They Aint Black

To honour George Floyd, Joe Biden’s supporters murdered Dave Patrick Underwood and David Dorn.

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  1. stackja

    This does not fit the narrative.

  2. stackja

    June 2, 2020
    “Rank-and-file New York City police officers were out on the street last night doing our job. Tonight, we’ll go out and do it again. It’s not our fault that our city and state governments can’t plan and work together, but we are suffering the consequences. Police officers are being run down, knocked down and almost shot on a nightly basis. The political tug of war between Albany and City Hall needs to stop, because it is putting police officers in danger.”

  3. stackja

    Roxie Washington, the mother of George Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter Gianna?

  4. FelixKruell

    And you know they were Joe Biden supporters because…

  5. wal1957

    This can’t be right!
    Their ABC have told us ad nauseum…these are peaceful protests!

  6. John

    And you know they were Joe Biden supporters because…

    Because we are not brain dead!

  7. Catfeesh?

    Felix is right, they’re not all Biden supporters. Some of them are Bernie supporters.

  8. Delta A

    Won’t hear about this on CNN.

  9. min

    Roxie Washington another single black mum?

  10. egg_

    This can’t be right!
    Their ABC have told us ad nauseum…these are peaceful protests!

    Is that a fact – or did you hear it on the ABC?

  11. Colonel Bunty Golightly

    I bet the yanks wish their ancestors had grown something other than cotton – something that didn’t need picking!

  12. Up The Workers!

    Yeah, FelixKruell at 9.38a.m. is right.

    Maybe Dave Patrick Underwood and Captain David Dorn were really closet-Trump supporters who callously “offed” themselves just to make the rioting, looting, thieving, arsonist, murdering Dementiacrats’ Creepy Old Joe Bidet look bad?

    Old Joe is keeping a low profile at the Nursing Home these days. He wouldn’t want to end up being found beside a deserted road with four bullets in the back of his head, having “Arkancided” himself like all those others amongst the 78 or so “Arkancides” so far – all of whom had exceeded their period of usefulness to the Dementiacrats.

  13. The Climate Movement that had used the Covid19 to sell climate is now using “Black Lives Matter” to sell climate. Is there anything that is beneath them?

    “We stand in solidarity with those demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the untold number of Black individuals murdered because of systemic racism and white supremacy in this country. From police brutality to discriminatory housing laws, from a corrupt legal system to contaminated drinking water and polluted air, our country has been built upon racist systems that we must all work together to break down. Climate justice is racial justice”

    Source: WUWT

  14. FelixKruell


    Because we are not brain dead!

    No, but close!

    The far left doesn’t tend to like the mainstream democrats like Biden. They’ve sold out apparently. Bernie is a little better..

  15. They are not mostly Biden supporters.
    Most are Sanders, Warren, AOC and that vile Somali sheila Omar supporters.

  16. flyingduk

    Well, if blacks burning down black owned businesses reduces racism, surely black rioters killing black cops does too?

  17. John

    The far left doesn’t tend to like the mainstream democrats like Biden.

    Exactly. Why are Joe Biden’s staff raising $$ for the people who burned her store?

  18. Colonel Crispin Berka

    Similarly, accusing someone of being a sellout just because they aren’t looting too:
    “If cops had this much discipline, we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

    Not convinced they “wouldn’t be in this situation”, there would just be even fewer examples of police brutality for the Progressives to amplify into a national craze. More of a challenge, but they’d be up to it.

    I get the impression that quite a lot of active duty USA military use imgur. The comments on that one are full of respect for the guardsman keeping his composure.

  19. Noodles Romanoff


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