It’s a Second Wave – Time to Panic!

Ok so there has been a rise in new cases in Victoria over the past week that on pure numbers in any other jurisdiction in the world would be considered a triumph.

It is something to watch but hardly anything to panic about. It does raise some interesting questions which I will address later but more than anything requires some perspective. If our “experts” or government ministers didn’t think cases were going to rise again once restrictions were eased they were delusional and incompetent and should be sacked.

The massive overreaction to a relatively small increase in Victorian cases is typical politics being hyped up by propaganda and sensationalised media reporting. Andrews has extended his police state by another month and has something to talk about other than endemic Labor corruption. Palaszczuk (and others) can justify her border closure to save Queenslanders from an infectious horde of Victorians. Berejiklian can finally point to a state with a worse problem and move on from her government’s cruise ship fiasco. While Morrison can grandstand about the threat being still with us to excuse his lack of leadership, policies or exit strategy as we drift towards a welfare state of endless debt and deficit.

A reason I have consistently maintained government COVID-19 policy (at all levels) was not just wrong but plain idiotic is that in the absence of a vaccine or treatment you cannot eliminate the virus. If you cannot eliminate the virus you either stay locked down for years till there is nothing socially or economically left or you accept reality, junk the blunt instrument approach and instead adopt low-cost targeted strategies to minimise the worst and protect the most vulnerable.

That is where Victoria is right now and and acts as an  admission that the initial blunt instrument overreaction in April was panic and targeted measures were always the only option. We are now facing that moment of truth which the political class and mainstream media are desperately trying to avoid.

Let’s start with a bit of perspective here. Victoria currently has a total of 141 active cases out of a population of 6.36m and has the highest rate of testing in Australia with lowest percentage of positive swabs barring the Northern Territory. Victoria being the “hotspot”, “second wave” plague state, jeopardising the re-opening of borders and relaxation of punitive lockdown laws has . . .  wait for it . . .  43 more active cases than NSW! Hence, our epidemic chicken little experts – having learnt nothing the first time –  are preaching from soap boxes that this rate of increase in Victoria could result in tens of thousands cases in mere weeks, conveniently forgetting the lack of exponential growth they predicted last time.

Of course if Victoria had followed Queensland’s best-practise example of testing at half the rate (i.e. 5,000 per 100k instead of 10k) it would probably have never identified the dreaded “spike” or “second wave” in the first place and would instead by lecturing Queensland for discovering 38,500 tests (about 14% of total tests) it lost, which incidentally make China’s loss of 80,000 cases look good in comparison given the 1.3b population difference. Naturally, we can take the CMO word for it that only negative cases were lost given the A-plus integrity of the system.

Total cumulative cases in Victoria to date amount to 1,844 which is just over half that of NSW but even adjusting for population is a good 1,000 less. Yet Gladys “Ruby Princess” Berejiklian advice is, “We would recommend nobody travel to those hotspots concerned”, referring to Hume, Casey, Brimbank, Moreland, Cardinia, and Darebin.

These “hotspots” range between 3 and 20 COVID infections across 6 Local Government Areas (LGA) with populations that range between 107,000 (Cardinia) to 340,000 (Casey) which in total add up to 1.2m plus people. We are talking about 40 cases in a population of 1.2m. That works out to 0.0033% of the population. You would have a better chance of being killed by a lightening strike than travelling to Victoria’s “hotspot” destinations. Which probably explains the tumbleweeds rolling through Victoria’s hospital network which is currently swamped by the 7 COVID-19 general admittances and 2 in ICU.

Which brings us to a rather delicate / insensitive question: why would tourists being travelling to these “hotspots” in any event? They are not exactly the poster locations of a Victorian holiday. They comprise mostly of lower and lower-middle class suburbs, with high rates of immigration and few, if any, tourist attractions. The only persons wanting to travel there would likely be visiting family and friends which would suggest that a sub-section of the good people of New South Wales don’t care about the risks and possible impacts for broader society. This suggests the problem is bigger than Victoria.

