Adam’s Grapple

THE media is trying to make Canadian indian ‘chief’ Allan Adam the new George Floyd – notwithstanding that he’s alive and well. Even by the ABC’s standards, this description of what happened is so utterly dishonest that it would be considered overly ambitious by press authorities in Beijing:


In the 12-minute video, he is tackled to the ground and punched in the face outside a casino.

That ABC report includes a dashcam video cut down to two minutes. After five seconds on Google, I found the original 12 minute video. As it shows, swaggering idiot Adam got far less than he deserved. The RCMP officer should be reprimanded for not arresting him earlier. Adam’s repeated threats and potentially weapon-acquiring returns to the cabin of his truck would be grounds for arms-drawn escalation by police in any jurisdiction in the world. All the good chief copped was a tackle. Status: fake news. It’s more than that, though. At this time, it’s the media shouting FIRE! in a crowded theatre of violence.

Sign of the times

Red faces amid police hate crime probe into Kingstanding Chinese takeaway ‘vandalism.’

At the other end of the police spectrum is the constabulary of woke Birmingham:

Police hunting racist yobs who vandalised a Chinese takeaway sign so it read ‘bat’ were left red-faced when they discovered the missing letters had fallen off in the WIND.

A probe was launched after residents spotted the letters G,O,L,N and O had been removed from the Golden Boat’s bright red sign so it now said ‘DE BAT’.

West Midlands Police logged it as a hate crime and immediately launched an appeal in a bid to catch the culprits.

But they were left with egg on their face when it emerged the missing letters had actually fallen down in a recent storm.

A spokesperson for the Golden Boat in Kingstanding said: “The wind blew it down. The letters came down by themselves.

“It’s weird but it’s certainly not a crime, it’s just a coincidence.

“We were very surprised to hear the police were investigating it as a hate crime. I can’t see them arresting the wind.”

They should keep the sign exactly as it is and trademark the name.

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  1. Ivan Denisovich

    Even by the ABC’s standards, this description of what happened is so utterly dishonest that it would be considered overly ambitious by press authorities in Beijing……

    That ABC report includes a dashcam video cut down to two minutes

    Unsurprising. Race-baiting Fake News Media has form:

    That arrest looked pretty bad, too. The jury forewoman on the first trial said that when she saw the King video on television, “I was revulsed. … I thought they were hitting that poor man too hard and too long.”

    But at the trial a year later, she got to see the 13 seconds of video that had been deliberately edited out by the media……..

    Not only the jurors, but nearly everyone who saw the first trial ended up supporting the acquittal, including Roger Parloff, a liberal legal reporter who sat through most of the trial for the American Lawyer, and Lou Cannon, who covered it for The Washington Post. The renowned (black) economist Walter Williams was shocked by “the news media’s dereliction and deception” in their editing of the tape.

  2. nb

    ABC = CHAOS.
    Get smart, defund chaos.

  3. Hay Stockard

    The UK is now just a hollow shell of its once great self. However they do have working submarines, which is more than is ever going to happen here.

  4. Boris

    Still what the police did to the guy was totally unprofessional.

    Punching is not a method of arrest.

  5. Boris

    Watched the entire video. I did not see the guy acting aggressively. Not sure why the police did not handcuff him earlier. The guy from the backup tackled him without any warning.


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  7. stackja

    I can’t see them arresting the wind.”

    They call the wind Maria
    Put the wind in the black Maria?

  8. notafan

    From open forum /mh

    Great immigration policies too.

    it’s different when they do it

  9. C.L.

    Watched the entire video. I did not see the guy acting aggressively.


  10. Hay Stockard

    Inquiring minds wish to know from whence did you get your expertise. How many arrests have you made? Is it an impressive number?

  11. Rob MW

    Even by the ABC’s standards, this description of what happened

    ………… dead or alive has the same meaning. “I can breath, I can breath…….yah…..but I’m really dead, bigger yah, now, where’s my f****** money.

  12. John A

    Yes, even in cosmopolitan Britain, “Die Fledermaus” as a restaurant name just doesn’t fly.

  13. Frank

    So the wind blew those letters off the wall, presumably the glue holding them on was made in China.

  14. Rockdoctor

    🤣🤣🤣 Sorry but I find this first amusing. I could imagine the look on the owners face when the police contacted him. Knowing Asian mannerisms well it would have been pure incredulousness as the narritive suggests.

    On a serious note glad to see that knife crime and grooming gangs under control that UK police have time for this… Oh then again.

  15. Tator

    Obviously Trudeau has never had to deal with an aggressive male before. Morons have no idea what the term reasonable force means in legal terms. The long held legal definition of reasonable force is held by the courts to be defined as “reasonable in the eyes of a reasonable officer at the scene at the time without benefit of 20-20 hind sight.” It’s not “reasonable” in the eyes of a lilly livered leftard who has the benefit of 20-20 hind sight and its that way for a reason as anything other than a reasonable officer who has full knowledge of the incident and what training has been had and also what non verbal cues that are picked up that are not really visible on most videos.
    From my perspective as a retired police officer, there is nothing untoward with the officers actions especially when he has been abusing the officer all the way along, hindered a police officer attempting to arrest a person and maintaining an aggressive posture and manner all through the incident and trying to throw his weight around. When it gets to hands on arrests with actively resisting offenders, the longer it takes to safely restrain and cuff them, the more dangerous it gets for the officers involved and the risks of injuries to both police and offender increase dramatically the longer it goes on and escalates.

  16. stemple

    Tiffany Aldridge Payne, you couldnt make up a better name for middle/upper class Karen

  17. Mak Siccar

    #3485155, posted on June 14, 2020 at 5:22 pm


  18. cuckoo

    Only a few days ago ABC tv news was hyperventilating about video of a Vicpol(?) plod flashing an ‘OK’ sign. White supremacist neo-nazism! Or else, you know, ‘everything’s okay’. We report, you decide. Or in the case of the ABC, they report, I deride.

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