Pudding Lane Theory

THE ABC’s state political reporter Allyson Horn does not want Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk blamed for the Nathan Turner debacle. She argues the fire of controversy that engulfed the Blackwater man’s negative COVID-19 status this week took hold because “the information was first published on social media by the bakery where Mr Turner’s partner worked” rather than by “ministers or Queensland Health.”

Sure, Alyson. That’s what triggered the uncertainty about the Premier’s judgement. A bakery.

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27 Responses to Pudding Lane Theory

  1. R

    But the slightly rough handling of 1 aboriginal delinquent should sully the whole police force?

  2. It’s the candle stick makers that you have to worry about.

  3. wal1957

    Their ABC will defend anyone of the left.

    Whether or not it was first published on social media, how does it makes any difference as to how the response was so badly mishandled?

  4. Obviously Horn got a call from the premiers staff to write that story.
    The question is, what was Horn promised in return. Exclusives? A shady financial deal for her or a family member?
    That’s where the real story lies.

  5. Bruce

    You could write a witty bit of musical theatre with a title all about this.

    Oh, wait, somebody did, in 1962:


    However, this song from “Pickwick’ is more appropriate, in a “dark” sort of way:

  6. Ed Case

    Testing for the rona is a horrible thing to go through.
    Nobody likes getting a swab from the back of the throat taken with a 10 inch cotton bud jammed through a nostril, particularly for no reason.
    If enough people are subjected to this personal invasion, then The Chook can say goodbye to October’s State Election.

  7. notafan

    As for butchers.

    We all know about those pies.

  8. calli

    Heh. I mentioned Pudding Lane in response to one of Rowe’s dopey cartoons last week.

    It’s how you get rid of plague, you know. And a whole lot of other things.

  9. egg_

    Blackwater’s Lives Matter?

  10. John Bayley

    If enough people are subjected to this personal invasion, then The Chook can say goodbye to October’s State Election.

    Don’t be silly.

    The ‘people’ are delighted that the government is looking out for their well-being.
    They’ll be lining up for more.

    Despite the fact that the travel industry is a major contributor to Queensland’s economy, there is no shortage of people here demanding that the border between us and the other states remain closed.

    ‘Cos otherwise we’re all gonna die of ConVid, don’t’ youse know?

  11. Pete of Perth

    Hey abc, has the batflu caused more fridge related fatalities? Is it worse than we thought?

  12. Astrid van den Akker-Luttmer

    Horrible! Always check your source.

  13. Dave of Reedy Creek, Qld

    Australian media gets more like CNN every day.

  14. feelthebern

    Community confidence.

  15. feelthebern

    At least the community would have confidence in this chap to make ’em laugh.
    PS, he’s a Dem.

  16. Bruce of Newcastle

    Pudding Lane Theory

    Ms Palaszczuk also believes in Magic Pudding Theory, so at least she’s consistent.

  17. Terry

    It is not the Plastic Chook’s fault.

    We all know who is to blame.

    It also raises the question about the role that Tony Abbott’s playing.

  18. Tim Neilson

    If the Qld government gets its health info from small businesses’ social media feeds, perhaps they can shut down the whole department and save taxpayers a truckload of money.

  19. Bronson

    New name Pies Placechook the bakers dozen

  20. Docket62

    the dipshittery is strong with this one

  21. louis

    Whatever, the nurses union will still put every resource it has into re-election of the chook come October.

    F**** nurses have been the biggest Karens I have seen in all of this.

  22. 2dogs

    Title seems to have changed. Obviously, the cognitive dissonance became too much to bear.

  23. Hodor

    Ah Terry, very astute take on the real reasons.


  24. Squirrel

    So fake news is a thing – quelle surprise.

  25. The manager of the Bakery is a far better operator than Anastacia Palletjack.

    Wtf has anything posted on social media got to do with the CHO & Premier declaring a “Coronavirus death”?
    Inept pair of equal opportunity hires – neither of them anywhere near up to the lowest level of their chosen professions.

  26. Fair Shake of the Sauce Bottle

    When will Bakers stop making things up! Like rumours and pies

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