The problem according to the Victorian Government are ethnic families  celebrating in large numbers that are also indifferent to the health risks (even when one or two family members display COVID-19 / cold and flu symptoms) and these ethnic families are the cause for the new “spike” in cases. Naturally, the Victorian Government doesn’t tell us which ethnic minorities we should be worried about and potentially avoid from the point of view of social distancing. That would be politically incorrect even if apparently life saving. In the Left’s world of equality it is better we slur all ethnic minorities as illiterate, pig ignorant, simpletons rather than unfairly name the prime offender.

While one can expect as much from a totalitarian leaning Victorian Government hell bent on secrecy and zero accountability that simultaneously benefits from ethnic branch stacking, it does beggar belief that mainstream media organisations with COVID-19 dashboards for everything are suddenly incurious as to which Victorian ethnic communities represent a high risk.

Looking at the “hotspots” to avoid we see from ABS data that Brimbank has large minorities of Vietnamese and Indians, Hume has large populations of oversees born Iraqi’s, Turks, Indians, and Lebanese, Casey has significant minorities of Indians, Sri Lankans and Afghans, Moreland has significant minorities of Italians, Greeks, Lebanese and Pakistanis. Cardinia has a significant overseas born population from England.

So what can we make from all this and what questions should the media be asking but are not? First, is Islam the main factor in the breakout? Ramadan ended on May 11 and is celebrated by the “Feast of Fast Breaking” which is typically an elaborate occasion involving lots of family and friends. The “hotspots” of Casey, Moreland, Hume and Darebin all have significant Islamic populations – Casey (7.4%), Moreland (9.8%), Hume (16.5%) and Darebin (4.5%). Are the outbreaks tied to religion? It is highly probable that this is the case but it begs the question why the problem is confined to Melbourne and not Sydney which has a larger Muslim population. Why is Melbourne different? Is it a function of testing and tracing rates? Is it function of Melbourne’s more extreme brand of toxic multiculturalism that priorities identity politics above community or national cohesion? Is there an undetected breakout in Sydney as well? Only now is The Australian starting to ask the question.

Second, did Black Lives Matter contribute to the outbreaks in Darebin and Moreland? These two LGA’s are Green/Left strongholds. Moreland City Council has 4 Green, 1 Socialist Alliance, 2 Labor and 4 Independent councillors. Darebin has 3 Greens, 2 former Greens, 2 Labor, 1 former Labor, and 1 independent councillors. Darebin and Moreland include the inner city suburbs of Brunswick, Northcotte and Fitzroy North that are popular amongst university students to live and socialise. In other words they are also Black Lives Matter strongholds and we now have a breakout there just two weeks after Andrews meekly acquiesced to large public protests of the militant Left. Did Black Lives Matter contribute to the outbreak? Or is it simply coincidence?

Third, what is going on in Brimbank and what are the authorities doing about it? It is has 20 active cases and according to reports the current spike are linked to a single Keilor Downs family. It would be good to know some details about the family involved and initial source of COVID-19 infection. While Brimbank’s largest minority is by far Vietnamese the suburb of Keilor Downs is 6% Islamic which ties back to the first question and end of Ramadan celebrations.

It seems extraordinary that one family (extended family) could be allegedly responsible for the entire outbreak in Brimbank but given that is what has been reported it also offers a very easy solution to contain the spread. Put the entire extended family into enforced quarantine as though they were a returned traveller and don’t let them out till they all test negative. Why should an entire area of 200k plus people be forced into locked down because of the reckless indifference of one family?

