Are these stories related?

Lachlan Murdoch declares ‘black lives matter’ in memo to Fox employees

Tucker Carlson breaks with White House

Paul Kelly: A perfect storm is exposing Donald Trump and US frailties

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  1. C.L.

    I don’t think so.
    Lachlan has always been a lefty moonbeam. Tucker hasn’t ‘broken’ with the White House. He’s acting up because he wants Trump to start bombing protesters or something. He’s criticising from the right.
    Paul Kelly – the man I call the paradigm whisperer – unveils catastrophist takes on Republican presidencies approximately every fortnight or so.

  2. Infidel Tiger King

    Carlson is right. Jared Kushner is total and complete poison. A left wing Dem plant in Trump’s ear.

    Murdoch is a virtue signalling nut.

    Kelly has been wrong about everything in his career.

  3. stackja

    Murdoch Senior played Jimmy Carter to get his way.

  4. Leo G

    Fox Corporation Executive Chairman and CEO Lachlan Murdoch on Monday sent a memo to employees declaring “black lives matter” in the wake of the nationwide riots spurred from the police custody death of George Floyd.

    “Black lives matter” really just means black identity politics matters most.
    The exclusivist rationale for “black lives matter” asserts the notion that inherent differences among the various human races determines achievement, and that “black lives” can only achieve by sacrificing the lives of others.
    It is inherently racist.

  5. H B Bear

    Snoozer Kelly has taught Prof van Wrongselen everything he knows about wrongology.

  6. Cynic of Ayr

    Murdoch is a lefty “woke” idiot who inherited money.
    Carlson is trying to influence matters to suit his ratings.
    Kelly has never been correct. All his writings are his opinion based on nothing.

  7. Iampeter

    No, it’s just random.
    But Tucker didn’t break with the Whitehouse, he just wants Trump to act as an even more of a nationalist totalitarian.

  8. Ed Case

    Are these stories related?

    There aren’t any coincidences in Politics, so I would say yeah, they are related.
    Trump got a dream run from Fox in 2016, won’t happen this time.

  9. Ed Case

    Murdoch is a lefty “woke” idiot who inherited money.

    That’s what they said about KRM.
    Took many years before the geniuses in the media worked out what had happened.

  10. Catcalling Inebriate

    Murdoch doesn’t want Kushner to run after Trump. Lachlan is the conservative of the family, James is the Dem. Kelly always goes with the Murdoch breeze. In short, Trump is losing Murdoch, which means Murdoch thinks he’s a loser.

  11. jupes

    Kelly has never been correct.

    No. His article a couple of months ago on George Pell was spot on.

    As I posted at the time, he should have retired then and there so he could go out on a high, having finally got something right in his long, turgid career.

  12. Wayne From Perth

    I wondered why channel 10? was suddenly showing a black lives matter announcement in a commercial break given this is Australia and not the US. I know it’s racist but I don’t care All lives matter. And importing American tribal differences to Australia is ridiculous.

    I have noticed that our elites are always banging on about American culture being being corrosive but readily import all the ridiculous identity politics and other divisive tropes originating in the US.

  13. metro70

    James Murdoch is the far LEFT one…married to a Democrat insider close to Hillary Clinton…hates Trump.

    Lachlan used to be much more moderate …don’t know if he’s changed.

    It’s a bit of an insult to FOX employees to pretend they have to be reminded that ‘black lives matter’…he could have assumed his FOX team knew that and felt it and lived it every bit as much as the Murdochs themselves do.

    Despite the extreme hatred directed towards them and the Murdoch family by the 100% LW ‘journalists’ on all of the other US networks…FOX is consistently confirmed as the most trustworthy network…not via anyone’s opinions but by the course of events and by objective facts as in the confirmation of the DEEP STATE corruption when Comey/Clapper/Brennan etal’s relentless foul allegations and denunciations against Trump and his people on CNN et al for three years ….are repudiated by their craven desperate and complete recanting when asked to repeat the allegations under oath…where the sanction for lying would likely be prison.

    Tucker Carlson’s certainly got a huge bee in his bonnet….but doesn’t have the guts to let his audience know and decide for themselves whether his judgment’s right about Jared Kushner and Lindsay Graham in particular…although from watching events over the first two years Graham does appear to be a loose cannon who only jumps onto the bandwagon when someone else has done the hard work…and he never admits to the damage he inflicted earlier.

    The cryptic comments without information to support them damage Carlson himself IMO…makes him look like he’s just seeking audience for himself.

    Paul Kelly’s an irrelevance IMO…haven’t read the paywalled article but he’s regularly treated on SKY DAYTIME as some sort of unimpeachable oracle when he’s almost always been proved wrong on everything over the years….a failed analyst.

    The main thing Kelly could do on SKY to show some relevance is to point out to their daytime producers that viewers have the right to see SKY’s DAY TEAM as propagandists rather than reporters or journalists since they censor their news and ‘expert opinion’ re US politics to ensure that Australian viewers get only the Trump hatred-and-bile version that CNN FAKE news and the SKY UK reporters insult and incite American viewers with 24/7….the version that’s set America up for the mayhem that’s going on now.

  14. What metro70 said, especially the last sentence.

  15. Bruce of Newcastle

    Lachlan, James and Paul Ryan seem to want to bankrupt Fox.
    Guys, it’s your money, fine by me.
    There’s always OANN.

