“…a purpose built facility to move large groups of people to…”

 The final solution                                                                                                                                

When they do find the ‘positives’, they need to put them somewhere safe, somewhere very ethical where they can be looked after mentally and pastorally… If somebody did become sick they could remove them from the tight family group and put them somewhere.”

– Epidemiologist Mary-Louise McLaws tells a wholeheartedly supportive Linda Mottram on the ABC’s “PM” that it’s time for the Andrews government to “remove” people from their families and detain them in “very ethical” concentration camps.

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40 Responses to “…a purpose built facility to move large groups of people to…”

  1. Some History says:

    This is the WHO totalitarian tosser


  2. bemused says:

    So those who don’t support illegal immigrant detention centres, now support detention centres for Australian citizens?

  3. Tim says:

    You will be in trouble with Gilbert. Using the words “the final solution”

    But he is a tosser so go right ahead

  4. Boambee John says:

    We are watching the so-called “progressive” left embrace fascism with their eyes wide shut.

    Concentration camps, detention orders, compulsory medical experimentation, what next?

  5. Some History says:

    Eye heff good nyoos. Today you vil be given e chainch of underwear.

    Camp A vil chainch vis Camp B.

  6. notafan says:

    If you are actually very sick you go to ‘hospital’ otherwise myob.

  7. H B Bear says:

    Chairman Dan’s wet dream reaches a climax. Thousands of people wholly dependent on the State for their very existence.

  8. Mark M says:

    Melbourne: the gate way to Hobart.

    Shut it down, but not just for the virus.

    Melbourne. It’s not the end of the world, but you can see it from there.

    I spent a week in Melbourne one day.

  9. Alex says:

    Professor Mary-Louise McLaws, UNSW epidemiologist, advisor to the World Health Organisation. WHO or who declares this specimen to be a Top epidemiologist?
    I’d prefer to take Sunetra Gupta, professor of theoretical epidemiology in the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford, says in The Australian on July 3, 2020 that Australia is adopting a “selfish’’ and “self-congratulatory’’ approach which is misguided and will have negative long-term consequences and urged the country to look at the latest evidence to decide its tactics.
    She said if the Australian government changed its approach and let the virus — which 80 to 90 per cent of the population will only get asymptomatically — spread naturally, with intense protections for those most vulnerable, it would in the long term help protect all of Australians from future viral threats and also avoid the most damaging short-term economic impacts for the underprivileged.

    The most recent scientific research shows that between 30 and 81 per cent of the population has natural immunity to coronavirus because the body’s T-cells recognise the threat from having had other cold and flu viruses. Scientists believe having coronavirus causes people’s immune systems to develop antibodies and T-cell responses to future viruses.

    Professor Gupta said: “One of the reasons I am not worried about this virus is a running theme in research work is how previous exposure to viruses protects you from incoming threats.”

    She warned that suppression of the virus did not work and lockdown simply resulted in some parts of the population being more exposed to the virus when it next flared up.

  10. H B Bear says:

    Nothing wrong with Melbournibad. Except a majority of Victoriastanis. Great golf once you get down on the Mornington Peninsula.

  11. Davey Boy says:

    Removing people from their families, stolen generations again, guess who wouldn’t be removed, unless some sort of apartheid facilities are established. WCGW.

  12. Jock says:

    Doesn’t take much for the inner totalitarian to reveal itself. Love the risible use of the terms ethical and pastoral. Laugh? You bet. But undoubtedly mottram loved it. Safe as she is in the abc bubble.

  13. Bruce says:

    @ Boambee John:

    “Concentration camps, detention orders, compulsory medical experimentation, what next?”

    Well, as Irma Bombeck astutely noted:

    “The grass may be greener over the septic tank, but it is greenest over the mass graves”.

  14. notafan says:

    Professor Gupta is saying what many of us cat numpties have been saying for months.

    Protect the vulnerable, everyone else go about their business.

  15. Roger says:

    So those who don’t support illegal immigrant detention centres, now support detention centres for Australian citizens?

    All for the greater good, bemused…it’s always for the greater good.

  16. Penny says:

    Use the regime of Hydroxycloroquine, Zinc and azithromycin
    You can use HCQ and Zinc as a prophylactic for the elderly and vulnerable and then we can all get back to new ASAP

  17. Karabar says:

    It’s nice to see another Irma Brombeck fan!

  18. Tony says:

    Offering infected the opportunity to be isolated from their families is a good idea. Should be voluntary of course. Personally, if a family member of mine got sick I would prefer to stay with them. In many cases, if an adult is sick and there are other adults available to take care of minors, it makes a great deal of sense if they are isolated at a hotel. the alternative is the disease moves through the household, potentially requiring total quarantine for weeks if not months.

  19. Forester says:

    LDP members will be the first ones up against the wall.

  20. cuckoo says:

    (Is that Ilsa, She-wolf of the SS, in that photo?) Of course the ABC made a drama series set in a public housing tower: it’s their ideal community. Uniform housing for mostly third world people with a scattering of submissive token whites, mostly as museum exhibits, and completely dependent on government largesse.