Fourth, are returning travellers from the sub-continent part of the problem? Indians, Sri Lankans and Pakistanis are the only other significant ethnic minorities that cuts across a number of hotspots. They also constitute a majority of returning overseas passengers over the past two weeks. However, if this were the cause of the spike it would imply the hotel quarantine system is compromised (which it is actually looking like by either accident or corruption) with people being released from 14 days isolation while still positive to COVID-19 or being allowed out while in quarantine. Furthermore, statements from government about language barriers being part of the blame tends to rule out Indians who are generally fluent English speakers. Finally, if returning Indians were a major cause behind the spike one would expect to see this reflected in the Greater Dandenong LGA in which Indians make up about 10% of the population. In fact Greater Dandenong is close to Brimbank with large Vietnamese and Indian populations but there is no spike there suggesting the Keilor Downs problem is unlikely to be Indian or Vietnamese related.

So what do we get from all this. Beware travelling to Victoria. There are 43 more active cases of COVID-19 compared to NSW so your chances of being infected are exponentially worse. We can’t say how many more compared to Queensland because they don’t test and lose them if they do. If you must travel to Victoria avoid the plethora of popular tourist attractions in Melbourne’s disadvantaged Islamic communities. Please also adopt the precautionary principle when holidaying or working in Melbourne by avoiding all far Left political activity and staying clear of Labor and Green Black Liver Matter LGA’s. Your risk of infection will also increase if you participate in the sport of statue toppling. Please use sanitiser. It would also be wise to travel sooner rather than later in case you may require medical assistance. With hospital admissions falling from 9 to 7, including ICU admissions falling from 3 to 2 in the past 24 hours, epidemiologist are bracing for the 20,000 plus bed hospital system to be overwhelmed by infected Fast Breakers in coming weeks. On the positive side Dan Andrew’s request for military intervention in COVID-19 hotspots is thought to lower Victoria’s national security threat level and public health experts are at this stage saying the consumption of curry or pho is safe (well from COVID-19 in any event).

In conclusion panic, panic, panic. Its the second wave and we are all going to die!

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51 Responses to It’s a Second Wave – Time to Panic!

  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    Third wave.
    First wave was in 1917, the second in 1968.
    Toxic brain disease worse than covid.

  2. Infidel Tiger King

    There will never be a vaccine.

    The virus either dies out or we all get it.

    They are the options. Get it while you can.

  3. Behind Enemy Lines

    Now that we know a lot more about the kung flu, it’s time to quit quarantining the population at large and just quarantine people who are sick. Of course, it still makes sense for people at higher risk to take precautionary measures.

  4. If we want to understand what’s really causing the ‘hotspots’ in Victoria have a look at the Cedar Meats fiasco from which 100+ infected people went about their normal lives in the community and the unbelievably incompetent management of the quarantine hotels, management which has almost guaranteed infection in the security guards who then go home carrying the virus. Chairman Dan strikes again.

  5. Pyrmonter

    1 – at a time not so long ago, there were one or two cases in a provincial metropolis in China. Then there were 10, then 100 …

    2 – if Covid-19 can’t be eliminated, where are the cases in South Australia? The NT? New Zealand? Iceland? It was plausible that infection might fall to a low level, so that few cases were emerging, but, as time passes, the probability has to be that they’ve eliminated.

    We’re better placed to eliminate than any other large country; delaying doing so is just going to compound the on-going economic cost associated with this half-hearted semi-lockdown. The retailers will close again for want of customers, as will the pubs … and we’ll have wasted 3 1/2 months of forbearance.

  6. Infidel Tiger King

    2 – if Covid-19 can’t be eliminated, where are the cases in South Australia? The NT? New Zealand? Iceland?

    Well at least we got you to admit borders and restricting freedom of movement works.

    And yes they can stay China Flu free if they remain locked up forever.

    Not a bad idea.

  7. Infidel Tiger King

    We are never closing down again.

    Grow up.

  8. Bruce of Newcastle

    Pyrmonter – The trouble with your hypothesis is that bat crud is going to be circulating in many countries forever. As soon as borders are opened it will enter the country all over again.

    Even with a vaccine it will still be around because many people won’t use the vaccine, or will have health issues which prevent using it.

    On the other hand it’s going to make the Left furious when the illegal migrants start turning up with it, since the countries they leave tend to be ones with poor crud controls. Perfect wedge for the Left – do you want to exclude them because virus or bring them in because votes.

