David Bidstrup: Excuse me while I vomit.

I have been trying to turn off from the drivel that our “leaders” spout about “the virus” and how smart they have been in “beating it”. The smoke is clearing a bit now to reveal the magnitude of the economic fuck up that was apparently required to avoid countless millions of folk dying a grisly death but this morning’s Australian had a front page photo that has destroyed my fragile equanimity.

There is the treasurer looking suitably statesmanlike, with flags waving on each side as he announced that we were in recession, but it was the caption that tipped me over the edge:

“We’ve climbed this mountain before, we’ll climb it again”

I did not have the strength to read the rest of the story but I am sure there would have been a few “unprecedenteds”, perhaps some mention that we are “all in this together” and the latest decisions by the “national cabinet” – that mysterious body, strangely absent from mention in the constitution, that is comprised of the idiots that run each sovereign state and who are unable to agree on the time of day and some idiots from the federal government.

What I find most offensive is the faux hairy chested stuff about how “we” will prevail when it is clear that the politicians who fomented this national disaster and their public service “experts” will be excused from any “mountain climbing” while thousands who have lost jobs, houses, families and hope will be trying to get up the north face alive but probably falling to their deaths on the way.

This situation has shown the perils of our “commonwealth” where the states are sovereign and the federation was an optional extra, agreed to over 100 years ago, whereby a “federal” government would have defined responsibility to manage some things that all states needed in common.  Section 51 lists them but mission creep over time has blurred the edges. We have a commonwealth “Chief Medical Officer” and each state and territory jurisdiction has one as well. This is just one thing among many.

We now have the farcical situation where members of the “national cabinet” have decided that they will maintain closed borders, (in contravention of section 92), and other Orwellian things even though it is clear to blind Freddy that the coast is now clear.  There is cabinet solidarity when the feds set the emergency agenda and fund the various “packages” meant to stop folk from fossicking in the garbage for food, but none when someone wants to take their power away.

To put it bluntly, the Covid-19 response was a cock-up that was completely unnecessary and which has done great damage to a lot of people. Happy mountaineering everyone, don’t expect any help from the elites.

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  1. stackja

    Red China created the Wuhan virus.
    “Experts” created the virus crisis.

  2. John Dee

    I have been quite ill of late – medically ill.
    But I can identify with the urge to vomit as these arsew.pes congratulate each other on “saving lives”.
    I can understand the usual suspects and resident idiots falling for the b.s. spewed out on a regular basis on the imaginary pandemic.
    But I mention being medically ill for a particular reason.
    What is really disturbing to me concerns the number of medical personnel that I have discussed this with in the unusual number of visits I have needed to various diagnostic facilities.
    I was astounded to hear that they all – without exception – were complimentary of how the Government “handled it”.
    Were they genuine?
    Were they perhaps just shutting down the debate? – I imagine a lot of patients would be trying to draw a comment and perhaps they were just reciting a mantra to avoid the incessant questioning.
    I keep thinking back to the Bondi incidents where the police first became heavy-handed and ordered people off the beach.
    I fully expected to see huge numbers the next day – especially young people – literally occupying the beach to give the authorities the finger for overstepping the mark.
    As we all know the next day Bondi Beach was deserted.
    WTF happened to the Australia of my youth?
    btw…I have never been to a protest – never marched – never shouted support from the sidelines – never saw the need.
    This National Cabinet has no authority – surely?
    These thugs, fascists and incompetents are tearing up the constitution right in our faces with no attempt to conceal that fact.
    No premier has the legal authority to close any border – or to lock people in their homes.
    Yes, they have passed legislation but it would never stand a challenge in any reputable court.

  3. LBLoveday

    An interesting article on a German Government-produced 93-pages report titled “Analysis of the Crisis Management” denouncing the false corona alarm, leaked by a “whistle-blower” who has been suspended from duty.

  4. Exit Stage Right

    “the smoke is clearing a bit now”
    Yes, my word it is. Business fucked all over the world. For what?
    A bug that has manifested as a little worse than the seasonal flu. Less deaths in fact.
    The burden of this economical disaster will fall to future generations.
    The gullibility and desperation of our politicians has been exposed.
    To their undying shame, ALL of them are trying gain politically from this.
    I don’t want a National Cabinet. Government is not necessarily about consensus. Opposition can be good.
    Does the Happy Clapper think that those in the ALP will continue with a National Cabinet if and when they get returned to power?
    Morrison is in effect divesting himself and the Liberal party of the leadership mantle that they won at the last election. Who in their right mind invites their enemies into the tent?
    Soft cocks the lot. Malcolm lite is not hard enough for my liking.

  5. miltonf

    don’t expect any help from the elites.

    but expect them to help themselves to more of your money

  6. Robber Baron

    COVID-1984 was a masterful act of looting by the banking cartel executed and enabled by the usual useful idiots. History keeps on repeating.

  7. Arky

    We now have the farcical situation where members of the “national cabinet” have decided that they will maintain closed borders,

    This is the worst aspect of it.
    The closing of international and interstate travel means you are stuck under the thumb of these pricks.
    Even if you wanted to go somewhere with a more sensible approach, you can’t.

  8. egg_

    these arsew.pes congratulate each other on “saving lives”.

    Almost unanimously predicted pre lockdown by the Catsters.

    More front than Mark Foys.

  9. egg_

    Friedchickenburger deserves to have a puckering sphincter touching cloth from here on in.

  10. egg_


    Cat quote, right there.

  11. rickw

    Politicians are always looking for a problem to solve to divert attention from their baseline incompetence.

