The faculty at Princeton University are getting restless

Interesting letter from Faculty to Administration with a list of demands to clean up the joint.  Be warned, the list of demands runs to nine pages.

I like this one. 3. Acknowledge, credit, and incentivize anti-racist student activism. Such acknowledgment should, at a minimum, take the form of reparative action, beginning with a formal public University apology to the members of the Black Justice League and their allies. Assign proper credit to the Black Justice League for the removal of Woodrow Wilson’s name from the residential college and the School of Public and International Affairs.

Faculty Letter

We urge you to acknowledge and give priority to the following demands:

Give seats at your decision-making table to people of color who are actively anti-racist and inclusive in their practices. Diagnose the problem of racism through transparent demographic reporting. Redress the demographic disparity on Princeton’s faculty immediately and exponentially by hiring more faculty of color. Acknowledge the invisible work that faculty of color are compelled to do. Elevate faculty of color to prominent leadership positions. Educate the Princeton University community about the legacy of slavery and white supremacy. Continue to actively confront Princeton’s ties to and culpability in slavery and white supremacy. Use admissions as a tool of anti-racism. Invest in the pipeline to make lasting demographic change in the graduate and undergraduate bodies. Listen to and support Princeton’s faculty, preceptors, postdocs, staff, and students of color through open conversation and sustained mentoring programs. Above all, lead. Show our peer institutions, and the world, that genuine service to humanity begins with dismantling the unnatural and immoral hierarchies that universities have long perpetuated, both actively and in their inaction.

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27 Responses to The faculty at Princeton University are getting restless

  1. HT

    Meritocracy died in 2020. No doubt it’s death certificate will read

  2. flyingduk

    I’m so confused, you fight racism with racism? How does that work>

  3. Dianeh

    Not good enough just to have non racists in their decision making, they must be anti-racist. Which can only mean must be racist just with a different colour as the beneficiary.

  4. Rebel with cause

    The US is race-obsessed. Shame in the mindless Australian left for trying to bring this obsession here.

  5. John Bayley

    I’m so confused, you fight racism with racism? How does that work.

    Non-Caucasian people cannot be racist, no matter how deplorable their behaviour.
    Just like ‘only black lives matter’ is really an expression of multi-cultural tolerance.
    Get on with the re-education program please.

  6. Natural Instinct

    What colours are we talking about?
    How do brown Indians fit into this framework?
    What colour are Hispanics?
    I thought one concern for uni admissions was too many yellow people.
    It is so hard when all you see is colours.
    Maybe some sort of merit system is needed that is colour blind.
    Oh dear i seeem to have gone into a loop.

  7. Pete of Perth

    The Peoples Front of Judea had a shorter list.

  8. Iampeter

    So what’s the issue exactly? Are you opposed to universities setting whatever rules they want for themselves?
    Or are you confusing this with a government telling universities what rules they are to set?
    Or are you actually calling for the government to do something about this and therefore actually violate free speech and property rights?

  9. Fred

    Given that Princeton is such a flawed and racist institution, surely the right thing to is shut it down and rescind all degrees and qualifications that it has issued.

  10. H B Bear

    White feather. Another instituting held hostage by staff.

  11. Tom

    Naturally, IamGoebbels’ first instinct is to side with the anarchists, Marxists and racists of Black Lives Matter and their bullies on campus.

    So what time does the rioting start on November 4 when they lose the presidential election — having fought it on a platform of abolishing America?

  12. stackja

    Princeton University was founded at Elizabeth, New Jersey, in 1746 as the College of New Jersey. New Light Presbyterians founded the College of New Jersey, later Princeton University, in 1746 in order to train ministers dedicated to their views.

  13. thefrollickingmole

    Did the writers sack themselves straight after writing this?

  14. Zatara

    The US is race-obsessed.

    No. Race is being used by the leftist/anarchists as an easily manipulated lever with which to accomplish their disruptive and divisive goals. The media is providing the movement free positive coverage that they couldn’t dream of affording themselves.