  9. MarcH

    A Ripple on a pimple and the commisars call in the Army. Good grief what a world.

  10. Pyrmonter

    @ Bruce

    I expect Qantas is right and there won’t be international travel in the near future. I’d thought we might at least be allowed to go to NZ, Fiji or Tonga. International borders should be open to those willing to undergo effective quarantine, but otherwise we are likely to be waiting a long time. And can make the best of being able to move and assemble freely within the cordon, something much of the population won’t or can’t do if there is on-going undiscovered infection (returning quarantined travelers really shouldn’t be being counted in terms of community spread).

  11. Robber Baron

    I live in the shithole of Darebin. It’s full of the dregs of Marxism.

    I will report back as soon as l see the first military personnel arrive to enforce marshall law in this communist state.

  12. Suburban Boy

    As most Cats would already know, eid is Arabic for “we don’t have to obey any rules made by kaffirs“.

  13. Bozo

    One does wonder if the Middle Eastern prediliction for smoking shisha using a hookah might have something to do with it.

  14. Bronson

    It’s worse than that – there’s no toilet paper in the shops………again!
    What is it with Victorians and toilet paper?

  15. Astatine Jones

    For someone adamant that their social and economic rights have been infringed by the COVID-19 lockdown policy you’re pretty quick to point the finger at ‘ethnics’, Muslims, Greens and ‘the Left’ (have I missed anyone?….you forgot to specifically mention the Chinese). Without any evidence other than some basic population statistics of Victorian hotspots you are able to arrive at tenuous conclusions like ‘Are the outbreaks tied to religion [read: Islam]? It is highly probable that this is the case…’

    ‘Is it [a] function of Melbourne’s more extreme brand of toxic multiculturalism that priorities [sic] identity politics above community or national cohesion?’ Heaven forbid that we’re not allowed to go to the pub or the footy when people are allowed to celebrate the end of Ramadan!

    ‘Lack of exponential growth’ in the first phase is BS. The data are clear that this was the case in Australia and elsewhere before controls had an effect. Plot it up in a spreadsheet and see for yourself.

    No one enjoys or wants the lockdowns and perhaps some measures have been miscalculated or too severe. But it’s a big maybe when you look at what’s happened in Italy, Spain, New York, Brazil…. The irrationality of arguing that strong infection controls enacted quickly weren’t necessary, after they’ve clearly been successful in reducing widespread infection by a highly contagious virus, is mind numbing. Unfortunately imposing strict controls again to combat infection spikes may be the only effective approach until (and here we have agreement) the virus is eliminated (e.g. a vaccine is developed) or we are able to ‘adopt low-cost targeted strategies to minimise the worst and protect the most vulnerable’.

  16. PB

    I wasn’t sure when we went from “flatten the curve” to “eradicate at all costs”, but isn’t what’s happening now a perfect example of what was expected under the later stages of “flatten the curve”?

  17. Farmer Gez

    Victoria has had the worst results for well over a month.
    For fifty days in the recent stats they lead the numbers in overall cases and community transmission.
    The underlying disease was bound to break out once the rules for Covid were shown to be a sham thanks to the selfish pricks who organised the vanity prance of the BLM.

  18. Up The Workers!

    Pity Dodgy Dan’s “Bat Soup and Toad Initiative” Peking Pox didn’t take out most of his dirty Organised Crime Racket of a Party – that way it could have prevented all the corrupt branch-stacking fuss from appearing in the press last week and saved the long-suffering Mogadishu-by-the-Yarra taxpayers all the Parliamentary salaries of that latest vile bunch of disgraceful Labor crooks.

    In the circumstances, you really have to wonder whose reputation is being tarnished most by its links to the other – is it Dodgy Dan and the revolting A.L.P.’s grovelling relationship with the lethal racists of the ChiComs, or is it the reputation of the ChiComs that is suffering most by getting down & dirty in the gutter with Dodgy Dan & his team of performing Grubs?