    Problems may be real, but usually are imagined. “Unprecedented” problems are preferred, more difficult to assess performance when there is no benchmark.

  12. Crossie

    To put it bluntly, the Covid-19 response was a cock-up that was completely unnecessary and which has done great damage to a lot of people.

    I don’t blame them for panicking, it was reasonable not to trust anything the Chinese said. They could have stopped the lockdown after three or four weeks when it looked like the epidemic was not spreading as feared and saved most of the businesses and jobs. Still carrying on with it now and with no end in sight is malicious and criminal. The people will pay while politicians and their “experts” will sail into well-paid retirements and other careers. This is adding insult to injury.

  13. Perfidious Albino

    Lady Albino and I were both hit up by robo/survey/participate in a conference call calls from Josh’s office this evening (2 attempts each). No doubt testing the water as to how the recession news has been received – anyone else? (note: we are in his electorate)

  14. Wallace

    Talking about The Australian, I have been unable to access it tonight because a box keeps coming up that tells me to update, but I can’t, it results in a loop I can’t get out of.
    Bloody idiots.
    Has anyone else had the same problem?

  15. Howard Hill

    Soft cocks the lot

    No! The Australian public are and are now being led by the nose over the next fake beat up. Orange Man Bad, Black Lives Matter!

    Just wait, there’ll be a second wave or mass rioting or both. And what will Aussies do? Cower in their homes and write lots of letters and lots of articles and lots of whining and….

    Soft cocks indeed!

  16. egg_

    I don’t blame them for panicking

    I do.
    We’re being ruled by the 3rd string political team.
    “Soft cocks” is apt, indeed.

  17. Squirrel

    “….don’t expect any help from the elites.”

    In a withered, hollowed-out economy, those elites will increasingly be public sector types – the sorts of people who think that markets and competition are great things (for everyone but them), and who lament the lack of “animal spirits” while maintaining their limpet-like attachment to their lovely, safe sinecures and indexed pensions.

  18. gafa

    A powerless little people are powerless little people.

    I read here a lot of very lucid commentary about the problems but nothing about the solutions, the vibe is just one of resignation, defeat and acceptance. Is it really all over? Are we really fracked and past the point of no return? What was always thus will be thus always! Taxes and Tyranny! Robin Hood.

  19. Wayne From Perth

    What gets me is that their is no sense of urgency in the States to get the economy moving again. Apparently they think it can stay on life support indefinitely. The longer they delay in opening up borders and removing restrictions the worse it is going to get.

    In their defence a WA survey reckons 90% want to keep our border closed. Once again I find myself in the minority. I continue to be disappointed in my fellow West Australians. Sheeples the lot of them.

    I am a west Aussie but first and foremost I am an Australian. Time our governments acted like we are one country. I stand to be corrected but as far as I can recall from history this is the first time borders have been closed since Federation. It is a precedent that should never have been set.

  20. Suburban Boy

    What’s with the obsession over the term “national cabinet”? Sure, the Constitution doesn’t mention any such beast, but nor does it mention a “prime minister”, an “opposition leader” or a “federal cabinet”.

    Would it help if the PM re-christened it as “Council of Australian Governments” – the term that was recently abandoned? I know that COAG isn’t in the Constiution either. Or perhaps “Ad Hoc Committee of the Prime Minister, State Premiers and Territory Chief Ministers to Discuss Issues of Common Interest”?

    No matter what it is called, it has absolutely zero constitutional or legal power – it is just a talking shop for politicians, like a thousand other bodies.

  21. Old School Conservative

    Talking about The Australian, I have been unable to access it tonight

    It’s been OK all night for me Wallace.

  22. Rockdoctor

    Wayne From Perth
    #3474957, posted on June 4, 2020 at 9:10 pm

    ALP states, they will have their hands out to the Feds and throw a tanty if they don’t get their way. Also a compliant media will tut tut and piously wave the finger at Canberra for being mean spirited, these states know that.

  23. Stanley

    Frydemburgers and the Great Trek coming to a screen near you! Get the Ox Wagons ready, the Dragon’s Mountains await.

  24. Faye

    Why do I feel so helpless? A German whistle-blower leaks a German govt report about how the COVID-19’s fix was unnecessary and straight away is sacked and probably put in jail and the media refuse to write about it.
    Too many giant dark forces marching against us. Antifa, BLM, Democrats, Marxists, globalists, deep state, socialists, politicians, bureaucrats, academics, media, etc, etc… Our biggest enemy is the LYING MSM along with Social Media Power.

  25. Mustapha Bunn

    My son and his partner travelled from Melbourne to Brisbane, on his way to a job at Mt.Isa, yesterday. On arrival at Brisbane Airport they and the rest of the passengers were interrogated by the police as to the where they came from and why they were travelling to Qld. They were allowed into Qld. as they both had Qld. driving licences and had lived there until November 2019. On inquiry they discovered that had they not been a Qld resident previously they would have had to go into quarantine for 14 days. Considering that they had been in Melbourne for nearly 6 months it does make one think that this whole thing about borders being closed is a complete and utter farce

  26. David Bidstrup

    There will be a “peaceful” march in Adelaide tomorrow so people can show solidarity with the black folk of the USA. Any ideas of “social distancing” are out the window but my local coffee shop cannot have anymore than 10 people inside and 10 outside. If proof was needed that fuckwits run the place this is it.

  27. cohenite

    Bring back the stocks and stick any bureaucrat and government expert who gets it wrong in them: we’re gonna need more stocks!

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