Launched America

You needn’t watch it all, but it is captivating. The launch itself comes at 4:20 – that is, at 4 hours and twenty minutes in. Even as a replay it is tension packed. I am, alas, old enough to remember all of the launch failures from the 1960s where rockets blew up on the launch pad.

You should also watch the President’s speech which starts at 6:16 (ie six hours and 16 minutes). He spends the first ten minutes on looters and riots, which was a crucial preface to the rest of it. His words were perfect. Then for the rest of his time, he discusses America and what the space program represents. “A nation of pioneers…. Our finest days are just beginning.”

You can find some of the back story here: `Back in the game’: SpaceX ship blasts off with 2 astronauts.

I am also old enough to remember President Kennedy, who set the American space program to the moon by decade’s end. He was also as strong an-anti-communist as you will ever find (his brother Robert worked for Senator Joe McCarthy). And John F. Kennedy sought to bind the races in one America. He also saw that American prosperity is founded on private sector growth. All of these values remain among the core beliefs of President Trump.

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  1. Leo G

    I am also old enough to remember President Kennedy, who took the American space program to the moon.

    I recall, in the year following the assassination, my American primary school teacher telling my class about his admiration for JFK. The Apollo moon landing was another 5 years later.

  2. Hay Stockard

    Kennedy. The best President the Mafia ever had.
    Have a look at how his dad made his money. And his Nazi sympathies.

  3. candy

    Just brilliant achievement. And what beautiful slim stylish rockets.

  4. Natural Instinct

    By unleashing private industry in space, the USA will skyrocket ahead of others.
    Sure some will blow up but imagine the cost cutting and innovation as they streamline NASA design guides.
    20 years from now other countries will still be trying to catch up with semi government enterprises.

  5. Up The Workers!

    Once upon a time, the Dementiacrats had Leaders with genuine vision like John F. Kennedy.

    How on earth did they fall as low as they now are with their dementia-raddled old fool Joe Bidet who has plenty of visions of his own – none of which are even remotely factual; creepily sniffs, fondles and manhandles women and children and cannot manage to crank out a single coherent sentence?

  6. yarpos

    Yet again in the US part of the country is celebrating going to space and part of the country is burning the place down.

  7. Iampeter

    Finally the epic shame of having to use Russia to get American astronauts to the ISS is over.
    Despite all the epic flaws behind the SpaceX game this is actually a pretty big deal.
    Now if they could just dismantle NASA and get out of Virgin’s way, we might already have a small space tourism industry.

  8. cuckoo

    As for the Dragon capsule interior, I’m surprised at how clean the design is. The old NASA capsules looked like aeroplane cockpits, dials and levers over every square inch. This one looks like a stockbroker’s office.

  9. Arnost

    The old NASA capsules looked like aeroplane cockpits, dials and levers over every square inch.

    When I saw the displays, my reaction was “nice”. But next thought was what happens at the blue screen of death time? Has this been tested with a largish solar flare frying the electronics in mind?

    But progress into space is full of risk. Congrats on the flag!

  10. Xword

    When it’s all said and done, nothing new in sending a couple of people into low earth orbit but what about the recovery of the first stage rocket? The thing lands like the proverbial butterfly with sore feet on a deck that’s pitching about in not exactly small seas.

  11. Chris Harper

    I keep telling people, Trump is not a Republican, he is a Kennedy Democrat.

  12. Rex Anger

    @ Arnost- The computers and programming language on these things are stone-age. NASA I do not think moved much past Intel.286 and 386 systems and programs because of their sheer stability. Same reason a lot of solid state stuff has beem employed up to now.

    An old computer can still project data onto fancy LCDs. Same as hyper-advanced appearing F22s and so on- The kit and data transfer systems are relatively ancient. But they work, and they work well.

    In space, you are completely dependent on your systems and instruments. They crash, you go with them. Kudos to the whole damn lot of them…

  13. Judge Dredd

    This is so very blah. It has been done many times before. Nothing has progressed in this space since the 1950s, even if this is a private rocket and they land the boosters.
    They haven’t been to the moon for nearly 50 years, because they “destroyed the technology” and people think this is progress… Come on, this is getting to parody stage.

  14. John Bayley

    I’m certainly no expert in this area, but quite a few ‘supposed’ experts seem to think that recovering the first stage rocket has not been done in the past because it makes little sense, since the fuel needed to do so could have been used for more cargo instead.

    Furthermore, it is apparently rather risky to reuse these things, because after what they’ve been through, they require literally microscopic examination for cracks etc, in order not to explode next time.

    (On that note, hats off to the astronauts, considering they did not chicken out after the massive explosion another one of Musk’s rockets experienced just the day before!)

    Mind you, there is no shortage of commenters, predominantly on US forums, who are convinced that the entire flight was faked/CGI, the Moon landings were a hoax and that the Earth is flat!
    One has to wonder whether people are really getting more stupid as time goes on, or whether it’s just the internet…

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