  19. Infidel Tiger King

    We need a “belt and rope” initiative for Dan Xiao Ping.

  20. twostix

    if Covid-19 can’t be eliminated, where are the cases in South Australia?

    We live in this idiotic age where people think if it’s not on paper it doesn’t exist and if it is then it’s definitionally true.

    COV19 barely registers a flu for most people, there could be one hundred thousands people infected with it in South Australia (and probably is) but if they don’t bother going to get something shoved up into their sinus (gee who would not want to do that) because they have a mild sore throat, nobody will ever know.

    Numbers of Cov19 “cases” right now are purely a function of test production, local politics and margins of error.

  21. PaulW

    Funny how Vic starting seeing more COVID cases the week after the 60 minute story, almost criminally dodgy Dan has used this “crisis”to get that story out of the media

  22. flyingduk

    I dont understand, I thought BLM type gatherings were safe and the virus only spread at Trump rallies?

  23. Speedbox

    #3495321, posted on June 25, 2020 at 1:26 pm

    Yeah, weird isn’t it. I always thought we were going to ‘flatten the curve’ to protect the bulk of the population and in particular, those who were most vulnerable. Thereafter, and in the absence of a vaccination (which was at least 12 months or more away, if ever), it would be a situation of the disease progressively and inevitably seeping through the community. Large flare-ups in spot areas would initiate stronger containment measures but ultimately, it was acceptance that we cannot eliminate the disease so we need to acknowledge the reality and deal with the ‘new normal’ into the foreseeable future.

    (I am reminded of an old Russian proverb about the farmer who must bring his cow into the house during a bitter cold winter. He doesn’t like it – but he will get used to it).

    It seems that the ‘new reality’ has morphed into elimination and few seem to grasp the true extent of the damage we are doing to our economy. (I have already told my children that they will be paying the bill for the next 20 years or more).

  24. Professor Fred Lenin

    Looks like the Chinese Communist Fascist Biological warfare attack is succeeding the loss of a few thousand Chinese xitizens is a small price to pay for Chinese economic dominance as a precussor to Vhinese political dominance and the creation of the Chinese Fascist World Empire .
    A question , which is the biggest economy in the world as we speak? The USA is wrecked by the virus attack ,the EU too ,India is wracked by the birus ,leaving China reltavely unscathed .
    How hard has the attack affected Cinas allies ,North Korea , Venezuela .?
    Conspiracy theory ? Maybe but very credible we all know communist fascists are capable of all sorts of bastardly schees.

  25. twostix

    In the depths of the hysteria, locally, my region implemented procedures more or less banning you from turning up and getting tested. You had to ring first, then go through a questionaire about your life, then they’d let you come in if they felt like it.


    Because at the very start hospitals were overwhelmed by thousands of idiots with the flu turning up at emergency thinking they were dying. We know that less than 2% of those people who turned up at that time tested positive with the virus.

    After the new procedures were implemented the number of positive cases dwindled to almost zero in this area.

    This shows “positive” cases was directly attributable to local policies influencing how many people turned up for testing – when it was easy there was lots of tests and lots of cases, when it was hard there was few tests and few cases. When hysteria was running high lots of people turned up, when the hysteria petered out few people bother. The number itself is completely and utterly meaningless.

    It is completely impossible to look at the figures from that time, for this area and determine how many people actually had the virus at any given time based on “positive” tested cases. It was all a function of test availability, and the desire of people to bother going and getting tested, both of which is directly influenced by politics and media.

    Garbage in – garbage out.

    Whatever is going on in Victoria is politics.

  26. caveman

    Tear down the old curve and start a new one.

  27. areff

    we are all going to die!

    Not quite. One of the interesting things about Kung Flu is how few it has killed. The first death in five weeks came only days ago. So all the others got better and proceeded with their lives. In other, nasty but mostly not deadly, except for the retinue of 80-somethings the Reaper has mustered to follow his ragged gown up the slope to Eternity (apologies. I was scarred by the Seventh Seal as a kid)

    A decent leader, of which Australia has not one, would be repeating: “Get out. Get sick. Get over it. Get on with it.”

