The Commonwealth vs. the Lakes Entrance Pony Club

ON Monday, Scott Morrison warned “institutions” that unless they signed on to the National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sex Abuse, they would be “named and shamed.” The scheme gives “survivors” the legal right to pursue up to $150,000 in compensation and access to counselling. Leaving to one side the fact that institutions cannot feel shame, the Prime Minister also threatened to stop giving alleged waiverers taxpayers’ money – which he spoke of as though it were his own: “We expect people to sign up, and if you don’t want to sign up, then I won’t be signing any cheques.”

Today, Social Services Minister Anne Ruston made good on the threat, naming six “institutions”: the Australian Air League, Boys’ Brigade NSW, Lakes Entrance Pony Club, Fairbridge Restored Ltd, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Kenja Communications. Well, I’ve heard of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I have no idea what Fairbridge Restored is (and neither does Google); Kenja Communications was (or is) a wacko cult that couldn’t possibly be receiving a cent from the government anyway. That leaves the Australian Air League (whose just published explanation for not signing on is sound), Boys’ Brigade NSW (a registered provider of the NSW government’s Active Kids and Creative Kids programs) and the pony club. The only people here who might feel shame are the horsey lovers. Well done, then, Prime Minister. You sure showed them.

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28 Responses to The Commonwealth vs. the Lakes Entrance Pony Club

  1. David

    Starting to take a dislike for our PM becoming a bully

  2. Natural Instinct

    Fairbridge Restored may have something to do with this – but not sure.
    Scanning down who has joined the scheme in NSW, there seems to be some notable absentees.
    But mentioning in public them would not fit the “narrative”. Over to you PM Morrison.

  3. Clam Chowdah

    Air League statement appears to have been updated to advise they signed on.

    Well done Bully in Chief.

  4. Steve

    No political parties nor unions were compelled to join? Why would that be?

  5. Bronson

    Shoot all the horses, arrest all the members plough and sow salt into the pony clubs land because hanging is to good for them!

  6. calli

    Hang on.

    Has anyone asked Pony Girl?

    There’s a Border Check for that.

  7. Chris M

    Weird, what money (Scotty’s signed cheques) would religious groups like JW’s get from the government? Maybe something to do with education?

  8. Suburban Boy

    Steve, if you can name a trade union or political party that cared for children (in the sense of providing food and lodging) then you have a point.

  9. Eyrie

    I’m beginning to think Scott Marshmallow’s face is as punchable as Albo’s.

  10. mem

    If there are any issues in these organisation then the police should be tackling it. That is their job. As for this big bandage does all approach it won’t work because pds are conniving as all get out and hunt in groups. If they had been there they would now be long gone. This government innitive is just a signaling excercise.

  11. Zyconoclast

    The Australian Air League looks like a civilian version of Australian Airforce Cadets

  12. Denis

    Steve the unions and the political parties were not found guilty by the Royal commission of any sexual misconduct, that’s why Steve what’s your point !!!

  13. hzhousewife

    So a Pony Club has to have put aside in escrow $150,000 in case someone brings a sexual assault case in the future? I’d suggest all the other Pony Clubs lied on their paperwork. What a horse’s a*se, fancy getting saddled with that, in the main.

  14. Archivist

    named and shamed

    but what does that mean?
    Sounds like the government is going to encourage the Mob to go after them.
    What sort of laws are in play here? What avenues of appeal and redress are available to these institutions and their members?

  15. Archivist

    From the air league website: (emphasis added)

    Our members are the lifeblood of our organisation and throughout the day, we have received strong feedback from them and our wider community.
    As a result, the Australian Air League has signed and submitted the letter of intent to join the National Redress Scheme.

    Does this mean that they were bombarded with hostile emails and phone calls today until they changed their mind? If so, is this what Morrison and Ruston were calling on the public to do to them?

  16. rickw

    Australian Politics is the largest employer of Dickheads in the country.

  17. Let’s be real – our first target is the Liberal party.
    They have to be razed. All the way.
    Then we move on.
    Is a takeover possible? Prolly not.
    Ah well, fuckem.

  18. Small groups that buck?
    Destroy them with lawfare. Flawless victory.
    But the normies are getting red pilled Quick this year.
    Boogaloo is coming. It’s gonna be epic.
    Keep the metal lathes tutorials coming please!

  19. dover_beach

    Funny how the ABC article has a rosary pictured.

  20. Boris

    This kind of shows they are not only after the Catholic Church, doesn’t it?

  21. notafan


    Who is ‘they’?

  22. mundi

    This if like how the Gender Equality Agency shames you, by implying you are sexist, if you don’t tell them the income of every individual staff member and their gender.

  23. Archivist

    Boris, yes, that’s right, they’re not “only” after the Catholic Church.

  24. Archivist

    Who is ‘they’?

    We all know who “they” are.

  25. Scott Osmond

    I started with contempt. Over the last couple of months it moved to derision. It’s now moving to open hatred. Well done Scotty. Gillard never reached this point and Turncoat never left contempt and derision.

  26. Bec

    There’s under 5 members in the lakes entrance pony club now lol… exists in name and that’s about it…

  27. Scott Osmond

    Ah but Bec, Scotty the shiver looking for a spine got to look tough for a whole30 seconds.

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