped hydro They closed down one artificial lake built for purpose and are now thinking of importing it from Sweden and Norway who have lots of water . Only problem is transmission costs as they have to build high frequency lines that cost a lot.

  2. NoFixedAddress

    Nah, its time to blow the dams and restore the pristine wilderness.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    The Greens have found an endangered fish.

    Fears Snowy project’s green light will seal endangered fish’s fate (Peter Hannam, SMH, 21 May)

    Mark Lintermans, an associate professor at the University of Canberra, resigned as chairman of the NSW Fisheries Scientific Committee, saying the giant project would likely transfer invasive fish into the final 3 kilometre stretch that plays host to the critically endangered stocky galaxias.

    “I cannot continue to serve a government that so wilfully ignores the destructive impacts of Snowy 2.0 on two threatened fish species,” Professor Lintermans said in a statement. The invasive climbing galaxias and redfin perch would also have a significant effect on the endangered Macquarie perch.

    I stand with the lesser-spotted newt Stocky Galaxias! We should stop this terrible assault upon Gaia and immediately refer the culprit Mr Turnbull to the UNEP for crimes against the planet.

  4. gary

    This report states the original cost was $2b, and a contract was signed for $5.1b for some works on the project, and with other works required the final cost of the project will be more than $10b. Benefit of the project was estimated at $4.4bn to $6.8bn. Hard to believe that the project has not been reviewed and cancelled.

  5. What about the Macquarie Perch, Diamond Firetail, Booroolong Frog, Coroboree Frod, Yakka Skink, Princess Parrot, etc?

    Ah yes, now the Stocky Galaxias!

    Won’t someone spare a thought for the Blue Nose Cod or Purple Spotted Gudgeon?

    Why do anything that can affect anyone?

    But we should have an economy of small unprofitable wineries and trains that no one uses.

    Some people who assured me they were much smarter than your average conservative told me that.

  6. Rex Anger

    I now really want to see a Coroboree Frod…

    I’ve not seen Purple Gugeons, but plenty of Red ones. Best way to clear up an infestation is a good dose of WD40, or Selley’s RP-7 at a pinch…

  7. Sorry Rex, damn Samsung spellwrecker.

    Coroboree Frogs are an easy pass to block development.

  8. davefromweewaa

    And Flannery you must wheel them,
    try and turn them to the left.
    Lie boldly lad and never fear the spills,
    For none will ever love us
    And they’ll have our guts for garters
    If once learn the secret that we’re shills!

  9. davefromweewaa

    they learn the secret


  10. Rex Anger

    @ LS- Damned ‘Secret Amphibians’ Business…’

  11. Botswana O'Hooligan

    They probably have a few blackthroat finches and of course plenty of Bogong moths up their sleeves so all is not lost. In reality if the greenies and environmentalists did put a stop to this exercise in fantasy and futility we might give them a more fair trial before finding them guilty.

  12. Bruce of Newcastle

    Dave, that was excellent!
    Is it from Kipling?
    I can’t find the original, would like to.

  13. davefromweewaa

    Thanks Bruce.
    Patterson’s Man from Snowy river.

  14. sfw

    Gary, I agree but is there anyone in the Libs or Nationals with the intelligence and balls to say it? Nope they’re all bending over for the Premiers and Ardern, and Morrison was the first to bend over and take it. It’s not their money and their kids future is pretty secure so they don’t have skin in the game, so to speak.

  15. Bruce of Newcastle

    Dave – Of course! Thanks! My brain was bugging me terribly.

    And, Clancy, you must wheel them, try and wheel them to the right.
    Ride boldly, lad, and never fear the spills,

    The Man from Snowy River

  16. NoFixedAddress

    Stocky Galaxias, I call bullshit.
    When were they first identified?
    What tribe belong them?
    Can Pascoe give us an update on the Aboriginal farming techniques for Stocky Galaxias?
    More like some turd brought them over from NZ.

    It’s like Tasmanian foxes!

  17. Professor Fred Lenin

    So the man from snowy river live inPotts Point ? Old bugger must be a good age .name of Malcolm isnt it ?

  18. Richard Bender

    Correction: Turnbull is from the eastern suburbs of Sydney. The ACT did not inflict him upon Australia. Poetic licence is on excuse for not sheeting home blame where it’s due.

  19. @ LS- Damned ‘Secret Amphibians’ Business…’

    Amphibian Pride Worldwide or #froglove #equallove ???

  20. Rex Anger

    Just so long as we Toad the environ-mentals’ line…

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