  28. Beachcomber

    twostix at 2:05 pm

    The number itself (positive results) is completely and utterly meaningless.


    The tests based on RNA PCRs do NOT show infection with a deadly new virus. The RNA sequences have not been extracted from an isolated virus. They just happened to be in some blood samples from some people in China who had the ‘flu. Even if test results are not false-positives, the RNA could come from many sources, probably not even related to the flu. The “quick” antibody tests have even less validitiy.

    The whole sh*t-show is an illusion, a Stalinist masquerade that is kept going with debased pseudo-science.

    It’s All Politics
    Coronadoom is now entirely political.

  29. Penny

    It’s appalling that this virus is more about politics than about the disease
    For political reasons the regime of Hydroxycloroquine, zinc and azithromycin is not being used so many lives, livelihoods and economies could have been saved. This is a scandal. So little has been made of the now withdrawn Lancet study which was based on flawed data

  30. egg_

    NSW CHO Kerry Chant was talking of a “Zigzag” path out of isolation – looks like D1ckhead Dan the D1ctator is staggering in the prescribed manner.

  31. Bad Samaritan

    Those at risk are very old and very sick right now already. Lock them away some place until they die of their age and infirmity in a few weeks’ time, while releasing everyone else from home detention immediately.

    Older codgers gotta die, so protect them long enough for their tickers, lungs, livers etc to give out in the politically acceptable leftist way.. And don’t let a window be left open by mistake so’s they’ll catch their death of cold as this is not in the approved-methods-of dying leftist handbook.

    FFS. My grannies, and the grannies of everyone I know, died long ago before this leftist Covid19 was even unvented by the fascists at the national cabinet; before eating bat soup was even a thing. Big flamin’ deal. Let it rip…if it even exists!.

    BTW: By order of SloMo and Dirty Dan all residents of Oz must now live to a minimum 105. No early bail-outs allowed!

  32. Professor Fred Lenin

    The increased number of victims of Chinese communist Biowar has conveniently taken ALP corruption and Chinese infiltration out of the news . All that is left is virus panic and rubbishing Trump and even that leftie Scomo ,mind you modern “journos “ have limited recognition of Real news ,doesnt fit the narrative they have been indoctrinated with ..
    According to local news the rise has been a result of cultimulturism ,you cannot expect the recent migrants to behave like civilised people ,they dont know how ,look at thr shitheaps they come from .

  33. Bad Samaritan

    Professor: that last has nailed it.

    They’re fleeing shyteheaps and then returning to them for their glorious vacations. Does this indicate a combined IQ of over 65 for any ten of them?

    BTW: This latest run on toilet paper is due to, no doubt, this same demographic. Fair enough that they were so starved in their failed birth-countries that they were eating dunny-paper, but can’t some social worker or community organizer get them a decent recipe book with something a bit tastier in it? FFS.

  34. egg_

    the rise has been a result of cultimulturism ,you cannot expect the recent migrants to behave like civilised people

    Even ABC The Drum is now targetting ethnics – obviously, they need to point the bone finger of blame somewhere.
    Their pearl clutching Doctors wives mask is slipping.

  35. Leo G

    Fast breaking wave hits slow serf state?

  36. Rossini

    Why the toilet paper rush in Melbourne????
    Dan the man has given everyone the shits

  37. Once bitten twice shy …….. Not anymore the brain dead are everywhere it’s a Zombie apocalypse nightmare ….. !

  38. Bad Samaritan

    When I was a kid there were two classes for each age; two times forty… mygovt primary school. We were thrown together at random because we lived within 1.5 klms of that school….

    Anyhow, of the 80 kids, 4 went on to selective schools, the rest being unsuited to further developing the ability to think: having already displayed a lower IQ than that requires, = 5%.

