Eager to shake off the image of decrepitude and creepiness …

Bruce Wolpe, ‘senior fellow’ of the left-wing US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, is excited:

Third time’s the charm for Joe Biden:
now he has an election to win and a country to save.


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38 Responses to Eager to shake off the image of decrepitude and creepiness …

  1. stackja

    We have Groucho and Harpo.
    Where is Chico?

  2. Bruce in WA

    An election to win?

    He couldn’t win a root in a knocker shop with a handful of fifty-dollar notes!

  3. Infidel Tiger King

    Can someone please trim his ear hair?

  4. H B Bear

    If you are waiting for Joe Biden to save you things are grim.

  5. Dasher

    The article by Wolfe was saccharine dripping rubbish. At no stage did he mention that Joe has been an under performer all his life, a Walter Mitty for telling porkies (Mandela, civil rights, education etc etc), Of course the gorilla in the room is the fact that Joe has lost his mind will never go the distance and has moved so far left to be dangerous…so much for his learned opinion. The chutzpah in suggesting that Trump is the destructive devil ..yes he is bombastic, at times unpresidential and crude but he has been an effective president ..with 10 times the energy of sleepy Joe…and he won and the Democrats never accepted the will of the American people. They are the threat to US Democracy aided by the most biased and unprofessional media on earth. We can only hope Trump gets a second term or heaven help the US.

  6. a happy little debunker

    Too many dog faced pony soldiers…

  7. Cassie of Sydney

    “Bruce Wolpe, ‘senior fellow’ of the left-wing US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney”

    What does Mark Latham call it….the Useless Studies Centre. Not one of its so called experts could or would predict (more likely didn’t want to predict) Trump’s win in 2016. Set up by John Howard and now captured by the left. Stacked with the likes of Turdbull’s son-in-law…James Brown….whose mummy-in-law….Luce…was also deputy chair of the Useless Studies Centre for a few years..it is another one of those institutions or centres stacked by leftist “mates” for leftist “mates”.

    A few months ago I went to a talk at the CIS…before the great shutdown….on US politics. One of the three speakers was from the Useless Studies Centre. Not one of the speakers spoke up in defence of Trump or were willing to acknowledge why Trump was elected in 2016. These people are seriously out of touch with reality.

  8. Entropy

    Who cares about geriatric Biden? It is the person the DNC install as VP candidate that matters. That who the DNC intends to be president.

  9. Dasher

    I read this again after my earlier scan..this is the work of a Democrat operative, not the work of a scholar. Having watched the Washington scene for some years now, this could easily have come directly from fake news central at CNN…too many errors to cite.

  10. cohenite

    These people are seriously out of touch with reality.

    Weird isn’t it, to a man, woman and whatever else these freaks like to categorise themselves as, each of these people are useless and utterly dependant on the social/political/legal structure they spend their life denigrating and subverting and without which they would be dead.

  11. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    What does Mark Latham call it….the Useless Studies Centre.

    The US Confusion Centre.

  12. tombell

    Set up by John Howard and now captured by the left.

    I think it has always been captured by the Left. Another fail by John Howard. Mark Scott was great too. I recall Latham tearing into some lackey soon after Trump won. He made the – obvious – point that not one of the luminaries at the “Studies Centre” had even contemplated the possibility of a Trump victory. Not one. Why do so called conservative governments fund this rubbish?

  13. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Why do so called conservative governments fund this rubbish?

    Because the former are incredibly stupid, useless and gutless.

  14. custard

    Hendo calls is the USeless Studies Centre

  15. Leo G

    Sensory deprivation a la mode.
    Needs matching ear plugs.

  16. Infidel Tiger King

    They are literally gagging Biden in public.

  17. candy

    It’s just bizarre. He could win and be President.

    Even more bizarre is how the Dems then get rid of him. He goes overseas as President and starts pawing at young girls and sniffing hair. What if he does not want to relinquish the job. He seems physically sound.

  18. stackja

    Dems nominated candidates BO then HRC now Joe. The world wonders what next?

  19. Entropy

    He will be 78. I would laugh if HRC is nominated as VP. If elected the poor bastard wouldn’t make it to inauguration.

  20. jupes

    From the puff piece:

    Biden’s essence is unchanged from that first race more than three decades ago.

    Indeed it is. He was a lying liar then (his education quals) and he’s a lying liar now (everything).

  21. cuckoo

    “Do not touch the glass…do not approach the glass…”

  22. Infidel Tiger King

    It’s just bizarre. He could win and be President.

    In name only.

    The Presidency would be run in effect by a cabal of the most awful and evil people on earth.

  23. Don’t the bad guys always wear black?

  24. min

    Watch the walk very unsteady on his feet . Looks as if he needs a zimmerframe

  25. There is precisely zero chance of ANY Dem fending off a landslide let alone beating Trump without massive voter fraud.
    They know it, that’s why they’ve been desperately trying to force mail in voting.

    With up to 34% support from Black America (probably 50% Black Males and 15% Black Females) even if only half of them turned out in November, Trump will win with an expanded electoral college.
    In 2016, Trump had an 8% support among the Blacks.

    People don’t seem to realise the massive shift in Black support for Trump and an equally impresisve but smaller shift in the Latino community.
    The only group which hasn’t seemed to have shifted is the female vote. Colour me surprised. The sheilas (especially the comfortable, educated sheilas) prefer a nice president to an effective president. Feeelz and all that.

  26. Scernus

    Is the mask covering the ball gag?

  27. Louis

    They have gone with Joe because their preferred candidate is too repugnant to the electorate. So the strategy is to run Joe and put their preferred candidate in a VP. Joe will simply be a puppet president until his health fails.

  28. thefrollickingmole

    Is that a version of the Hannibal Lecter mask to prevent him sniffing small girls?

  29. miltonf

    Wolpe was pals with TLS. Yuck.

  30. Professor Fred Lenin

    Why the outlaw mask? He didn’t need a mask when his gang was taking the bribes from other countries . China and Ukraine . TRUTH BEATS FACTS don’t it Joe ?

  31. Squirrel

    So when did ISIS go into the mask-making biz?

  32. miltonf

    I’m still surprised that they didn’t go for a more youthful (or less geriatric) horror than that old horror. Does he have something on the DNC or maybe DR Jill has?

  33. Professor Fred Lenin

    He learned the “dogface pony soldier ,”saying when he was in the Delaware Confederate cavalry during the Civil War,fighting to retain the slavery of the blacks who vote for him .he later served in the Indian wars killing redskins gaining more voters for his senate job for life . Being a senator for Delaware is like a Tasmanian Sentor here . Not worth a crumpet

  34. Soberinthemorning

    Shit, look at his forehead up close. His skin is not healing properly. He is one of those guys who is going to live for a long time but get more and more rickety, diseased and infirm.

  35. Just Passing By

    At least women and young girls will feel safe from rogue hair sniffing.

  36. Up The Workers!

    The only thing that the Dementiacrats’ senile, racist, Octogenarian aspiring President, Creepy Old Joe Biden is missing, is his full-face Ku Klux Klan mask and his KKK pointy dunce’s cap.

  37. Andre Lewis

    Try to imagine President Biden having a face to face with Putin or Xi to put them in their place, then when you have stopped laughing ask yourself what would happen next.

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