City of Sydney and ACT claims re RE

A scintillating demolition of the ACT claims that they have gone 100%RE.

In summary, the ACT renewables:
– only generated 31% of required power for the month
– failed to cover 59 out of 60 peak consumption periods for the month
– could not maintain a consistent, stable minimum base load of 250 MW for the month
– sourced more than 90% backup power from the grid for 170 hours (7 days equivalent) for the month

So, how would the renewables perform if we tripled the ACT renewables portfolio in an effort to cover peak demand – that is 1,839 MW nameplate capacity using 400,000 solar panels and 558 wind turbines:
Total power generated: about 270,000 MWh – 93% of target
Morning peak covered: 19 in 30 days
Evening peak covered: 14 in 30 days
Dispatchable output < 250MW: 198 hours (8.25 days equivalent)
Dispatchable output < 50MW: 49 hours (2 days equivalent)
Dispatchable output < 10MW: 18 hours
Dispatchable output < 1MW: 11 hours
So even after tripling the ACT renewables portfolio to 1,840 MW, it still needs non-renewable backup for its entire power needs at unpredictable times.

More details, (the link again).

The original story referring to City of Sydney and the ACT.

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8 Responses to City of Sydney and ACT claims re RE

  1. wal1957

    The trouble is that the numpties only ever see or hear “ACT claims that they have gone 100%RE.”

    Most people are unaware that unreliables always need a backup, always.
    They hear about companies that claim they are using 100% ‘green’ energy, and they believe this BS.
    People are gullible and stupid, that’s why the Nigerian scams are still with us today.

  2. Hay Stockard

    Why are leftards so delusional? Let the mongrelise freeze in the dark.

  3. Professor Fred Lenin

    The answer of course is to treble the number again , like communism , if it fails keep trying the same thing over and over till it works .

  4. eb

    Sure 1 times zero equals zero, but 3 times zero is a lot more!!!!!

    wal1957 is right, the vast majority of people have no idea of what RE means, or how it works. That is, it doesn’t most of the time.

  5. Rafe Champion

    A nice piece pointing out that no grid in the world lives on RE alone with reasons and examples.
    Very good on the spinning reserve.

  6. Squirrel

    “In summary, the ACT renewables:
    – only generated 31% of required power for the month….”

    Simples (as the Russian meerkat would say) – just shrink the ACT by 69%.

  7. NoFixedAddress

    Of course the ACT has Renewable Energy.

    Who could doubt it?

    They have a direct pipeline to all our money.

    Who wouldn’t be Renewed and Rejuvenated by the Rivers of Gold pouring in.

  8. Herodotus

    How much of the ACT’s power comes from the wonderful Snowy Hydro scheme, which today could not be built for activist enviroloon reasons?

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