  21. Hay Stockard says:

    Lock them up. The wretches voted for the fascists. Maybe a stretch in a camp will educate them.

  22. C.L. says:

    Irma Grese, cuckoo, yes.

  23. Struth says:

    We have an army of these old bleach blonde, bob hair-cutted, “privileged” scarf and red rimmed glasses wearing, inner city lanyard hangers that are paid by the taxpayer to go to talk fests and conventions to bitch about each other personally, and virtue signal.
    Their ignorance, born from insulation, means if they are taken seriously for a second, the result will be catastrophic.
    As we now see.

  24. notafan says:

    Tony why would families need to be quarantined for months?

    For most it’s a very mild illness.

  25. rickw says:

    Medical experts and the left have a long and bloody association.

  26. Baa Humbug says:

    Some History
    #3505704, posted on July 7, 2020 at 9:02 am

    This is the WHO totalitarian tosser


    Oh look, it’s a woman.

  27. Astrid van den Akker-Luttmer says:

    Gets sicker and sicker.

  28. Terry says:

    Curious witnessing “Never Again!” before our very eyes.

  29. duncanm says:

    No doubt unless they’re aboriginal. Because stolen something.

  30. duncanm says:

    The funniest thing is, one of the reasons there’s an infection outbreak in these places is because the health officials who went in to try to test people to told to fuck right off.

    Imagine if they went in and tried to remove people from their homes?

    This is one thing the housos lead the way on. Tell the gov’t to get knotted (*)

    (*) – except when its handing out cash, obviously.

  31. Bronson says:

    Gulag Dan and his correct thought.

  32. nb says:

    ‘they need to put them somewhere safe’
    What is the medical purpose? Can only be one of three:
    1) control the rate of serious cases so as not to overwhelm medical facilities;
    2) eradicate the virus;
    3) place the infection rate on hold until a cure/vaccine is developed.
    Reason 1 was provided as the reason for the first shutdown.
    But that reason has more or less vanished from the discourse.
    Reason 2 appeared to have overtaken reason 1 at some point during the shutdown.
    But that reason appears to have more or less vanished from the discourse too, even though it remains implicit.
    Reason 3 has probably become an implicit reason, though never really being discussed.
    So, we are destroying the life’s work of tens of thousands of people for no given reason. Moreover only reason 1 makes sense from a policy perspective as reason 2 is unachievable and reason 3 might result in years of economic and social devastation.

  33. Kneel says:

    “…reason 3 might result in years of economic and social devastation.”

    That’s not a bug – it’s a feature.

  34. DanH says:

    I wonder how long it would take to design and build structures to house the infected and the uninfected as this absurd academic suggests. Then there is the small matter of attracting and training personnel. It should all be ready for the twelfth wave. Yet another vain show-off making her ‘expertise’ available to hoi polloi.

  35. egg_ says:

    Why a purpose built facility?

    By the time the Medico nerds are finished wrecking the Economy, there will be plenty of abandoned facilities up for grabs!

  36. egg_ says:

    Lock them up. The wretches voted for the fascists. Maybe a stretch in a camp will educate them.

    Dan was fearless in locking up 9 towers of his voteherd, Comrade!

  37. Squirrel says:

    Isolate the Paris(ite) end of Spring Street – until the virus is eradicated.

  38. Win says:

    A note of warning to Cats with elderly or disabled relatives in high care nursing homes. Until today the protocol For one Bolton Clark was that a resident who went to hospital and returned was kept in isolation in their rooms for two weeks which caused another bowel obstruction and another visit to the local hospital and another two weeks isolation add infinitum. What stands out that not one person responsible including the doctor could see anything wrong with a man now 110 kg sitting in a closed room having repetitive obstructive constipation for the next 12 months eating himself to death. He will be out today to join the morning group walk around the gardens.

  39. Tony says:


    Tony why would families need to be quarantined for months?

    For most it’s a very mild illness.

    My point is that with the long incubation times, potentially 2-3 weeks per person, it potentially transmits from person to person over the course of a few weeks. I’m presuming the rules are that you still have to isolate if someone in your household has it, even if you are recovered.

    It also seems that maybe 10% of people become these ‘long haulers’ where they potentially test positive for a month or two. So, I’m wondering if you have someone sick at home with covid for a couple of months if you would be let out? Probably not.

    In an ideal world, I would say everyone in a household with a positive test gets an infusion of pooled convalescent antibodies (assuming the immunity lasts for a month or so). Even if it was several hundred dollars I would pay for it personally. That said, even for the government, preventing a whole household from getting infected is probably cheaper than paying for multiple tests ($125/test?), lost economic activity from staying at home etc. Certainly cheaper than ICU beds which are about $4500 I think per occupied bed right?

    In any case, I have my fingers crossed for all the ivermectin trials and am hoping it nerfs the hospitalisation rate down to near zero.

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