    And here we are; 95% still morons. Such is life!

    BTW: I’m not disclosing which % I was / am in…

  39. jupes

    Good to see multiculturalism working its magic again.

    Diversity is a strength don’t you know.

  40. Squirrel

    “Why is Melbourne different? Is it a function of testing and tracing rates? Is it function of Melbourne’s more extreme brand of toxic multiculturalism that priorities identity politics above community or national cohesion?”

    Pretty sure it will turn out to be the fault of Trump – there’ll be a convoluted explanation about how these benighted ethnic folk are feeling isolated and unloved in Straya, so they are haplessly turning to foreign media which miraculously happens to be dominated by deplorables who are giving out dangerous advice on the virus.

  41. egg_

    half-hearted semi-lockdown.

    Your argument is being diluted from before.

    What sort of lockdown – 6 months?

    Barking mad.

  42. egg_

    Fast breaking wave hits slow serf state?

    Sh1thole with multiculti clusters, just like Stockholm.
    Stockholm syndrome?

  43. egg_

    We live in this idiotic age where people think if it’s not on paper it doesn’t exist and if it is then it’s definitionally true.

    I hope that this overeducated idiot is better at Economics tea leaf reading than real Science/Technology – an embarrassment to the blog.

  44. egg_

    When hysteria was running high lots of people turned up, when the hysteria petered out few people bother.

    Seems folk fall into two distinct categories – including amongst the commentariat – shutdown hysterics and normies.

  45. mem

    If you had only 6 to 12 months to live, would you prefer to be locked in your own home or go out and have a 1 in 37,000 chance of catching the bug and then having contracted the bug and being ill anyway have a 20% chance to die a bit earlier? I’m just asking but in my world liberty sounds far grander.

  46. The Beer Whisperer

    So apparently there is a new strain 10 times worse than the current strain.

    Fortunately, we do not need to be epediomologists to know and understand that less virulent versions of a virus provides a level of immunity to more virulent strains. We only need to know history, that milk maids had immunity to smallpox from exposure to cowpox, to know that exposure to the current version is an asset in case a more virulent strain appears.

    The herd immunity strategy has more value than what simply can be provided by vaccination, that still hasn’t arrived.

  47. Struth

    The reason the commo politicians get away with this is because of the response from the fuckwit population.
    And we see it here and even in the above post where he still attributes a lack of brain power to their actions.
    Or fear.
    They are using a bullshit sniffle virus, a cold, to take away our freedoms and bring down Trump’s (now once) re emerging west.

    Two stixs, give up mate.
    I have on this blog.
    When it comes to this blog it’s still full of oldies who can’t quite bring themselves to truly believe the MSM would bullshit to them in such a fashion.
    Yet mysteriously no one in the media is asking who is dying, (when nobody of working age is, or why infection rates matter at all if like all previous years before us, thousands of oldies who were on death’s door were finished off with the flu of a cold anyway.
    Etc Etc.
    Please give me Corona virus, ( a cold) I’ve had it before and it’s nothing compared to dealing with the ruin of my civilisation by Marxism using it as the threat required to take our liberties.

    And the fuckwit above saying look at Italy.
    We have, a bit more than you it seems.

    Do a bit of homework before you throw your gullibility about in such a fashion.
    It’s embarrassing to think there are those still repeating the bullshit narratives of months past and corruption exposed.

  48. Its the media that wants a second wave and blows it out of context, They thrive on wars, famine and if possible for the picture people poorly shot video of fires car crashes etc from places in the world they would not normally feature because as the song says good news never sold a paper yet

  49. Old Lefty

    I’m just waiting until the politburo and its tools in VicPol and the OPP decide that the Keilor outbreak is all the fault of the Maltese Catholics and arrest Monsignor Portelli.

  50. j.arimathea

    Help me out–I forget. Do I not worry about Kung Flu because we will all die of global warming soon? Or do I not worry about Global Warming because we will die of Kung Flu soon? So many crises…

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