Tuesday Forum: June 9, 2020

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  1. Maj says:

    These moves are incredible. Stocks were down ~1800 yesterday and up just ~800 points today.

    The Fed chairman really fucked up in his speech. The useless fuck is giving out 2 year projections when he has no idea like anyone else. What spooked everyone, was his suggestion the Fed would have to continue keep rates at zero for at least the next two years.

    People are pleading with the President to #firepowell – then President Donald Trump can appoint someone like Peter Navarro or Larry Kudlow to be Fed Chairman, and then the President can get to use the “gift” of negative rates to fuel the boom.

  2. Maj says:

    India is a nationalist socialist third world country that has had a dictator in living memory

    And while Australians aren’t looking, the “Conservative” Government is switching from importing hundreds of thousands of Chinese each year to importing hundreds of thousands of Indians.

    Most Aussies don’t know.

    Many Aussies don’t care.

    But the worst part is lots of Conservatives and Libertarians support this because “they speak English” and “they play cricket”.

    They probably won’t be around when “Prime Minister Patel” abolishes Easter and Christmas and replaces them with national holidays for “Diwali” and “Krishna Janmashtami”.

  3. Maj says:

    Sam Newman’s rant against AFL players taking knee as ‘disgusting’ protest response blasted

    Geelong legend and former Footy Show panellist Sam Newman suggested players may have been “intimidated” into protesting.

    “How long before we stop being intimidated into nodding in agreement and question the REAL motives. The game may be incidental,” he wrote on Twitter about players taking a knee.

    Newman added: “Division, conflict, fury, rage, angst, anarchy, disruption, group guilt, group shaming, acquiescence. Don’t include EVERYONE in the mob mentality, please. AFL is sport!!”

    Newman continued his attack on Friday, likening AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who recently apologised for not listening to American footballers protesting against racial injustice earlier.

    “Before the AFL morph themselves completely into a political body, research some FACTS. McLachlan has turned himself into the Goodell of the NFL,” Newman tweeted. “If you’re going to kneel, know WHY you’re kneeling. Stop the preening. It’s bulls***.”

  4. Whalehunt Fun says:

    Best thing to do with the ABC is sell it piece by piece. Start with all the kidneys. You can people alive on dialysis machines once the Kidneys are sold. Parts of the eyes can go too without endangering life. Things like livers lungs and heart need to be harvested at the same time as they are all very difficult or expensive to replacw with hardware.

  5. Whalehunt Fun says:

    They probably won’t be around when “Prime Minister Patel” abolishes Easter and Christmas and replaces them with national holidays for “Diwali” and “Krishna Janmashtami”.

    That is not my fear. Nor is the fact they will commit genocide against all the Australian muslims. That would be unlikely. My fear is they will enforce veganism or at least vegetarianism. These cults are against the order of nature and need to be stamped out. Even cannibalism is less unethical than vegetarianism.

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