  16. Tel

    Tucker Carlson actually hates liberty and tends to disagree with libertarians on most issues.

    Carlson is right that most people want “law and order” but the question is how to achieve that, and what kind of costs and trade offs are involved. I don’t see extra-judicial killings by “Dirty Harry” cops as lawful because if the police don’t follow the law, why the heck should anyone? The most important part of “law and order” is that governments and government employees follow the law.

    That’s the bill that has upset Tucker Carlson, and he wrongly tries to suggest this is the cause of the rioting, when it seems much more likely that these riots are part of a well organized political campaign.

    Based on the US Constitution, if it’s a local law enforcement issue, it’s a matter for the city to deal with, nothing to do with POTUS. If someone, errr, with some kind of national surveillance network, might be able to prove this was part of a broader interstate political organization that was deliberately staging riots in multiple cities across the country … then we would be looking at RICO type action, and it becomes an FBI matter. Given how easy it is to get warrants, I would have thought there was plenty of opportunity to at least uncover any ringleaders … should they exist.

    The comment that Lachlan Murdoch is a lefty moonbeam is quite correct, that’s unlikely to change. For some reason rich kids want to pretend they are in with the cool kids … some kind of guilt syndrome, probably something that Jordan Peterson should be studying.

  17. Colonel Crispin Berka

    I know it’s racist but I don’t care All lives matter.

    It’s not necessarily racist, even in context of BLM, to say that “all lives matter”, but it is unnecessarily contrarian and unproductive for a different reason:

    As BLM is an ideology, there are at least two levels at which BLM can be questioned.
    1) What precisely is the problem? How would we objectively determine if black people’s lives were being systematically devalued below white and latino people by the police and broader society? For deaths at the hands of police there’s two different ways to compute a number for it and they can give different results, so what’s the right quantifier of the scale of the actual problem?
    2) The solution is for all lives to matter equally and obviously only racists would disagree, which is hardly anyone. But what does a solution look like in practical terms? Should the goal be to ensure black people don’t die any more often, and don’t get reported any less often, than would be expected by their percentage of population? Kinda goes back to definitions again.

    Criticism of BLM for having an ill-defined problem, or subsisting on inappropriate statistics, is often (wilfully?) misinterpreted as disagreement with the main principle of the solution. It’s basically a case of “This bad treatment doesn’t happen to me so how would I know if it was happening to anyone else?” That’s just the normal human condition of ignorance and is not racism (which would require exerting unfair preference).

  18. Bob

    Murdoch is simply trying to ingratiate himself with his Gen X set without alienating Rupert;
    Tucker is not ‘breaking’ with the WH at all. His position was motivational in regard to Federal intervention into the insurrections.
    Paul Kelly is surrounded by Lefty millennials in the News Ltd. building which has been infiltrated, in the same way cancer infiltrates an organ, then metastasises. The Australian is the last holdout of maturity and balance, but they need to stay alert and roll out the chemotherapy.

  19. tgs

    C.L. and Tel are spot on.

  20. Infidel Tiger King

    Tucker Carlson actually hates liberty and tends to disagree with libertarians on most issues.

    All sensible people disagree with libertarians.

    They are degenerates.

  21. Michael Warren

    Infidel Tiger King, I think that’s a new liberty quote:

    All sensible people disagree with libertarians.

    They are degenerates.

  22. Colonel Crispin Berka

    For some reason rich kids want to pretend they are in with the cool kids … some kind of guilt syndrome

    Surely you mean “uncool rich kids”. It’s possible to be rich and cool, but you have to be mainly known for doing something which would be cool if a poor person was doing it. The wealth is an amplifier of the coolness, but money by itself doesn’t get you from uncool to cool.
    Are we cool?

  23. Gyro Cadiz


    Suffers severe Trump derangement syndrome. Watches too much ABC.

  24. gary

    Who cares what Lachlan Murdoch says? The only things he has done on his own are One-Tel and Channel 10 which were both disasters – both going bankrupt.

    Trump was going to win easy in November and after the riots he will win even easier. The public know the riots are in Democrat cities only – Republican run cities are not burning. The public will vote for the people who don’t allow the cities to be destroyed.

  25. Squirrel

    Probably coincidence, but on the third item, if a bit of virtue signalling is the price to pay to keep News in Straya after Rupert goes to the big newsroom in the sky, then it’s probably worthwhile – don’t want an MSM dominated by ABC and Nine/Fairfax.

  26. EllenG

    Trump has hit the skids with much of his previous support base. He has probably guaranteed a large voter turnout with this week’s stupidity. Not surprising the Murdoch crew are shifting to the lifeboats. But who will they get behind? I’m betting Biden, depending on his choice of running mate.

  27. Hay Stockard

    Coincidence? Or something more sinister?

  28. BorisG

    If the commander-in-chief cannot stop it, he will lose in November.

    Tucker Carlson has finally proven he is an idiot. People who support law and order will vote for Biden instead ? LOL!

  29. BorisG

    In 2016 Trump promised to stop gang violence in Chicago. How is it going?

  30. Infidel Tiger King

    Tucker Carlson has finally proven he is an idiot. People who support law and order will vote for Biden instead ? LOL!

    No doofus, they will stay home.

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