    The average US man/woman/dog on the street shake their heads and smile at the spectacle of the lefty institutions getting consumed by the rabble which they themselves spawned. Like Princeton.

    The long march strides on.

  15. H B Bear

    Zartara – yes. Straight from the Fabian Society playbook.

  16. Viva

    Whites continue to cooperate with their own gaslighting via increasingly resentful minorites and, most recently, via a resurgent BLM.

    They are being told to get with the program: Dismantle western civilisation; pay up and shut up.

  17. iamok

    TFM my thought exactly. Of course they will retain their lofty roles lording over the scum they infest. It’s always someone else’s problem.

  18. NuThink

    I saw some time ago an interview of Morgan Freeman by a person of colour. The interviewer was claiming that as people of colour they cannot get anywhere and could not be successful. Morgan Freeman said (paraphrased), that the mere fact that a person of color is interviewing a person of colour, namely Morgan Freeman, on national TV means that they have both made it and so the claims made were false. The interviewer was taken aback and had to grudgingly acknowledge the truth of what Morgan Freeman was saying. Good on Morgan.

  19. Archivist

    Many of the signatories are masters students and PhD students, not “faculty”.

  20. NuThink
    #3505726, posted on July 7, 2020 at 9:15 am

    I saw some time ago an interview of Morgan Freeman by a person of colour.

    That was Don Lemon on CNN.

  21. I’m old enough to remember this…

    #3504873, posted on July 6, 2020 at 1:25 pm

    Furthermore, cancel culture started in universities. The very establishments he had substantial influence over yet didn’t do enough or didn’t see what was coming and allowed it to happen.

    you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Pinker went in hard to defend Harvard president Lawrence H Summers, who got ‘cancelled’. Didn’t succeed, of course, but at least he went big and he went public. He was always against this stuff.
    The politicisation of the universities is not driven by academics, it’s being driven by university bureaucrats.

    My bolding.

  22. Iampeter

    Naturally, IamGoebbels’ first instinct is to side with the anarchists, Marxists and racists of Black Lives Matter and their bullies on campus.

    Actually the exact opposite is the case, but that requires more knowledge then throwing around political sounding terms you don’t even understand.

  23. Kneel

    “…an interview of Morgan Freeman…”

    I believe it was Freeman who said “Race is only an issue [in the USA] if you make it an issue.” or something similar.
    But, I s’pose he’s got “white privilege”…

  24. Tim Neilson

    #3505937, posted on July 7, 2020 at 12:18 pm

    Poor old conceited stupid ignorant Iamashiteater, once again displaying his inability to understand the difference between the issue of whether people are at liberty to do something and whether doing that thing is wise/constructive/admirable etc.

    The mere fact that people are expressing disapproval of it doesn’t mean that they’re expressing any view on anyone’s entitlement to do it.

  25. David Brewer

    Princeton is not a huge university, but it does have 1,300 academic staff and 8,400 students. The letter is open to signature by all of them; in fact, it is begging for signatures. So far, 300-odd people have signed.

    If the organisers only end up with signatures from 10 or 20 per cent of the nearly 10,000 eligible, should not the President and Provost and Deans just ignore it, or better still put out a rebuttal? Ideally, these poseurs should be told to take a running jump. Their claim of systemic racism is mere assertion unsupported by any real evidence, and their demands are a gross attempt to arrogate to themselves the power of running the place. Almost everything they want would increase Princeton’s costs and lower its academic standards.

  26. Archivist

    baa humbug, you quoted me, presumably sarcastically:

    The politicisation of the universities is not driven by academics, it’s being driven by university bureaucrats.

    It’s still true.
    The signatories to this letter are a fraction of the total at Princeton… and it’s padded out with students.

  27. Archivist

    and by the way, that’s why attempts to de-policitise campuses by promoting science and engineering and demoting humanities, will fail.
    The true problem remains untouched.

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